Bill Jensen

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Simplicity, Future of Work Expert: Leadership, Innovation, Digital Transformation

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Simplicity, Making Different Choices
This Year’s Toughest Choices For Senior Execs
Helping Cios Simplify

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Everybody is overloaded, and that’s not going to go away. Actually, it’s going to get worse. We need to learn how to quickly de-clutter any information and get better at staying focused, all while engaging the hearts, minds, and actions of others. Bill Jensen will cover all of that, and more, in this session. He will apply what he’s learned after studying simpler ways to work for the past three decades.

Leadership development — for ourselves and for our aspiring new talent — in today’s disruptive environment is hard! Every day, every priority seems to force us all into fire-fighting crises, leaving true development as an afterthought. This intensive session combines proven-in-action development techniques with a much deeper understanding of how disruptive change shapes all of us. Bill Jensen has masterfully integrated the Tyranna of the Urgent with how we develop ourselves for the future.

We are the frontline leaders of the future of work. If… If we chose to take on our role in being and developing tomorrow’s disruptive heroes. Bill Jensen has researched and coached thousands of leaders in our role in forging the new future of work. In this powerful, highly engaging session, Bill will lay out how he coaches leaders in developing future strong cultures, focused on innovation, as well as delivering quick-hit tips.

The biggest challenges you will face in a highly disruptive future of work do not come from ‘out there.’ They all revolve around your ability to disrupt yourself — to change, adapt, unlearn and learn anew — all while staying united and focused as a team. This session details the disruptions coming at you and details the separate dimensions of being future strong — always ready for whatever the future throws at you.

What are the habits of today’s best disruptive heroes? And what can all of us learn from them? This session will answer those questions, and lots more. Bill Jensen has studied hundreds of today’s top disruptors and change agents, and uncovered their secrets. Bill will detail the top five of twenty-five disruptive habits, and exactly how you can use those habits today.


“Bill’s session was the BEST WE’VE EVER HAD! Simple, clear, actionable content. Fabulous! Smooth, knowledgeable, fun. Bill is a treasure!”

— P&G

“Bill drew a record crowd to our Forum in Melbourne, Australia. Within 90 minutes Bill got all attendees participating and engaged. His ability to make the issues relevant to each individual situation was brilliant. Great message, great presentation, great motivation…the best attendee feedback we’ve ever had!”

— CoreNet Global

“I have never had so many requests for a speaker’s handouts before! One person could not stop telling me how it was an ‘eye opener’ for him. Terrific session. We want him back ASAP!


“Bill Jensen skillfully explained how simplicity can help us achieve better results, and how it creates and transfers value throughout our organization. Now, we all realize that we have in our hands a new competitive advantage: Simplicity…The power to less of what doesn’t matter, and more of what does!”

— Vodafone

“Wow. Thank you for your giving heart. You hit me where I live. You inspired me to be courageous again and embrace my failures in a new way.”

— Human Capital Management Attendee

“My boss noticed that in using what you taught us, I’ve saved at least 10 hours just this week and have created more time for what really matters. My boss estimates your tools will save us over 10,000 hours!”

— Toyota UK
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