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Andrew Bennett – Transformational Leadership
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Every person is a powerhouse of potential just waiting to be unlocked. Is your organization a place where people can be their best?

Creating a great culture begins at the top. The ability of an organization to thrive flows from its leaders, because what leaders think, say, and do has an exponential influence on people. Leaders who are aware of how their thoughts and actions affect employees can create the conditions for people to think and feel their best so they can access their full potential.

Leaders who seek to unlock the power of their people begin with themselves. By transforming their own thoughts, words, and actions they can then engage the hearts and minds of others. They cultivate hope and create a culture of possibility and resilience. These “Transformational Leaders” create the conditions for trust, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and change.

This presentation introduces Andrew Bennett’s Transformation Framework©, a simple, yet powerful tool leaders can use to create environments where people can thrive. Leaders will learn to understand the beliefs and assumptions that affect their thinking and learn how to harness the power of the mind to think in more positive, productive and creative ways.

On average 75% of people are not living up to their potential at work, and 70% of employees are disengaged. People aren’t conscious of the ways their thoughts and feelings prevent their best thinking, negatively impacting relationships, and blocking creative problem-solving. Disengagement and unused potential stifles creativity, teamwork, and resilience, and limits growth and change.

In this presentation, Andrew uses his Transformation Framework© to teach participants how to create a vibrant workplace where people feel vitally alive, their talents flourish, and they work together to bring out the best in each other. Andrew shares practical steps to create an environment where people are self-aware and able to manage their inner mind game. Participants will learn how to make their organization an incubator of capability, a safe place for overcoming limitations and a place of realized potential.

“What makes most organizational change initiatives fail is not poor strategy or project management, it’s the ‘inner game’ – the way people think and feel about any given change initiative. By engaging people’s hearts, and making it possible to transcend limiting thinking, real change becomes possible.” – Andrew Bennett

The success of any change initiative ultimately requires a change in people’s behavior. If people don’t change the way they think and act, the desired changes simply won’t happen. The problem is, most organizations don’t take this into consideration.

This presentation is designed to simplify and accelerate the process of organizational change by unlocking employees’ capacity for change. Participants will learn how to inspire each other to take ownership of the organization’s future, stay positive on the journey forward, manage obstacles, and build an environment where everyone is working together to become more effective.

The job of a magician is to create illusions that make people believe the impossible is possible, which takes tremendous creativity. Magicians must continuously innovate in a world where TV and the internet expose secrets.

In this presentation, participants will get a peek behind the curtain at the magician’s creative process. They’ll be able to take these lessons and apply them to their own work by understanding:

  • The importance of joy and wonder in creativity.
  • Simple ways to apply the magician’s structure for creativity – Appear, Disappear, and Restore©.
  • Why inspiration is necessary for innovation.
  • How to use language that enhances creativity.
  • Ways magicians collaborate vs. competing.
  • Tools to identify and rise above limiting beliefs.
  • Methods to build the trust necessary for honest feedback, essential to creativity and innovation.
  • Ways to create an upward spiral of creativity, instead of the downward spiral of criticism.
  • Fear has a powerful influence on behavior. It’s in our meetings and interactions. It whispers in our ears and fogs our ability to make good decisions. Fear is the elephant in the room, yet it’s rarely talked about. People are fearful of talking about fear.

    But what if we saw fear as an ally, a gift? What if people “leaned into” and embraced their fears? What if instead of fear being pushed away it became a source of strength – presenting opportunities to learn and grow?

    In this presentation, participants will learn how to shift their relationship with fear to create a culture of trust, honesty, collaboration, compassion, accountability, respect, innovation, and service. They will also learn how to create the safe environment necessary to foster trust and transparent communications needed to build more effective relationships.

    Our words have tremendous power. The words we say to others can make or break their day. We can wound or heal. We can lift people up or knock them down.

    Perhaps more important are the words we say to ourselves. We have repeating thoughts that play over and over in our minds throughout the day. Are the messages you’re replaying for yourself uplifting or do they keep you stuck in the past? Do you affirm your strengths or focus on your limitations?

    The classic magic word, Abracadabra, means “What I Speak Is What I Create,” and in this presentation Andrew combines world-class magic with an essential message about the power of words. Participants will learn simple techniques to identify the self-limiting repeating messages that are limiting and identify ways to replace these thoughts. They will also learn how to create an uplifting work environment by consciously using positive, supportive words with their coworkers.

    Making the Shift from Surviving to Thriving: The Power of Resilience
    Anyone who is working to achieve great things experiences setbacks. How you respond to adversity determines whether you merely survive, or you thrive.

    Andrew has experienced more than his share of loss. He shares inspiring stories from his personal and professional life about how he grew stronger because of difficult times and used his experiences to help others. Your audience will be deeply moved, and their attitudes about adversity will be forever changed, as they learn how suffering can create tremendous strength and hope for a positive future.

    Celebrating a great year or the completion of a big project? Recognizing your star performers? Rewarding your team for their hard work? These are occasions where you want to celebrate and inspire – maybe even offer some ideas for ratcheting performance up to the next level.

    It’s possible to celebrate, learn, and be entertained, but it takes a special person to lead that kind of event. Andrew’s combination of wisdom, joy, and world-class magic make him the perfect choice to honor your people in a very special way.


    “Mr. Bennett presents a positive reminder of the skill sets that can move the workplace environment to a more productive and satisfying experience. He integrated clever “magic” as a means of highlighting these practical strategies. This approach was coupled with a compelling relation of his personal life experiences to illustrate the application of these approaches. This was successful in prompting a personal review of one’s own environment and role.”

    — Virginia Commonwealth University

    “Your performance and presentation provided the perfect ending to an intense and information packed meeting. You’ll be happy to know that you received very positive feedback from our associates. We feel confident that the message we discussed prior to the meeting, excellence, teamwork, leadership and communication, was enhanced and supported by your performance. It’s always a pleasure to work with a pro!”

    — Marriott International
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