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Have You Lost YOU in the Struggle of too Much to Do?

In today’s chaotic technology-driven world, the lines establishing work-life balance can become blurred–trapping us in what feels like one big hamster wheel of responsibilities. It can become easy to lose ourselves in the chaos and fall victim to the hustle and bustle of life.

In the following article by Global Keynote Speaker and Solutions Expert Jones Loflin, Jones provides a serious of questions to ask when we feel as though we no longer have a sense of purpose and the person we once strived to become is lost.


“Have You Lost YOU in The Struggle of Too Much to Do?”

By: Jones Loflin

How often do you spend some time in deep reflection about who you are and where you want to go? A time of sacred idleness when you let those deeper thoughts that have been suppressed by a crazy busy schedule bubble to the surface. Moments when you pay attention to your feelings, questions, frustrations, hopes, and dreams.

If you’re like many people, your answer is “rarely.” I find that we’re so busy “checking the boxes” of our task list that we rarely stop and ask if they are the right boxes to check (and yes, I find myself in that situation far too often). The person we strive to become is squashed by unrelenting demands on our time and unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We rationalize that we’ll have time later for such reflection or that things will slow down in the future… and they never do.

If you’re growing tired of the hamster wheel, rat race, juggling routine, daily grind, or whatever cliché that describes your current quagmire, find 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted time and answer these questions:

Am I living true to myself and my values?
Think about the significant choices you have made over the past 30 days. Are they in alignment with your highest values and priorities? Where are you failing to honor your values… and why? Is it convenience? An unwillingness to say no? Pressure from others?

Am I investing enough in the relationships in my life?
When life gets busy, one of the first areas we tend to neglect is our relationships. Ironically, it’s these same relationships that can be such a tremendous support system for us when we are experiencing life at full throttle.

How fulfilled do I feel with my life?
(Use a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “not at all” and 10 being “completely.”)
Regardless of your answer, think about what needs to change for you to give yourself a two- point increase in rating. What does that look like?

If I continue doing what I’ve been doing, where will I be in one year? In three years?
Think about your big and small routines… or lack thereof. Are your daily actions compounding over time to get you to where you want to be professionally and personally?

What advice do I wish I would have gotten three years ago?
How would that advice have changed where you are today? What advice do you need to give yourself today so you don’t look back with regret three years from now?

What is weighing me down more than I want to admit?
It could be anything from an unfinished project at work to a strained relationship. Whatever it is, what steps could you take now to help resolve it and recapture some much needed energy?

What’s my overall attitude when I wake up?
Those first few moments in the morning set the tone for the rest of the day. If you’re not waking up with a positive expectancy about what a new day could bring, what needs to change?

My hope is that as you answer these questions you begin to sense a greater need to better utilize your time to accomplish YOUR highest priorities. Todd Henry puts it best:
We live with the stubborn illusion that we will always have tomorrow to do today’s work…It’s a lie.

For more information on booking keynote Speakers, visit or call 1.800.345.5607

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How to Overcome the Loss of a Spouse Who Served in the Military

With Memorial Day around the corner and Military Appreciation Month coming to a close, we want to acknowledge fallen heroes who had the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice. Heroes like the husband of Military widow, Taryn Davis. 

military-widow-eagles-talentTaryn Davis’ story doesn’t end the day she became a Military Widow. In fact, it was the beginning of the next chapter of her life which lead her to become an inspiration to women all across the globe.

On May 21, 2007 she tragically lost the love of her life to roadside bombs in Iraq. What began as her own personal journey, has expanded into a non-profit organization called American Widow Project, a documentary film, and a growing website. When she found out that the average age of a service member is 26, and 51% of those serving are married – she realized she was not alone. Through this experience, she has found that true love is eternal and she chooses to share that through her keynote presentations. Despite her traumatic experience, she was able to set an example for other struggling widows and is able to show them how to handle trauma. As a speaker, Taryn’s goal is to help others find their true calling. Although this story is a troubling one — it’s a reminder to all of us of how grateful we are to those who have lost their lives in order to save ours.

military-speakers-eagles-talentHere at Eagles Talent, we give our ultimate thanks to anyone who has previously served or is currently serving. We salute you. Thank you.


To hear Taryn’s full story, please watch the video below. 

For more videos on Military Survival stories, click here.

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The 10 Best Personal Growth Keynote Speakers

There are plenty of people who speak on the topic of Personal Growth, but no one does it quite like the following 10 keynote speakers!

Eric Boles

Authority on Leadership, Managing Change, Cultural Transformation and Peak Performance

peak-performance-eagles-talentWhy Book Eric Boles?

  • He is a believer in employee and organizational development and equips your organization with the tools to create and maintain winning attitudes.
  • He is a former NFL player and an expert in teamwork, leadership and personal development, dedicated to maximizing your human assets.

Fees: $15,001-$20,000

Travels From: Washington

Topics: Leadership & Inspiration, Team Building, Football/NFL

Bryan Dodge

Personal Development Speaker

bryan-dodge-eagles-talentWhy Book Bryan Dodge?

  • Bryan is an engaging presenter that motivates individuals to take ownership of their own personal and professional development.
  • He connects and relates well with all kinds of audiences with his captivating and energetic approach in sales.

Fees: $5,001-$7,500

Travels From: Texas

Topics: Personal Growth, Sales Strategies, Time Management

Neale Godfrey

Leading Authority on Finance, Successful Author

financial-expert-eagles-talentWhy Book Neale Godfrey?

  • She is an acknowledged expert on family and children’s finances with over 30 years in the financial field.
  • Neale has combined economics with ecology (saving the environment) for kids , parents, and grandparents so that we all can make the world a better place. She shows participants how they can echo their ideas to communities around the world.

Fees: Call for fee.

Travels From: New Jersey

Topics: Finance & Insurance, Education, Life Balance

Roger Seip

Personal Development Speaker

Roger_Seip_personal-development-eagles-talentWhy book Roger Seip?

  • Roger co-founded Freedom Personal Development, one of the world’s premier Personal Development firms. His company has thrived and broken records for over 15 years.
  • Roger spent 8 years of his life as a professional stand-up comic so you know your audience will have some good laughs along with his presentation.

Fees: $5,001-$7,500

Travels From: Wisconsin

Topics: Personal Growth, Goal Setting, Business Entrepreneurship

Renée Mauborgne

World-Renowned Professor and NY Times Bestselling Author

Renée-Mauborgne-best-selling-author-eagles-talentWhy Book Renée Mauborgne?

  • Renée Mauborgne is a globally sought-after speaker on innovation, creativity, and growth.
  • She teaches her audience how to see opportunities whereas others see constraints. She guides individuals through a proven process, using inspiring real-world illustrations. Most importantly, attendees will learn how to break away from cutthroat competition, create uncontested market space and seize new growth.

Fees: Call for fee

Travels From: New York

Topics: Business Growth, CEO’s & Business Leaders, Innovation & Creativity

Chad Porter

Keynote Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

inspirational-speaker-eagles-talentWhy Book Chad Porter?

  • He is not only Zig Ziglar Certified but he is one of the nation’s most inspirational motivational speakers.
  • Chad has 20 years of experience sharing an extremely powerful story combined with Ziglar’s timeless motivational techniques. Nothing like it! Your group will NEVER forget this experience.


Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: North Carolina

Topics: Inspirational, Motivational, Overcoming Adversity

Suze Orman

Internationally Acclaimed Personal Finance Expert

finance-expert-eagles-talentWhy Book Suze Orman

  • Orman has written, co-produced, and hosted six PBS specials based on her New York Times bestselling books, and is the single most successful fundraiser in the history of public television.
  • Suze brings a powerful message to every audience she speaks to and leaves members with actionable tools to apply to their everyday lives.

Fees: Call for fee

Travels From: California

Topics: Women in Business, Personal Growth, Celebrity Speakers

Eileen McDargh

CEO-Chief Energy Officer, the Resiliency Group

personal-development-speaker-eagles-talentWhy Book Eileen McDargh?

  • Eileen has helped organizations and individuals transform the life of their business through conversations that matter and connections that count.
  • Her programs are content rich, interactive, provocative and playful—even downright hilarious.

Fees: $15,001-$20,000

Travels From: California

Topics: Change, Life Balance, Leadership


Lance Secretan

One of the World’s Foremost Thinkers on Leadership

lance-secretan-eagles-talentWhy Book Lance Secretan?

  • Lance built a business from scratch to 72,000 full- and part-time employees, has consulted with, advised and coached leaders and their teams globally for 35 years, taught MBA students and written 21 books about leadership.
  • He delves into the “Primary Values” that help us kick-start personal growth and the change of a corporate culture.

Fees: $20,001-$30,000

Travels From: Ontario, Canada

Topics: Leadership, Management

Chris Rabb

Professor, Writer, Facilitator, Business Consultant, Author of Invisible Capital

business-consultant-eagles-talentWhy Book Chris Rabb?

  • Chris is the author of the groundbreaking book, Invisible Capital: How Unseen Forces Shape Entrepreneurial Opportunity, which explores the landscape of modern U.S. business in the context of structural inequality.
  • Chris seamlessly incorporates his unique humor and eclectic experiences into his speeches and writings. As a speaker, he brings attendees broader self-awareness, tools for empathy, and topics for further reflection & group discussion.

Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: Pennsylvania

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, Networking

For more information on booking keynote Speakers, visit or call 1.800.345.5607

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Military Survival Stories: The Key To Execution

In continuation of Military Appreciation Month and our video series, “Military Survival Stories” – we are celebrating John Foley, a Former Lead Solo Pilot for The Blue Angels! Booking the perfect Military Business Speaker for your event can be challenging, but John makes it easy.

blue-angels-military-speakerJohn combines his rich experience and unique insights to equip organizations, teams, and individuals with the skills to pursue their highest goals, achieve breakthrough performance, and sustain results. His message on emphasizing accountability, is applicable not only to professional endeavors, but also to an individual’s personal quest for excellence.

He is a former lead solo pilot for the Blue Angels, a Sloan Fellow at Stanford School of Business, and an expert in building high performance teams. His exciting, rare journey inspires awe and encourages audiences to take action and rethink what they believe is possible. Additionally, he shares effective tools and techniques to help individuals conquer their goals.

Watch the video below to find out his key to executing projects, goals, and deadlines in any organization.

For more information on booking keynote speakers, visit or call 1.800.345.5607


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Sales and Leadership Expert, Tim Sanders Podcast on Disruptive Collaboration

“Innovation occurs when we get out of our comfort zone in terms of who we solve problems with.”

In our latest Eagles Talent Podcast interview, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Expert Tim Sanders shares the methodology behind some of his best-selling books. Disruptive Collaboration, his latest speaking program, encourages unlikely collisions of thought across the lines of your organization.

“The problem is teamwork–who is missing from the table?”

Tim’s philosophy revolves around the notion of unlikely collaborations. When a variety of perspectives are included in a meeting, an innovative idea is more likely to develop. In his keynote presentation, Tim reveals how the biggest leaps and turnarounds in history came from ‘collisions of thought,’ not safe work in our silos of excellence.

“Innovation is about challenging someone’s constraints.”

As a keynote speaker, Tim reveals winning ways to unleash innovation in the sales industry by working across the lines and shaking up the way you solve challenges. To learn more about Tim and Disruptive Collaboration, view the full video below.

For more information on booking Tim Sanders, visit or call 1.800.345.5607


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Military Survival Stories: Female Pilot Defeats Doubt

In continuation of our video series, “Military Survival Stories” – we are applauding the First Female Thunderbird PilotCol. Nicole Malachowski for her story of defeating doubt.

female-pilot-eagles-talentA 21-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Colonel Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.) wanted to fly military jets from the moment she saw them at her first air show when she was five years old. She achieved that goal – and then some. She became a leader, a combat veteran, the first woman pilot on the Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron, an instructor, a White House Fellow, and an inductee into the Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame.

In her keynote speeches, Nicole draws on her distinguished career to offer inspiring lessons for leaders and followers. Additionally, she brings her easygoing authenticity and her commitment to making a difference. Despite facing overwhelming challenges and adversity over the years, she has come out on top. These experiences have not only led her to become a member, but a leader of some exceptional teams.

Watch the video below to find out how you can defeat the doubters in your organization — just like she did.

For more information on booking keynote speakers, visit or call 1.800.345.5607

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10 Best Keynote Speakers for Negotiations!

This past Tuesday, President Trump announced his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Future policy talks are inevitable, and whether you are pro or con on this issue, we can all agree the art of negotiating is important! Political situations can become complicated and slow to resolve. But the corporate world can be more resolute, and these 10 keynote speakers are experts who can help with any type of business-related negotiation

Joy Baldridge

Motivational Humorist, Sales, Productivity and Change Specialist

Why Book Joy Baldridge?

  • Joy helps the best companies in the world become even better at increasing revenue and productivity while decreasing stress and frustration.

Fees: $10,001-$15,000

Travels From: Connecticut

Topics: Negotiation Communication SkillsSales Strategies


Amy Lynch

Generational Specialist

Why Book Amy Lynch?

  • Amy is an entrepreneur. She has negotiated with, worked with, managed and been managed by four distinct generations. Amy speaks from experience. While others talk about generational awareness, Amy’s clients apply her techniques and strategies in their businesses every day.
  • Amy motivates audience by making them smart. She translates complex demographics into everyday examples audiences recognize immediately. She helps your team understand why it’s essential to change intergenerational behaviors so you can get results.
  • Interaction is part of the package. Amy’s spontaneous, big-hearted give and take with audiences shows people she is focused on their success, and the success of every generation.

Fees: $7,501-$15,000

Travels From: Tennessee

Topics: Negotiation, Recruitment & Retention, Generational Diversity


Daymond John

Shark Tank Investor, Founder & CEO of FUBU

Why Book Daymond John?shark_tank_daymond_john_eagles_talent

  • Shark Tank Investor, Founder & CEO of FUBU.
  • From guerrilla marketing and branding techniques, to using cutting-edge innovation with social media, he is one of the top business strategists.
  • Provides attendees with proven tips on negotiating, boosting sales, and increasing productivity within the team.

Fees: $50,001-$75,000

Travels From: New York

Topics: Marketing, Small Business Development, Negotiation


Shannon Cassidy

Corporate Coaching

Why Book Shannon Cassidy?

  • Shannon is a certified Executive Corporate Coach and a renowned authority on behavioral modification and communication. The small incremental changes she teaches and incorporates into her presentations are as easily and instantly executable, as they are effective.

Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: Pennsylvania

Topics: Negotiation, Communication Skills, Leadership


Ed Brodow

The King of Negotiators

Why Book Ed Brodow?

  • He is the world’s top spokesman on the art of negotiation.
  • Former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt dubbed Ed “The King of Negotiators.” Forbes Magazine agreed, ranking Ed as one of America’s leading dealmakers.
  • He is the bestselling author of six books including Negotiation Boot Camp, In Lies We Trust, and Beating the Success Trap.

Fees: $20,001-$30,000

Travels From: California

Topics: Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Sales Strategies


Kurt Mortensen

Influence and Persuasion Expert

Why Book Kurt Mortensen?

  • One of America’s leading authorities on persuasion, negotiation and influence.
  • Kurt’s delivery and information are high energy, impactful, memorable and packed with humor.

Fees:$5,000 or less

Travels From:Utah

Topics:Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Sales Strategies


Rick Kirschner

Expert in Change, Communication, Conflict Resolution

Why Book Rick Kirschner?

  • Dr. Rick Kirschner creates engaging and entertaining interactive experiences that change lives and organizations for the better.
  • He offers a powerful approach to dealing with change that unlocks creativity, enhances team communication and increases commitment. He creates his programs using a palette of essential attitudes, behaviors and skills for successful interactions.

Fees: $10,001-$15,000

Travels From: Oregon

Topics: Negotiation, Motivational, Communication Skills,


Martin Latz

Nationally Acclaimed Negotiation Expert

Why Book Martin Latz?

  • He is a nationally acclaimed expert on negotiation strategy and tactics. Thousands of business professionals and lawyers nationwide have given his training programs and seminars the highest praise.

Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: Arizona

Topics: Negotiation, Strategic Planning


Carol Frohlinger

Expert on Negotiation & Author

Why Book Carol Frohlinger?

  • Carol is an internationally known speaker on the ways women can negotiate with authenticity to achieve their maximum personal and professional potential. Her depth of expertise and unique perspectives have empowered thousands of women to negotiate more confidently, competitively and competently in all aspects of their lives.
  • Carol works with organizations who understand that promoting and retaining talented women is a “win-win-win” – good for women, good for men and good for the bottom line

Fees: $10,001-$15,000

Travels From: New York

Topics: Business Entrepreneurship, Negotiation,Women’s Issues


Mimi Donaldson

Co-author of Negotiating for Dummies

Why Book Mimi Donaldson?

  • Mimi is a very funny, football female, she uses football as a metaphor for shaking off the bad plays, or roadblocks of challenging times, and leading with perseverance and courage.
  • For over twenty years, Mimi has captivated audiences from the Fortune 100 to the just plain fortunate. She’s won acclaim for her rousing keynote speeches, compelling workshops, and in-house training programs.

Fees: Call for Fee

Travels From: California

Topics: Communication Skills, Negotiation , Stress Management


For more information on booking keynote speakers, visit or call 1.800.345.5607


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How to Create a Healthy School Environment!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week everyone! This week TED released a list of 9 TED Talks from inspiring teachers! It is no surprise that Stephen Ritz is among these incredible educators!

Affectionately known as “America’s Favorite Teacher,” Stephen is a South Bronx educator who believes that students shouldn’t have to leave their community to live, learn, and earn in a better one. Stephen’s extended student and community family have grown more than 35,000 pounds of vegetables in the Bronx while generating extraordinary academic performance.

Stephen has electrified and inspired audiences of all types with his “Si Se Puede” message of hope, urgency, and resilience. His passionate speeches have resulted in raucous standing ovations from audiences around the world!

In episode 20 of our Tuesday Tips, we share a snippet of how Stephen not only inspires students, but also communities to grow and give back!

For more information on booking a keynote speaker, visit or call 1.800.345.5607


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The 5 Best Anti-Bullying Speakers

In recognition of May 4th being Anti-Bullying day, we’ve created a list of the Top 5 Anti-bullying speakers. Each of these keynoters not only bring awareness to this re-occurring issue, they also use their platform and effective programs to end this concern once and for all.

Stephen Birchakpositive-psychology-eagles-talent

  • Professor, Positive Psychology, (and Reformed Class Clown.)
  • He works with schools to create a “Culture of Peace,” with a message that permeates through teachers, to families, to students on how they can build a bully-free environment.
  • Audiences are absorbed into a heartfelt message and leave with a blend of laughter, tears, and reflection.

Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: Florida

Topics: Education, Youth Issues, Leadership

Joel Haberanti-bullying-coach-eagles-talent

  • The Anti-Bullying Coach.
  • He is a clinical psychologist who has devoted more than 20 years to the identification, prevention and reduction of abusive (emotional and physical) behaviors.
  • His approach to counseling and coaching is research-based, but practical. His training programs are highly interactive, lively and engaging.

Fees: $5,001-$7,500

Travels From: New York

Topics: Relationships, Parenting, Youth Issues

Angela Huclesleadership-expert-eagles-talent

  • Soccer Analyst, Sports Leadership Expert, Olympian.
  • Angela volunteers in many community programs and has become a knowledgeable speaker on topics of sports leadership, equality, inclusion, anti-bullying, and personal development.
  • She focuses on teaching organizations and individuals how to stay current and put themselves in the winning lane.

Fees: $10,001-$15,000

Travels From: California

Topics: Overcoming Adversity, Motivational, TED Conference

Jodee Blancoanti-bullying-author-eagles-talent

  • Bullying survivor, activist and author of the New York Times bestseller “Please Stop Laughing At Me…”
  • Blanco helps the misunderstood, ostracized, and forgotten reclaim their rights across America every day.
  • Jodee shows audience members how to transform a tense setting into an opportunity to forge a productive, rewarding partnership that enriches all aspects of the situation.

Fees: Call for free.

Travels From: Illinois

Topics: Overcoming Adversity

David Websterdave-webster-eagles-talent

  • Global Speaker, Interpersonal Communication Educator, and Improv Comedy Director.
  • He believes bullying, threatening, gossiping, and scowling do not get us anywhere. Instead, he explores how to best take responsibility for the morale of your organization, how to coach with positive energy, and how to lead by recognizing and activating the intrinsic value of each individual on your team.
  • As a speaker, he discusses and practices how to regulate emotions and how to guide others easily.

Fees: $7,500 or less

Travels From: Virginia

Topics: Communication Skills, Motivational Speakers

For more information on booking a keynote speaker, visit or call 1.800.345.5607


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Military Survival Stories: The Importance of Team Building

May is known for being the official month for National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). Additionally, every Thursday in May is known as “Thankful Thursday.” In honor of this, we are taking time to reflect on all members of the U.S. Armed Forces. We are dedicating a video series to share their stories of inspiration, overcoming hardships, and lessons learned along the way. Our first video includes Hall of Fame Speaker and Combat Veteran – Waldo Waldman!

Waldo Waldman
combines real world business experience and a background as a fighter pilot into an exciting program that empowers attendees to break performance barriers in highly competitive environments. He uses dramatic jet fighter footage, high energy music, and audience interaction. Additionally, he shares tools and techniques to promote accountability, preparation, teamwork, and trust.


Every Thursday we will be featuring a different Military speaker in our new series, “Military Survival Stories.” Watch the full video below to hear more of Waldman’s remarkable story and be sure to tune in next week for more.

For more information on booking a keynote speaker, visit or call 1.800.345.5607



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