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Entrepreneur Speaker, Social Entrepreneur Expert, CEO and Founder of 7 Virtues, Social Advocate

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Barb Stegemann: Business for a Better World Reel

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Once a single mom trying to launch a start-up from her garage, Barb Stegemann has built an international brand thanks to intuition, innovation, and smart risk-taking. Now she shares her incredible story and hard-earned wisdom, as a CEO who continues to steer The 7 Virtues through both unexpected road bumps and surprising growth.

Drawing on the story of her own accomplishments and relevant examples from other industries, Stegemann shares a presentation that’s equally suited to equip leaders and team members with the skills they need to face daily challenges and perform their best. Her message of thoughtful leadership, collaboration, and clearly defined ambition can help any organization find new heights of success, while maintaining the crucial balance of serving others while taking care of ourselves.

Winston Churchill said, “Never waste a good crisis.” During a pandemic that has drastically halted a great deal of the economy, Barb Stegemann shares in her best selling book how to use the stoic principles used by Churchill and many great world leaders to thrive and advance to a higher level during a crisis. Her own social enterprise saw 600 retail doors shut. By applying the guaranteed principles she teachers to her own business, her company, The 7 Virtues has tripled sales, despite the massive store closures and despite the inability to cross the USA border she  is retailing directly to 110 million Americans on QVC. With plans to launch in the UK, all during the pandemic! There are untapped business opportunities right in front of you. If you are present.

For centuries leaders drew mental strength from the wisdom of the great philosophers from Plato to Marcus Aurelius. Philosophy guided leaders through war, strife and hell on earth and inspired them to keep going. Barb Stegemann has curated the great wisdom from the philosohers in her best selling book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen – A guide to living and leading in an illogical world. Uncover guaranteed principles to protect your joy and to go from surviving to thriving.

Barb Stegemann wrote her book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen – a woman’s guide to living and leading in an illogical world, to reverse the equation for women, the nucleus of the family to finally put themselves first and then take care of the needs of those around them. She teaches how her company’s natural perfume aromatherapy and philosophy together creates self-guided remedies for the body, mind and soul. Whether you are feeling stuck, lonely or overwhelmed, you are not alone and will find the wisdom in this program become unconquerable.

Barbara Stegemann shares the story of how she launched The 7 Virtues Peace Perfumes out of her garage and on her Visa card in Nova Scotia — a brand that is now not only competing with other luxury perfumes, but has created a new movement of Clean & Conscious beauty at Sephora, the fastest growing beauty retailer in the world.

With compelling storytelling, she shines light on her approach to business, and explains how social enterprise can be used to help reverse global issues, such as war and poverty, around the world. She shows us that the Return on Investment and the Return on Love are not mutually exclusive. We can (and must) have both together.

“Nine out of ten Millennials will switch brands for one with a cause. We have a cause.”
– Barb Stegemann

Bestselling author, Barb Stegemann shares how living the stoic virtues that guided warriors through war and strife for thousands of years stand the tests of time and if followed, will lead you to success and joyful living guaranteed. She shares how wonder instead of judgement will lead you to all of the resources you need. She shares wisdom that Churchill and Aurelius used from Plato and Socrates to Mary Wollstonecraft. These principles apply to our lives today, they just manifest themselves in different ways. The root is following your ethics and the daily practice of the virtues.

Barb shares how she too uses this wisdom successfully in her own social enterprise, The 7 Virtues was experiencing retail challenges as many businesses try and navigate the generational buying shift to Millennials. She herself had to adapt and she ended up launching a new contemporary peace perfume line with the fastest growing beauty giant in the world, Sephora.

“I wrote a book on the stoic virtues and I still am in awe that if you follow it, these principles will lead you to success and joy guaranteed.”

– Barb Stegemann

If your company is still focused on hard sales and target numbers instead of helping the customer fix their problems, you might not be getting the ROI you want. As the founder of 7 Virtues perfume, Barb Stegemann found leading her company with a return-on-love (ROL) for the customer led to a higher return-on-investment. By focusing on ROL, she helped rebuild the lives of farmers in war-torn countries while taking her perfume from garage to bestselling brand in Sephora. ROL isn’t just for social entrepreneurs. Her unique selling and training model can be applied by any business or organization. In her entertaining talk, Barb will share stories of her ROL success, from conception to international success, which can be applied to your company.

Barb Stegemann had a dream to help rebuild the lives of farmers in war-torn countries. She didn’t know how and she didn’t know what it would take, but she was determined to make a difference. She identified a method, rolled up her selves and began outsourcing ingredients for perfume from war-riddled countries. Let Barb take you on her journey from conception to international success, all while making a socially-conscious impact on the world.

What’s your ROL? Our world is so occupied with the Return on Investment, what if we reversed that equation and began with a measure on our social impacts? What we are doing to make our world a safer, more stable and kinder place for all. Social Enterprise is fast becoming the standard for the millennial generation. Nine out of ten millennials will switch brands for one with a cause. Barb Stegemann shares how her peace perfumes rebuild nations after war or strife.


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