Andrew Bennett

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Founder and President, Bennett Performance Group, Keynote Speaker, 2x TEDx Presenter, Workshop Leader, Coach, University Professor, Magician

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Andrew Bennett – Transformational Leadership
Andrew Bennett – Meet Andrew

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Life can be difficult. It’s hard not to get swept up into focusing on what’s wrong, but the true power in life comes from managing your mind. Using dazzling magic acts and gripping personal stories, Andrew shares The Restorative MindsetTM, a structure and process for taking your power back and creating the life you were meant to live.

  • Longs to do more with their life but feels trapped or stuck, not knowing how to move forward
  • Feels unable to escape their negative emotions or situations, despite their well-intentioned efforts to make positive changes
  • Wants to restore their whole heart and move beyond the limitations and hurts that have held them back


  • A renewed belief in their ability to take charge of their own lives and create a meaningful life
  • An understanding of how fear affects their choices and how to manage their mind to overcome reactive tendencies
  • A three-part structure for revitalizing their lives and crafting a fulfilling, hopeful future

The Restorative Mindset presented in this keynote equips leaders to cultivate hope and create a culture of possibility, resilience and realized full potential for everyone. Through engaging magic and stories, your audience will learn to transform their thoughts, words, and actions so they can engage the hearts and minds of others.

  • Want to be agents of change — developing their mindset and presence so they can engage their employees in the creation of an inspiring future
  • Find themselves stuck in survival mode, constantly reacting to problems and changing priorities instead of pursuing their high-level goals
  • Are struggling to bring out the best in their people and create a culture of trust, innovation, and collaboration
  • The motivation to ignite change within themselves first, so they can positively influence others
  • Awareness of how their internal reactions impact their performance and the performance and wellbeing of others
  • A three-part structure for creating an environment where people can thrive

Through incredible magic and a revolutionary message, Andrew will help your people craft a culture of shared growth, trust, and realized potential by increasing their self-awareness, managing their inner mind game, and actively encouraging each other to succeed.

  • Are tired of just surviving and want to create a culture where everyone thrives
  • Want to be part of a workplace where they can realize their full potential and help others realize theirs
  • Want to develop an atmosphere of trust and growth that honors the human spirit of everyone in the organization
  • An awareness of the impact of their internal reactions on others so they can uplift the culture with every interaction
  • Practical steps for managing their internal and external reactions to fear triggers so they can achieve their full potential
  • A three-part framework for creating an environment that fosters growth, trust, and collaboration


“Mr. Bennett presents a positive reminder of the skill sets that can move the workplace environment to a more productive and satisfying experience. He integrated clever “magic” as a means of highlighting these practical strategies. This approach was coupled with a compelling relation of his personal life experiences to illustrate the application of these approaches. This was successful in prompting a personal review of one’s own environment and role.”

— Virginia Commonwealth University

“Your performance and presentation provided the perfect ending to an intense and information packed meeting. You’ll be happy to know that you received very positive feedback from our associates. We feel confident that the message we discussed prior to the meeting, excellence, teamwork, leadership and communication, was enhanced and supported by your performance. It’s always a pleasure to work with a pro!”

— Marriott International

“I knew after the first ten minutes of Andrew’s remarks that we had found someone special. He received a standing ovation from our group, which is a rarity and a testament to the impact he made. I feel very fortunate that we could have someone of his quality and talent provide us with the keynote speech at our fall conference.”

— Executive Director, Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA)

“Andrew Bennett is one of the most inspiring, brilliant, and impactful speakers I have ever met. He understands the human experience, what it means to have hope and how to turn it into a daily practice. You want this speaker on speed dial.

— Award-winning filmmaker, TEDx Producer, and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare NYC

“Engaging Andrew in our ongoing leadership development efforts was a valuable investment in our leaders and our company.”

— President and CEO, Paychex
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