The 10 Best Personal Growth Keynote Speakers

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There are plenty of people who speak on the topic of Personal Growth, but no one does it quite like the following 10 keynote speakers!

Eric Boles

Authority on Leadership, Managing Change, Cultural Transformation and Peak Performance

Personal Growth Keynote SpeakersWhy Book Eric Boles?

  • He is a believer in employee and organizational development and equips your organization with the tools to create and maintain winning attitudes.
  • He is a former NFL player and an expert in teamwork, leadership and personal development, dedicated to maximizing your human assets.

Fees: $15,001-$20,000

Travels From: Washington

Topics: Leadership & Inspiration, Team Building, Football/NFL

Bryan Dodge

Personal Development Speaker

bryan-dodge-eagles-talentWhy Book Bryan Dodge?

  • Bryan is an engaging presenter that motivates individuals to take ownership of their own personal and professional development.
  • He connects and relates well with all kinds of audiences with his captivating and energetic approach in sales.

Fees: $5,001-$7,500

Travels From: Texas

Topics: Personal Growth, Sales Strategies, Time Management

Neale Godfrey

Leading Authority on Finance, Successful Author

Personal Growth Keynote SpeakersWhy Book Neale Godfrey?

  • She is an acknowledged expert on family and children’s finances with over 30 years in the financial field.
  • Neale has combined economics with ecology (saving the environment) for kids , parents, and grandparents so that we all can make the world a better place. She shows participants how they can echo their ideas to communities around the world.

Fees: Call for fee.

Travels From: New Jersey

Topics: Finance & Insurance, Education, Life Balance

Roger Seip

Personal Development Speaker

Roger_Seip_personal-development-eagles-talentWhy book Roger Seip?

  • Roger co-founded Freedom Personal Development, one of the world’s premier Personal Development firms. His company has thrived and broken records for over 15 years.
  • Roger spent 8 years of his life as a professional stand-up comic so you know your audience will have some good laughs along with his presentation.

Fees: $5,001-$7,500

Travels From: Wisconsin

Topics: Personal Growth, Goal Setting, Business Entrepreneurship

Renée Mauborgne

World-Renowned Professor and NY Times Bestselling Author

Renée-Mauborgne-best-selling-author-eagles-talentWhy Book Renée Mauborgne?

  • Renée Mauborgne is a globally sought-after speaker on innovation, creativity, and growth.
  • She teaches her audience how to see opportunities whereas others see constraints. She guides individuals through a proven process, using inspiring real-world illustrations. Most importantly, attendees will learn how to break away from cutthroat competition, create uncontested market space and seize new growth.

Fees: Call for fee

Travels From: New York

Topics: Business Growth, CEO’s & Business Leaders, Innovation & Creativity

Chad Porter

Keynote Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

inspirational-speaker-eagles-talentWhy Book Chad Porter?

  • He is not only Zig Ziglar Certified but he is one of the nation’s most inspirational motivational speakers.
  • Chad has 20 years of experience sharing an extremely powerful story combined with Ziglar’s timeless motivational techniques. Nothing like it! Your group will NEVER forget this experience.


Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: North Carolina

Topics: Inspirational, Motivational, Overcoming Adversity

Suze Orman

Internationally Acclaimed Personal Finance Expert

finance-expert-eagles-talentWhy Book Suze Orman

  • Orman has written, co-produced, and hosted six PBS specials based on her New York Times bestselling books, and is the single most successful fundraiser in the history of public television.
  • Suze brings a powerful message to every audience she speaks to and leaves members with actionable tools to apply to their everyday lives.

Fees: Call for fee

Travels From: California

Topics: Women in Business, Personal Growth, Celebrity Speakers

Eileen McDargh

CEO-Chief Energy Officer, the Resiliency Group

personal-development-speaker-eagles-talentWhy Book Eileen McDargh?

  • Eileen has helped organizations and individuals transform the life of their business through conversations that matter and connections that count.
  • Her programs are content rich, interactive, provocative and playful—even downright hilarious.

Fees: $15,001-$20,000

Travels From: California

Topics: Change, Life Balance, Leadership


Lance Secretan

One of the World’s Foremost Thinkers on Leadership

Personal Growth Keynote SpeakersWhy Book Lance Secretan?

  • Lance built a business from scratch to 72,000 full- and part-time employees, has consulted with, advised and coached leaders and their teams globally for 35 years, taught MBA students and written 21 books about leadership.
  • He delves into the “Primary Values” that help us kick-start personal growth and the change of a corporate culture.

Fees: $20,001-$30,000

Travels From: Ontario, Canada

Topics: Leadership, Management

Chris Rabb

Professor, Writer, Facilitator, Business Consultant, Author of Invisible Capital

Personal Growth Keynote SpeakersWhy Book Chris Rabb?

  • Chris is the author of the groundbreaking book, Invisible Capital: How Unseen Forces Shape Entrepreneurial Opportunity, which explores the landscape of modern U.S. business in the context of structural inequality.
  • Chris seamlessly incorporates his unique humor and eclectic experiences into his speeches and writings. As a speaker, he brings attendees broader self-awareness, tools for empathy, and topics for further reflection & group discussion.

Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: Pennsylvania

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, Networking

For more information on The 10 Best Personal Growth Keynote Speakers, visit or call 1.800.345.5607

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