Speakers we LOVE to LIKE

Like is in the air this valentines day! These Social Media & Online Marketing Speakers are all experts in their fields who know how to harness the power of the “Like.” This is eclectic mix of CEO’s, Digital Marketers, and Online Influencers are all backed by likes and impressive online followings on some of today’s most popular sites.



Each one of these speakers is a social media wiz, and they have the credentials to back it up.


Through his viral wisdom videos, Jay Shetty‘s claim to fame began after his videos with HuffPost hit 50 million views. Now, Shetty is verified on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook leaving him with a combined 31.1 million followers and likes. By delivering educational and insightful content in an entertaining, uplifting format, Shetty continues the mission of making wisdom go viral.

Entrepreneur, Neil Patel,  has achieved the status of one of the top 10 online marketers by Forbes, as well as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama. His success is also recognized online, with a combined following of 1.27 million on his verified platforms Twitter and Facebook, as well as Instagram. Patel shares detailed plans with his audiences, about company growth through his marketing strategies.

Amy Jo Martin is an established social media pioneer, and uses her platforms to connect humans with humans. Martin uses clinical research to speak on the complex relationship of technology and humanity. On social media, Martin reaches her 1.1 million followers where she continues to share her  motivational messages.

Primetime television host, Jeffrey Hayzlett, used creativity and entrepreneurship skills to work his way from small business to international corporations. Hayzlett is a business speaker showing others how to follow in his footsteps of success. Online, Hayzlett has a combined 653K likes and followers.

Mari Smith has extensive knowledge in social media marketing, with a deep expertise in Facebook. Personally, Smith is verified on Facebook, and has a combined 636K likes and followers between all of her social media platforms. Smith provides engaging social media keynotes and offers in-depth training to her audiences.

Through his work, Brian Solis has influenced and shaped business and media. As a Futurist, Anthropologist, Digital Analyst, and Keynote Speaker, Solis is able to help audiences understand and embrace the rise of digital transformation, innovation, connected consumerism and digital lifestyles. Solis is verified on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, leading to his combined 408K likes and followers.

Marketing Keynote Speaker, Jason ‘Jay’ Baer, is president of the social media and content marketing consultancy Convince & Convert. The Convince & Convert blog is ranked #1 for the world’s content marketing resource. Baer’s 378K followers know him as a digital marketing pioneer, where he shares his key messages with businesses: focusing on help, not hype.

Chris Brogan offers business and marketing help for mid to larger sized companies. Brogan shares many of his messages for small business growth through his books, as he already has 9 books currently published. In Brogan’s next guide, he will  focus on how companies can extend trusted relationships using AI, blockchain, video, etc. Online, Brogan is verified on Twitter and has a combined 361K followers.

As a company founder, Ramit Sethi, holds extensive knowledge on technology, retail, and college advising. Sethi has educated thousands of people around the country with his programs on personal finance and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Sethi assists many companies on emerging technologies, investing, and viral marketing. His own social media following adds to a combined 322K likes and followers.

CEO of Zen media, Shama Hyder, is a social media and marketing expert. Personally, Hyder is verified on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account, leading to a combined 283K likes and followers. As a best-selling author of two books: Zen of Social Media Marketing and Momentum, Hyder is considered to be a visionary strategist for the digital age, and assists companies in their own growth.

Erik Qualman wins over his audiences with his entertaining, educating, and empowering style. As a writer and speaker, Qualman helps organizations understand how digitization has transformed the traditional way of doing business, and teaches audiences to use this to their benefit and increase sales and cut costs. Qualman’s messages are also valued by his collective 121K likes and followers.

Image of: Mario Armstrong on the radio talking about digital technology and its use for good.On his signature show, Never Settle Show, Mario Armstrong is now recognized as one of the worlds most well known Digital Lifestyle Strategists. Armstrongs innovative mind created the worlds first crowd-produced, live-streamed talk show. As a speaker, Armstrong provides an educational social media tour for his audiences. Personally, Armstrong is verified on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where he has a combined 56K likes and followers.

Contact us to book one of these online marketing speakers and start turning love for your business into social media likes!

Loving these Social Media and Online Marketing Speakers? Call 1.800.345.5607 or visit eaglestalent.com to book them for your next event!

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Mallory Brown Walks Mile 2 out of 26 in Detroit

The wait is over — episode two of Mallory Brown’s Walk a Mile is here! As part of her global marathon, Mallory recently completed mile two out of 26 in her hometown of Detroit, MI, where she partnered with The Empowerment Plan, a nonprofit organization that provides employment for the homeless.



Follow along with us as we recap and highlight Mallory’s travels around the world as she works to improve the lives of impoverished working women and their families in Walk A Mile:


Mile 2: Detroit

Amid her travels around the world, Mallory made a stop in her hometown of Detroit, where she met Ebonie, a single mother who has faced homelessness herself. With her two-year-old son by her side, Ebonie knew this was not the life she wanted for her child.

Woman: Ebonie

Ebonie eventually came across a life changing opportunity presented to her by The Empowerment Plan. She was then able to secure employment and housing for herself and her son. Not only did she gain a job, but she also gained a sense of meaning and purpose.


As part of her employment with The Empowerment Plan, Ebonie sews winter coats that turn into sleeping bags, which are distributed to homeless individuals around the world. Each coat is made by someone who was once homeless and who knows firsthand all of the struggles that come with it.



Charity: The Empowerment Plan

Not only does The Empowerment Plan work to serve the homeless community by providing necessities, but they also strive to uplift them by working to end the cycle of generational homelessness by providing employment to women like Ebonie. 


Visit Mallory’s Crowdrise page for more information and to make a donation.

Your donation to this organization will not only go toward providing a coat to someone in need, but also toward providing employment and uplifting someone out of homelessness. 

For more information on social cause keynote speaker Mallory Brown, please call 1.800.345.5607.

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The Black Speakers of Tomorrow’s History Books

As we continue to reflect during Black History Month, we recognize four ground breaking individuals who have also made their mark in the speaking industry. Not only have these four individuals made history, but they have also impacted today’s society and inspired change for our future.




Here’s an inside look at why these four speakers are the voices of the future and how they continue to make history daily.



If anyone is capable of being the best version of themselves while simultaneously inspiring this initiative in others, it’s Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour. Armour has defied the odds all her life, breaking the glass ceiling time and time again. She is most well known and celebrated for becoming the first African-American Female Combat Pilot, especially impressive for accomplishing the move from cop to pilot in just 3 years. As Armour continues to break records, shatter expectations, and overcome adversity, she moves people to action, explaining that we all have permission to engage. Armour ignites hesitant audiences, motivating them to make gutsy moves and see breakthrough results.



Olympia LePoint, also known as, “The New Einstein” or the “Modern Day Hidden Figure”, uses her exquisite mind to educate audiences on facing fears in order to pursue life passions. LePoint has been driven to make a change in this world, serving as an award winning NASA Rocket-Scientist and a STEM Education Advocate. Her inspiration comes from the heart, as well as the brain, showing audiences how to unleash true power from within the human brain. Specifically, LePoint helps those affected by trauma and severe hardship reprogram the brain for success to overcome any obstacle. “It’s a reassuring process,” states LePoint, “knowing that the tools to accomplish greatness are already within you.”



Three time Winter Olympian and Jamaican Bobsled Team Captain, Devon Harris, continues to achieve his dreams by inspiring others to chase theirs. Anyone wanting to conquer the impossible will be enabled by Harris’s messages of embracing change in order to move past the inevitable obstacles in life in order to thrive. Harris encourages people to, “Keep on pushing,” much like he did coming from a military background. As an former serviceman, Harris understands commitment, sense of duty, and sacrifices of all who volunteer to serve. These real life stories help Harris share messages about perseverance and persistence.



Sheyann Webb-Christburg has been making history all her life. Her work as a young girl was recognized and honored by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., earning her the “Smallest Freedom Fighter” title at just 8-years-old. Webb-Christburg has been dedicating her life to assisting youth in America, as she was once in their shoes fighting to make change in her community. As a civil rights activist during the Civil Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama in the 1960’s, Webb-Christburg experienced first hand discrimination and racism as one of the first African-American’s to integrate an all white school. Now, Webb-Christburg’s work with the youth offers assistance with building self-esteem, confidence, overcoming adversity, and finding purpose in life.

Make history at your event by hiring one of these speakers. Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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Sign up for the Best Speakers in Sports!

National Signing Day has arrived! Today, thousands of high school senior athletes are signing their National Letter’s of Intent to play on collegiate sports teams. At Eagles Talent, we recognize that sports and speaking are united in sharing passion and self-expression.


This day doesn’t only have a be exciting for future college athletes, you can also sign up to bring top Sport Speakers to your next event!


Known for his legendary work in the MLB, Jim Abbott continues defying odds after being a one handed pitcher on multiple teams, like the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and more. Jim signed to play ball at the University of Michigan. Jim uses his personal experience playing 10 seasons and overcoming adversity in MLB to encourage audiences to face their own challenges and end up victorious as well. 


Speaking topics include: Overcoming Adversity, Motivational, Baseball/MLB



Three time NBA All-Star Bob Love attended Southern University and A&M college, and inspires audiences nationwide sharing his life story. After a career ending back injury playing with the Chicago Bulls in a NBA game that also took away his ability to speak, Love continued to follow his dreams and persevere through the hardship. Now, Love speaks to his audiences on the importance of dreams and how to hold on to them despite any negative circumstances.


Speaking topics include: Overcoming Adversity, Motivational, African-American



Archie Manning signed and played football at the University of Mississippi. Now, Archie Manning is a former NFL Quarterback and father of Eli and Payton Manning. With two sons following in his footsteps, Manning shares the importance of legacy and striving to be the best with his audiences. Additionally, Manning is a humanitarian and encourages others to be active in the community to make a difference and inspire change on and off the field.


Speaking topics include: Leadership, Peak Performance, Team Building



After winning 5 Olympic medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nastia Liukin continues to shine as a brand spokesperson. Nastia initially attended college at Southern Methodist University and then received a degree from NYU. Now, Nastia’s Supergirl clothing line promotes healthy living for young women across the world. Nastia helps young women with self esteem issues and fights to end teen obesity by getting kids active and giving kids the opportunity to have fun and be healthy.


Speaking topics include: Health & Wellness, Motivational, Olympians



Christie Rampone is a soccer icon, signing to Monmouth University, and is honored by many for her contributions to the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team, as the longest serving Captain to the team. Rampone’s accomplishments also include being the first four-time Olympian as well as the only member to be on two Women’s World Cup Champion teams. She shares with her audience that her philosophy is simple, leading in the world of soccer and business are one and the same.


Speaking topics include: Olympians



Seven-time Olympic medalist, Amanda Beard reveals the truth behind the Olympic spotlight. Amanda received an education from the University of Arizona. Though her journey has been full of success, Amanda’s story captures how she was able to overcome the depression, drugs, alcohol, self-mutilation, and eating disorders attached. Her story is a message to all women, one of being confident in who you are, loving yourself, and treating your body right.


Speaking topics include: Olympians, Swimming, Sports Stars



Rulon Gardner was a member of the 2000 US Olympic wrestling team and emerged victorious. Rulon attended Ricks College, now known as BYU in Rexburg, Idaho, and later attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. His dedication on and off the wresting mat is evident, participating as a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Gardner’s book ‘Never Stop Pushing’ showcases his pursuit of excellence and further solidifies his status as a truly inspirational individual. Through his experiences, Gardner leads an inspiring and storied life that he shares with his audiences.


Speaking topics include: Achievement, Olympians, Inspiration

If you’re interested in booking a Sports Speaker for an upcoming event, please call us at 1.800.345.5607 or visit eaglestalent.com

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Most Talked About Topics in the Black Community

The month of February is also designated as “Black History Month,”  — a time to reflect and honor the influential figures from the Black community who helped shape America as it is today. From the Civil Rights Movement to today’s political climate, the voices of the Black community are vital to enabling change in our world…


Our Black speakers continue that tradition, by incorporating their unique perspectives into the following topics:


  1. Activism
  2. Diversity & Inclusion
  3. Education
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Leadership
  7. LGBTQ
  8. Overcoming Adversity
  9.  Politics
  10.   Religion & Spirituality
  11.   Science
  12.   Sports Stars
  13.   Story Telling
  14.   Stress Management
  15.   Youth Issues



Yassmin Abdel-Magied has embodied activist mentality all her life, advocating for the empowerment of youth, women, and those from racially, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Yassmin is passionate about making ‘diversity’ the norm, and takes action to implement this message in her sphere of influence. At the age of 16, she founded the Youth Without Borders organization to empower young people to reach their full potential. At 24, she wrote her own coming-of-age-memoir. Yassmin will continue her mission to making the world a more equal place one change at a time through speaking to people about motivation, empowerment and women’s issues.


Sociologist, Bertice Berry, has used humor as activism to spread her messages on diversity and inclusion nation wide. Many of her keynote presentations emphasize the importance of finding your purpose in life, as well as leading others into their own purpose. Through this mission, Dr. Berry encourages her audiences to defy stereotypes, generalizations or clichés in order to find your true and authentic self. Dr. Berry takes an active role in promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion by helping families, raise funds for scholarships, and provide resource information to low-income families.



Donna Brazile continues to leave her mark on history through educating people in her work with politics around the country. Brazile has been in the political world since the age of nine, working to elect a City Council candidate who she admired. After working on every presidential campaign from 1976 through 2000, she eventually became the first African-American to manage a presidential campaign. Now, Brazile works to stir political passion among young people, speaking at over 185 college universities on topics such as “Inspiring Civility in American Politics,” “Race Relations in the Age of Obama,” and “Women in American Politics.”



Former basketball coach Ken Carter presents messages to his audiences rich in accountability, integrity, teamwork and leadership to succeed both on and off the court. Specifically, Coach Carter’s influence on academics among high school players is still evident. Carter single-handedly turned around his players lives’ implementing weekly tutoring for his players and overall raising their GPA’s. Today, the Coach Ken Carter Foundation still works to develop, promote and provide education, training and mentoring programs for minority youths. Carter’s emphasis on education has helped shaped the lives and futures of many students and young people across the globe.



Dr. Rachael Ross’s messages are far reaching being a regular on the daytime talk show The Doctors, as well as a practicing family physician. Dr. Ross speaks mostly about sexual education, hoping to better prepare young teens to practice safe sex. Through social media, television, and numerous publications, Ross is able to educate her audiences on groundbreaking discussions about relationships, sex, abstinence, HIV/AIDS prevention, and vaccine safety. For Ross, the practice of medicine is about tailoring to meet patients individual needs to keep them happy, healthy, and informed.



The Three Doctors consisting of Drs. Sampson Davis, Ramek Hunt, and George Jenkins serve as leaders to the black community. Using personal narratives about their journeys from inner-city teens to reaching their dream of becoming physicians, The Three Doctors stand in society as role models to anyone working to overcome adversity. They share the foundational elements they all needed to thrive in their environment growing up: inspiration, dedication, and determination. Ultimately, The Three Doctors assure their audience that, “Strength comes from knowing that the power to overcome adversity and prevail lies within one’s self and you have to first realize that. Once realized, you have to accept accountability for your life and take the necessary steps to turn hopes and dreams into realities.”



Deemed one of the most influential leaders of her generation, Rebecca Walker contributes to the global conversation about identity, power, and the evolution of the human family through books, lectures, blogs, etc. Walkers works to open up new dimensions on the topic of race and gender, arts and culture, and politics and power. Her vision for the future is one of change, and inspires those around her to help redefine these topics. To truly overcome the adversity Walker and millions of others face, she challenges and encourages audiences to embrace a new consciousness in human relationships, so that they collectively forge a path to peaceful existence.


For more information on booking these speakers for Black History Month visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.


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NFL Players You Can Bet On!

With Super Bowl LIII just days away, millions of fans are placing bets on their favorite players — including us at Eagles Talent!


Here’s an inside look at the top 8 players in the speaking industry who know how to win on and off the field.



Emmitt Smith   

*By arrangement with Octagon Speakers Group

  • Former Dallas Cowboy from 1990 – 2002
  • Former NFL Running Back

Career Recap: Emmitt Smith played 15 seasons in the NFL with a cumulative 18,355 yards in his career. Smith was also able to take home 3 Super Bowl wins with the Dallas Cowboys in 1992, 1993, and 1995.


Speaking topics include: Art & Pop Culture, Peak Performance, and Team Building


Cris Carter

  • Former Minnesota Viking1
  • Former NFL Wide Receiver

Career Recap: Cris Carter made NFL history with 16 consecutive seasons also becoming the second player in NFL history to catch 1,000 passes.



Speaking topics include: Leadership, Sports Announcing, and Football


Jerome Bettis

  • Former Pittsburgh Steeler
  • Former NFL Running Back

Career Recap: Jerome Bettis played 13 seasons in the NFL ending his career with a Super Bowl win in 2006. Bettis was also awarded 5th best running back in the NFL in overall rushing with 13,662 yards.


Speaking topics include: Media Personalities, Football, and African American Speakers


Vince Papale

  • Former Philadelphia Eagle
  • Former NFL Wide Receiver

Career Recap: With only 3 NFL seasons, Vince Papale left a huge impact on the game as the oldest rookie in NFL history; starting his football career at 30 years old.


Speaking topics include: Overcoming Adversity, Leadership, and Team Building


Matt Mayberry 

  • Former Chicago Bear
  • Former NFL Linebacker

Career Recap: Matt Mayberry was signed to the Chicago Bears in 2010. After suffering a career-ending injury, he became a top-rated speaker–sharing personal stories of overcoming adversity to inspire audiences.


Speaking topics include: Overcoming Adversity, Goal Setting, and Leadership


Alan Veingrad

  • Former Green Bay Packer
  • Former NFL Offensive Lineman

Career Recap: Alan Veingrad played 6 NFL season’s total, claiming a Super Bowl win with the Dallas Cowboys in 1993. Veingrad also won the NFL rushing title in 1991 while playing with the Packers.


Speaking topics include: Leadership, Team Building, and Football 


Tom Flick

  • Former Washington Redskin
  • Former NFL Quarterback

Career Recap: Tom Flick played for 5 different NFL teams but is most known for his time with the Washington Redskins in 1981. Tom played 5 NFL seasons total finishing his football career in 1987.


Speaking topics include: Change, Leadership, and Motivation


Brian Holloway

  • Former New England Patriot
  • Former NFL Offensive Tackle

Career Recap: Brian Holloway played for 8 NFL seasons total, two of his seasons as Offensive Tackle for the Los Angeles Raiders in 1987 and 1988–although he is most well known for his time with the Patriots from 1981 to 1986.


Speaks topics include: Leadership, Motivation, and Peak Performance


Interested in booking one of these former NFL players for an event? Check out eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information on our speakers.

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Terry Jones “Elevator Pitch” on Innovation

For years, Terry Jones has used his innovative mind to stay ahead in this rapidly changing world, and is best known for founding Travelocity.com. In addition, he shares his insights on innovation, leadership, and customer relationships with audiences everywhere in an effort to inspire them with useful ideas and actions they can implement within their own companies.


While visiting Eagles Talent, Jones shared his “Elevator Pitch” where he highlighted helpful tips he shares with company leaders.


Jones offers reassurance to company leaders in any industry who may feel as though they are lacking the resources to innovate. He also reminds them that sharing their innovation is simple. You don’t necessarily need to change the world, he explains, sometimes one small change can have the largest effect.


“You don’t have to take huge risks!”

Jones uses his personal experience of being Chief Information Officer at American Airlines for 24 years to further explain his approach. While at American Airlines, he felt like he knew enough about technology to make a change and, more importantly, take a risk. By transferring travel booking options to the internet, Jones created a revolutionary product and promoted a culture of experimentation within the company. Jones’ risk-taking payed off, as travel is now the largest part of online commerce.



“As a leader, your wake is larger than you imagine.”

What a leader says and does can have numerous effects on a company, so it’s important to advertise the right messages to your employees. Jones explains that it’s important for leaders to adopt this mentality and promote a work environment that supports, amplifies, and endorses. Again, these are simple steps to implement in the work place. Jones also advises business leaders to promote a creative culture that encourages people in the company to use “and” rather than “but,” because it adds to the supportive and encouraging environment.



“It’s okay to fail.”

The limitation of most companies today lies in the fact that they have yet to fail, meaning they aren’t taking the necessary strides to succeed. If you are a company leader, feeling the heat of disruption in your industry, Jones encourages you to ask yourself, “Would my company approve the idea that founded my company?” Remember, whoever founded your company was a risk-taker, and surely you can be too.

If you’re interested in booking Terry for an upcoming event, please call us at 1.800.345.5607 or visit eaglestalent.com



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Change the Game With Our Top 10 Disruption Speakers

Looking to enhance your company with bold moves and innovative ideas? Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in today’s business world, and disruption speakers can spark new growth within your company!

Focusing on enabling companies and businesses with a competitive edge in the industry, Eagles Talent provides you with our top 10 disruption speakers to make sure your company thrives.  

Luke Williams

Founder and Executive Director of the NYU Innovation Lab


NYU Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Luke Williams, shares the world of disruptive thinking with his audiences. Williams wrote his first book, “Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business,” in January of 2011. His ideologies have also been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Atlantic and NPR. From creating new products and services to transforming organizational processes and behaviors, Williams enables his audiences to be proactive through disruptive innovation.


Topics: Business Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Innovation & Creativity

Terry Jones

Founder of Travelocity.com and Chairman of Wayblazer


Terry Jones acknowledges the fast-paced and ever changing approaches to entrepreneurship, and provides audiences with tangible step-by-step actions to implement in their companies. Jones’s knowledge on the subject of disruptive thinking is far-reaching, which he demonstrates in his book titled, “ON Innovation.” Through analyzing business models, Jones is able to highlight the importance of turning disruption into innovation.


Topics: Customer Service, Business Entrepreneurship

Kaihan Krippendorff 

Renowned Business Strategist and Author


After in-depth disruptive thinking research, Krippendorff now strategizes growth with top corporations including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Citibank. Krippendorff’s most recent book, “Outthink the Competition,” dives further into business strategy, growth, and transformation. Krippendorff founded the growth strategy and innovation consulting firm Outthinker, and continues inspiring audiences with tools to outthink their competitors.


Topics: Strategic Planning, Innovation & Creativity, Business Growth

Rohit Bhargava

Founder of the Influential Marketing Group


Founder of multiple companies, Rohit Bhargava practices what he preaches on marketing, branding, innovation, digital strategy, and actionable business trends. A dedicated speaker and entrepreneur, Bhargava is a two-time TEDx speaker, resulting in continuous ratings among the top speakers in the world. Bhargava’s knowledge does not go unnoticed, as his signature trend research report, called the Non-Obvious Trend Report, has been read and shared over a million times.


Topics: Futurist, Marketing, Technology

Sekou Andrews

Motivational Poet & Strategic Presenter


From school teacher to world’s leading poetic voice, Andrews paved the way for inspirational speaking fused with poetry through his own company, Poetic Voice. Previous audiences for Andrews include Obama and Oprah, as well as sharing the stage with artists like Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar. By disrupting the speaking industry with his unconventional performances, Andrews hopes to teach his audiences about facing your darkness, blazing your own trail, and making your own light.


Topics: Branding & Advertising, Innovation & Creativity

Polly LaBarre

Inspiring Voice on Business and Innovation


Polly LaBarre offers her creative expertise through the “Maverick Manual” to push companies past the status-quo in order to thrive. While change can be frightening, LaBarre assures her audience that inspiring, unleashing, and amplifying human creativity, passion, and resourcefulness is the most important work of all. LaBarre’s success as a disruption speaker can be seen in Fast Company, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business Review.


Topics: Futurist, Leadership, Management 

Erik Qualman

#1 Bestselling Author & Top Motivational Speaker


Erik Qualman breaks down the key ways to be successful in a WiFi World through sharing his top techniques for focusing, Posting-It-Forward & Being FLAWsome, with his audiences. Qualman’s goal is to assist companies in increasing their sales, cutting their marketing costs, and reaching consumers directly. By understanding the fast-paced changes of social media, Qualman equips his audiences with tools to drive long-term success.


Topics: Futurist, Social Media & Online Marketing

Alex Sion

President & Managing Director Moven


Alex Sion uses in-depth knowledge on banking, and works as an entrepreneur, educator and strategic digital advisor to leading institutions such as Citigroup, Barclays, and Royal Bank of Scotland. Sion focuses on the journey a company needs to take in order to succeed, and challenges his audience to throw away the old map and design new products, processes and customer experiences that will actually meet the needs of this market.


Topics: Finance and Insurance, Marketing, Technology

Brian Solis

Futurist, Anthropologist, Keynote Speaker


For Brian Solis, it’s simple: Break the status quo. Celebrated as one of the ‘Top 10 People to Know in Silicon Valley,’ Solis speaks to share his vision and help others understand the steps to creating a better business. Using the tools of communication, marketing, and publishing, Solis’s blog, which can be found on BrianSolis.com, is ranked among the world’s leading business online resources. Solis is also consistently ranked as one of the top speakers at some of the biggest events around the world including the Telstra Digital Summit in Australia, BDL Accelerate in Beirut, SXSW in Texas.


Topics: Marketing, Social Media & Online Marketing

Leonard Brody 

Business and Technology Visionary


Best selling author, Leonard Brody, paves the way for start-up companies to raise millions of dollars through his book, “Everything I Needed to Know About Business…I Learned from a Canadian.” Brody’s wisdom is highly sought after, as he is currently a Co-CEO and Director of NowPublic, a pioneer in citizen journalism. NowPublic is also on its way toward becoming one of the largest news agencies in the world. Brody leaves his audience with helpful messages, reassuring them that failure is a fundamental part of our society and is an important step toward success.


Topics: Business Entrepreneurship, Futurists, Marketing

Are you ready to change the game? Book a disruption speaker who will inspire growth in your company by visiting www.eaglestalent.com or calling our office at 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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How Storytelling Will Enhance Your Business

The art of storytelling comes with numerous benefits, many of which can help a business build its brand and create a unique identity. The best part? We’re all natural storytellers! A keynote speaker who specializes in storytelling will help attendees recognize the importance, as well as the positive impact, of storytelling in a business setting.


Bringing in a speaker who specializes in storytelling will enhance your event tremendously by teaching attendees the positive impact that storytelling can have on their businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our roster of innovative keynote speakers on storytelling and continue reading for some facts you may not know about the value of storytelling:


Storytelling helps you capture the attention of your audience.

Storytelling is an art. If done right, storytelling can help you capture attention, close sales and increase your company’s influence, which is something Kindra Hall speaks about in her keynotes, such as “The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling.” Kindra makes it a point to help attendees connect with their customers in powerful and profitable ways while recognizing the importance of storytelling.


There is immense power in strategic storytelling. In fact, perfecting the art of storytelling will allow your business to grow in ways you never thought possible.


When people listen to stories, they often find themselves relating to different elements in the story, such as characters, plots or a familiar setting, for example. When someone chooses to serve as a storyteller, they are making themselves more relatable to their audience, which can play a huge part in contributing to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A speaker on storytelling will teach attendees essential business skills.

When you share a story, you’re not just telling it — you’re also selling it. Even though you may not outwardly try to sell a product to listeners, stories are compelling and may persuade listeners to take some kind of action.


Storytelling is an essential skill in the business world in how it allows an organization to relate better to its audience and elicit certain emotions from them. When it comes to storytelling, however, you must remember that you are also storyselling.


As Pixar story creator Matthew Luhn advises attendees, “storyselling” will allow you to create stronger and more meaningful connections with consumers. Likewise, the stories may compel audiences to take action, learn lessons, and define their own values. Through the stories you tell, you are getting up-close and personal with your audience, so it’s important that your stories are well-crafted and leave a lasting impact.

Attendees will learn how to tell purposeful stories.

How many times have you heard a story and wondered to yourself, “What was the point of that story?” As a storyteller, this is a reaction you want to avoid at all costs. Instead, you should aim to share meaningful stories that serve a true purpose and do more than simply pass the time. Businesses especially should share purposeful stories that will leave audiences thinking about the bigger picture rather than wondering why they should care.


“Storyman” Peter Guber reminds audiences that employing purposeful storytelling in an organization is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire creativity, increase sales,  implement effective management, create more persuasive leaders, and foster deeper collaboration. Knowing that stories are often misunderstood and misused in business, Peter is dedicated to teaching attendees how to effectively use storytelling to their advantage. Although crafting a purposeful story can be difficult, it is a crucial part in moving your business forward.


Learn how to reinvent your business with a storytelling speaker.

If you’re looking to rebrand and reinvent your business, storytelling can prove to be an essential tool because of its ability to transform the way businesses market themselves and engage customers. By recognizing the importance of storytelling, attendees will learn how to use it as a method to reinvent their business and create positive change.

Want to teach your attendees the importance of storytelling? Check out eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information on our speakers.

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Go Behind the Podium with Classical Music’s No. 1 Maverick, Jade Simmons!

Jade Simmons is a classical concert pianist and powerhouse keynote speaker who impresses audiences worldwide not only with her insightful keynotes, but also with her mesmerizing performances.

She recently stopped by Eagles Talent and participated in our Behind the Podium segment, where she spoke about everything from her humble beginnings to her connection with making music and speaking to audiences.

When she’s on stage speaking to attendees about leadership, diversity and even more topics, Jade does not simply stand behind a podium. Her program is interactive, engaging and innovative, as she often spends part of the keynote behind a piano, playing for her audience.


A keynote experience unlike any other, Jade effectively incorporates music into the professional and inspirational topics she speaks about. Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding her keynote presentation: 


Do I have to provide the piano for Jade’s keynote?

Yes, but by working closely with Yamaha, Jade has been able to take the stress of finding a grand piano off the hands of meeting planners everywhere! Jade is a Yamaha artist, which means Yamaha works with local dealers in the area to secure the piano for Jade’s keynote.


As a result, meeting planners never have to start from scratch when it comes to finding a grand piano for Jade’s keynote and performance. Scheduling and piano coordination are also taken care of on behalf of Yamaha, which handles everything of this sort once the engagement is booked. Rental fees are waived, but a cartage fee will apply for transporting the piano.


Can I book the keynote without the piano portion?

Yes. Jade is able to speak without the instrument and provides an equally captivating and engaging keynote presentation. Many companies who book Jade, however, are opting to include the piano portion, specifically for the unique and one-of-a-kind quality it brings to events and conferences.


What industries does Jade usually work with?

Jade began her career strictly as a concert pianist where she played her piece, took a bow and walked promptly off stage without saying a single word to the audience. This changed, eventually, when she began speaking to young emerging artists about pursuing a career in the arts. Since then, Jade has spoken to a wide range of audiences, including financial service groups, biomedical companies, and the entertainment industry, to name a few.


What types of industries can Jade branch out to?

One of the most important things Jade does in preparation for her keynotes is immerse herself into the industry of her audience. For Jade, it’s essential that she knows the ins and outs of the industry she is working with, so she can better relate to attendees.


She has worked with a variety of industries throughout her speaking career, but some industries Jade hopes to branch out to include entertainment, multi-level marketing, and women empowerment groups.

Want to bring Jade Simmons to your next event? Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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