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The Chalkguy

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Ben Glenn – The Chalkguy

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“Simply Special” is a compelling keynote presentation where Ben Glenn shares his inspiring journey of turning ADHD-related challenges into a canvas of success. This keynote goes beyond the traditional underdog story by integrating Ben’s artistic journey, which mirrors his life’s challenges and triumphs. Addressing corporate audiences, Ben’s narrative underscores the importance of a positive mindset in both personal and professional realms. His story is a powerful reminder of how embracing individuality and unique talents can transform obstacles into stepping stones for success. The session is skillfully designed to be 60% entertaining and 40% inspirational, providing practical strategies for resilience and growth, making it an invaluable experience for corporate professionals at all levels.


  • Embracing Challenges as Opportunities: Learn from Ben’s life how to view challenges as avenues for personal and professional growth, turning adversity into an opportunity for development.
  • Cultivating Resilience: Discover the importance of adopting a positive approach to adversity, and how this mindset can lead to greater resilience in both work and personal life.
  • Transforming Obstacles into Success: Gain insights into converting life’s obstacles into stepping stones for success, mirroring Ben’s journey from facing learning disabilities to becoming a successful speaker, author and artist.
  • Maintaining a Positive Mindset: Acquire practical strategies for sustaining a positive mindset in challenging situations, emphasizing the power of attitude in overcoming difficulties.

“Heart Matters: Inspiring and Empowering Your Team,” is a keynote presentation that delves into the core aspects of impactful leadership. In this session, Ben Glenn shares his insights on how genuine care, empathy, and understanding are the bedrocks of inspiring leadership. This presentation is designed to guide corporate leaders in nurturing a positive and productive work environment. Ben emphasizes the significance of leading with heart — an approach that not only fosters a strong team spirit but also drives success and innovation. Through real-life examples and engaging storytelling, Ben illustrates how leaders can empower their teams by connecting with them on a deeper level, building trust, and creating an environment where every member feels valued and motivated.


  • Fostering Empathy in Leadership: Understand the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership, and how these qualities can strengthen team dynamics and performance.
  • Building Strong, Trusting Teams: Learn strategies for developing trust and a sense of belonging among team members, leading to a more cohesive and productive workforce.
  • Empowering Teams through Genuine Leadership: Gain insights on how authentic leadership can empower employees, encouraging them to take initiative, innovate, and contribute to the organization’s success.


“Ben was absolutely terrific! The students really took to him and were very into the whole program. I asked each of my classes if they liked the “Chalk Guy” and all answered yes, enthusiastically! He was funny and kind, but was also able to get the message across that we wanted. It was a terrific way to start the school year! Even the teachers didn’t complain about losing time in class!”

— East Central High School

“His presentation was one of the best, most motivational PD’s that my
teachers have had. Ben’s presentation was uplifting, brought recognition to all the hard work teachers do and to the power they have in making a
difference in childrens’ lives. With the stress of back to school preparations,
Ben was able to come in and help the teachers forget the stresses and just be uplifted and entertained. He made his presentation very applicable and
personal for my faculty and staff!!”

— Teacher Kick-off Convention | Midway Elementary School

“Ben Glenn’s keynote at our fall employee banquet was a huge success! His energy, humor, story-telling and multi-media presentation were the highlight of our event. He was able to take our theme and work it into the fiber of his program, leaving our team inspired and motivated to work harder than ever to serve out customers to the best of their abilities.”


“Employees at MercyOne, loved the Chalkguy! Ben’s message and energy will be remembered long after the rain has washed away the sidewalk chalk we used to promote his visit.”


“What a great opening speaker you were at MDRT this year! Ben, we absolutely loved your presentation! You have a super gift and I’m glad I was there to experience it…what you did at the MDRT Annual meeting was above incredible.”

— Executive VP, Willis
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