Try Doing Less, Better In 2019

Among the many resolutions, goals, changes, or plans you have for 2019, I’ll bet not one of them is to “do less.” Stop and reflect for a moment, however, about what seemed to weigh you down in 2018 and you might begin to find merit in the idea.


When there’s too much on your plate, regardless of the reason, a sense of overwhelm begins to cast a shadow over your day. You look at your day and think, “I’ve got 37 things I need to do today, and if I work really hard, I might get 5 done.” That’s not the kind of mindset that helps you deliver your best work or be your best self.



Another benefit of a “Do less, better” mindset is that you get the maximum benefit from each activity that is in your schedule. For example, if you have a one-on-one meeting with a team member that you prepare very little for because you are so rushed, neither you nor your team member will get what they need from the meeting. If you have a block of time scheduled in your day for “strategic thinking” but you haphazardly engage in it because you have too many other urgent activities clamoring for your attention, it may offer little opportunity for improvement.


Here are some other potential ways you might “Do less, better” this year:

  • Do less transitions in your day so you can do a better job of finishing the tasks you do undertake.
  • Do less meetings and have better agendas, action plans, and accountability.
  • Do less back-to-back scheduling in your calendar so you can do a better job of reflecting on the success/challenge of the previous activity and what actions you should take to improve in the future.
  • Be less accepting of doing things the way they have always been done so you can look for ways to complete tasks more efficiently and/or effectively.
  • Do less of the work someone else should be doing so you can get better at the work only you can do.
  • Do less checks of your email during the day and have a better plan for managing them when you do check it.
  • Do less administrative-type tasks when you have lots of mental energy so you can be more creative and strategic.
  • Be less available to others from time to time so you can better focus on your own work.
  • Do less venting and “telling” when working with a team member so you can do a better job strengthening the relationship and coaching them.
  • Do less conversations and interactions with the “takers” or casual relationships in your life so you can better invest in those most important to you.
  • Enroll your children in less activities so you can help them better excel in the areas most important to them (and you).
  • Do less social media so you can better invest in the relationships immediately around you.

That’s my challenge to you for 2019. Happy New Year!

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Top 10 Topics for the New Year!

Happy 2019! With a new year upon us, new events and conferences will quickly follow suit. If you’re stumped regarding what kind of speaker you’re looking for or what subject matter you want your speaker to cover, we’re here with some tips for planning events in the new year.


Our first Top 10 list of 2019 is dedicated to helping you explore engaging topics that are the perfect way to get your attendees motivated and thinking. Here are 10 topics that will help your event shine in the new year! 

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness speakers talk about everything from nutrition and disease prevention to healthcare and addiction. Taking care of your physical health is the key to improving your overall well-being and increasing your engagement. A health and wellness speaker will get this message across to all attendees.

Leadership motivational speakers


Our roster includes motivational speakers from diverse backgrounds who send powerful messages about overcoming adversity, achieving success and more. They are all dedicated to inspiring and motivating audiences to setting goals and following through.

Generational Diversity

No two generations are alike — each one comes with different ways of thinking and working, which can sometimes cause disagreements in the workplace. A speaker who specializes in generational diversity will help your audience overcome these differences to create a successful and productive environment.


A keynote speaker who specializes in nutrition will provide your audience with tips and tricks to living a long and healthy life, which is perfect if one of your new years resolutions is to be healthier.


If you’re looking to advance your career, you cannot overlook the importance of networking. Networking will help you make new connections. Similarly, a networking speaker will provide your audience with tips on how to properly network and maintain professional connections.

Customer Service

Increasing customer satisfaction is a common goal for all companies, big or small. A speaker specializing in customer service will give your audience proven techniques and guidance on how to keep your current customers happy while attracting new ones.

Communication Skills

No matter what industry you work in, effective communication skills will always be essential. A communication keynote speaker will help you sharpen your communication skills, which will contribute to the overall success of your company.

Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering an inclusive environment is important not only in the workplace but all-around. A diversity and inclusion keynote speaker will help your audience recognize current issues surrounding diversity and inclusion while helping them explore ways to be more inclusive.


Like nutrition speakers, a fitness speaker can help your audience become motivated to live a healthier life, which will positively impact them both personally and professionally.

Life Balance

Life balance speakers are dedicated to helping audiences realize that overall wellness is essential when it comes to living a happy and healthy life. They will work with your audience and provide them with techniques focused on achieving wellness all-around.

Interested in booking one of our speakers for an event in the new year? Check out or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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Alex Sheen Podcast: EP. 18 | The Promises We Make and How They Define Us


Alex Sheen is the founder of Because I said I would, a social movement and nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the fulfillment of promises.


Because I said I would has impacted individuals in over 150 countries, hundreds of thousands of K-12 students, and even more people through speaking engagements, social media, and more. Alex’s overall mission is to make the world a better place, one promise at a time.

In our latest Eagles Talent Podcast, Alex Sheen talks about the importance of keeping promises, his commitment to the betterment of humanity, and why he started Because I said I would in honor of his father. 

“The promises we make and keep — and those we choose to dishonor, define us and the world.”


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a promise as a “pledge to do, bring about, or provide.” One of the main components of a promise is the fact that it is something you pledge to do in the future, whether it’s something you vow to do for yourself or for someone else.


When you make a promise, you are holding yourself accountable in completing the action you said you would complete. Because of this, promises define so much about who you are.


At first glance, promises may not seem like anything serious — especially when you look at something like a pinky promise — but in reality, Alex says, the promises we make are directly related to what we intend to bring into this world.

“Too often these days, people say things like ‘I’ll get to it,’ or ‘Tomorrow.’ Well, I’ve learned that one day, there is no tomorrow.”


In our podcast, Alex describes his father as a man of his word. He did all he could to keep the promises he made to both Alex and his brother. Ever since his father died of small cell lung cancer in 2012, Alex has been dedicated to honoring his father’s life. One way he’s done so is by creating promise cards in his memory.


When someone fills out a promise card, they are writing down a promise they make to themselves or to someone else. In doing so, they are physically putting their promise into the world and being held accountable for their commitment. The cards serve as a way to help others keep the promises they make to themselves and to those around them.

“I want to make the world a better place. I believe that people who keep their promises do make the world a better place because the intent of human is good. It’s just whether or not we actually follow through.”


Dedicated to the betterment of humanity, Alex has made it his mission to change the lives of others in an effort to make the world a better place. As a keynote speaker, Alex has spoken to over 300,000 attendees during speaking engagements. When Alex steps on stage, it doesn’t matter whether he’s having a good or bad day — what matters most to him is being a positive voice and motivation in helping someone out there on their path, even if it’s in a small way.

For more information on booking Alex Sheen to speak at your event, visit or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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The Influential Stacey Hanke Takes Us Behind the Speaker Podium!

Stacey Hanke is an author and inspirational keynote speaker who speaks on the importance of effective communication skills in the business world. She wrote “Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday,” which explores methods for improving communication and becoming more influential as a leader.


Stacey recently participated in our Behind the Podium segment where she discussed the importance of effective communication, behavior and self-awareness.

  • Stacey pledges to help others become more self-aware. She provides them with tools and tips that they can use to improve their leadership skills.
  • She emphasizes the importance of how your appearance, or your behavior, impacts your reputation.
  • She teaches attendees that we live in a world of noise and they must do everything they can to be memorable and stand out through their communication and influence.

Watch the segment below to hear more of her thoughts on influence:

Interested in booking Stacey Hanke to speak with your organization about communication with influence? Visit or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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Mallory Brown Discusses ‘Walk A Mile’ Initiative in New Interview

Global humanitarian Mallory Brown recently sat down for an interview with The Adventure Project, her nonprofit partner featured in the first episode of Walk a Mile. During the Facebook Live interview she discussed her experience in Tanzania, walking her first mile with Elizabeth, and the issues faced by many women in the country.


Watch the full interview here and continue reading for everything you need to know about Walk a Mile, including how to get involved:


What is Walk a Mile?


Walk a Mile is Mallory’s latest social impact project in which she is walking a total of 26 individual miles with 26 different women around the world. This project allows Mallory to put herself in other women’s shoes and witness the struggles they face in everyday life.


Each mile will be documented as part of a 26-episode that highlights global poverty and the many other struggles faced by working women around the world.


As part of her project, Mallory is partnering with different charity groups and nonprofit organizations who serve as sponsors for each episode. The end of each episode features a call to action in which viewers are encouraged to donate to a nonprofit organization.


Through Walk a Mile, Mallory hopes to raise donations, awareness, and improve the lives of impoverished working women and their families.


Episode One – Mwanza, Tanzania

Episode one of Walk a Mile focuses on Elizabeth, a stove mason living in Mwanza, Tanzania, where cooking over open fire is a prevailing issue that poses serious health risks. Elizabeth works on handcrafting charcoal stoves and selling them to families at an affordable price.


She is one of a few stove masons in Mwanza working to decrease the number of families with an open flame kitchen. Unknowingly, families who cook their meals over an open fire inhale the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes daily.


The Adventure Project

The Adventure Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating jobs in developing countries. The organization runs a cookstove program in Tanzania that provides women like Elizabeth with the training and tools needed to help them succeed as stove masons and entrepreneurs.


The Adventure Project is Mallory’s first charity partner on her Walk a Mile journey. She is currently collecting donations that will directly benefit The Adventure Project and work toward improving the lives of impoverished working women as well as families cooking over open flame.


Make a donation to Mallory’s campaign today and provide a stove to a family in need.

Watch the video below to learn more about Walk a Mile:

Do you want to learn more about Mallory Brown and how she ties her social impact projects into her keynote presentations? Check out or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information. 

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What Top Political Analysts Are Talking About Today

Today marks the swearing in of the 116th Congress — one of the most diverse classes in the history of the House of Representatives. In honor of this special and historical day, we’re highlighting five speakers who are well-versed in politics and the issues they are passionate about.


Continue reading to learn exactly what political analysts are talking about today:



As a Fox News analyst, Nina Easton has been providing commentary on U.S. politics, foreign affairs and the economy for over a decade. One topic she often speaks about in her keynote presentations is populism and how it can be a challenge for both politicians and everyday people.


In confusing and sometimes daunting political times, Nina has made it her mission to clear up some of the turmoil that came as a result of a divided nation. She takes her audience beyond headlines and political views to show them the economic trends that are driving the division of politics. She also explores main contributors to the “paralysis of populism” that she describes as prevalent in U.S. politics, such as job trends, education levels and globalization.


Other topics: Economics

Growing Immigration Concerns


Dedicated to educating others on politics, government and financial issues, Michael Barone has authored many books and spoken with various audiences on a wide range of political topics.


One issue Michael is particularly passionate about is immigration. Viewing the experience of Hispanic immigrants as similar to the experience of other groups who have immigrated to the United States, Barone draws parallels and speaks with audiences about immigrants assimilating and become more Americanized.


In addition, he looks back on the history of American politics, discusses how it has evolved since its early days and looks forward on what the future holds in regard to the political climate of the country.


Other topics: Media Personalities, Commentators/Pundits

Equal Opportunity


As the chairman for the Center of Equal Opportunity, Linda Chavez advocates for the equal treatment of all individuals regardless of gender, race or any other factors that may be used to discriminate against them.


Linda is passionate about debunking the stereotypes that roam in the minds of all people, regardless of their political affiliation. Not only has she expressed her passion for equal opportunity on the stage when speaking to audiences, but she also shows her advocacy in the political field.


Throughout her career, Linda has been appointed to many roles in which she has been able to continue to advocate for equal opportunity. In 1992, for example, the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission elected her to serve a four-year term as U.S. Expert to the U.N. Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities.


Other topics: Diversity and Inclusion

Policy Issues

Gloria Borger is currently the chief political correspondent for CNN. She is dedicated to helping audiences understand the ins and outs of politics — a topic that can be confusing for many. She educates audiences on what is going on in Congress as well as how political decisions can directly affect them in their everyday lives.


With a background in journalism, Gloria goes in depth when explaining the political landscape of today as well as the issues that are currently being faced. She provides audiences with an insider’s view of Washington as she explains exactly why and how Washington works.


Other topics: Media Personalities, Politics

The Importance of Communication


Anyone working in the political field knows that communication is an essential part of the job. Emmy award-winning broadcaster Steve Adubato focuses on the importance of effective communication and offers seminars that provide attendees with the tools and tips they need in order to become powerful and persuasive communicators.


Being a good communicator does not simply mean being articulate and speaking well in front of large audiences. For Steve, effective communication is about speaking from the heart and really getting your message across — it’s about making a connection with your audience.


Steve also emphasizes the importance of using communication to lead change. Providing attendees with leadership tips and tools, Steve teaches others not only to accept change, but also to embrace and drive change.


Other topics: Team Building, Communication Skills, Leadership

Want to learn more about our political speakers? Check out or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.


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Best Speaker Profiles of 2018

Our final countdown of the year is finally here! Last but not least, we’re highlighting our top speakers of 2018. These speakers have all had a whirlwind of a year, presenting their keynotes at conferences and events around the world.


With a wide range of speakers here at Eagles Talent, we are proud to present our most viewed speakers of the year, ranging from business entrepreneurship speakers to arts & pop culture speakers, and more.



Daymond John

Shark Tank Investor, Founder & CEO of FUBU


Why Book Daymond John?


  • An entrepreneur and branding expert, Daymond founded the groundbreaking lifestyle brand, FUBU, which has earned over $6 billion in global retail sales.
  • In his keynote, Daymond provides attendees with proven tips they can use to succeed in business. He teaches audiences negotiating methods, how to boost sales, and how to increase productivity among members of their team.
  • Daymond empowers and motivates audiences to make positive change in their businesses and in their lives, in an effort to help them live the American Dream and achieve immense success.
  • Gives high-energy presentations about goal-setting, financial literacy, marketing, and branding to a variety of audiences, including Fortune 100 companies, universities, and independent businesses.


Topics: Business Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Branding & Advertising, Negotiation

Vince Papale

Inspiration for the Disney Movie “Invincible”, Oldest Rookie in NFL History


Why Book Vince Papale?


  • High-energy presenter who inspires audiences with his story of persistence and chasing your dreams.
  • Played for the Philadelphia Eagles and became the oldest rookie in NFL history at the age of 30.
  • His story and achievements are illustrated in the 2006 Disney movie, “Invincible,” starring Mark Wahlberg as Vince Papale.


Topics: Team Building, Overcoming Adversity, Football/NFL, Leadership

Barbara Corcoran

Real Estate Mogul & Shark Tank Investor


Why Book Barbara Corcoran?


  • Started a tiny real estate company in New York City, which later turned into a $5 billion real estate business, as well as the largest and most well-known brand in the industry.
  • Her “rags to riches” story resonates well with all audience types and inspires attendees not to be afraid to chase their own dreams, no matter the circumstances.
  • In her keynote, Barbara emphasizes the importance of innovation and motivates attendees to lead their teams to success.

Topics: Sales Strategies, Women in Business, Reality TV Stars, Real Estate

Mel Robbins

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Influencer


Why Book Mel Robbins?


  • Mel Robbins is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world.
  • Not only does Mel speak to audiences, but she also engages attendees with interactive leadership exercises, peer coaching, stories, tributes, and inspirational advice, among the many more interactive elements she includes in her keynote.

Topics: Communication Skills, Media Personalities

Michael Carbonaro

Actor, Magician, Comedian & Improv Artist


Why Book Michael Carbonaro?


  • Michael is most known for his original hidden camera magic series, “The Carbonaro Effect” on truTV.
  • Skilled in comedy, magic, and other acts, Michael hosts and performs shows for corporate events and private venues across the country.

Topics: Magicians/Illusionists, LGBTQ, Campus & University, Millennials in the Workforce

Phil Hansen

Internationally-recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, Innovator


Why Book Phil Hansen?


  • Draws parallels between art and the corporate world, providing audiences with a fun and engaging keynote experience.
  • Beyond his keynote, Phil has designed a unique art experience for his audiences, providing them with an unforgettable interactive experience. Attendees are stunned by its originality, value and effect.

Topics: Innovation & Creativity, Inspiration, TED Conference Speakers

Rachel Hollis

Inspirational Speaker and CEO of Chic Media Country: USA


Why Book Rachel Hollis?


  • Rachel is deeply passionate about empowering women in business and was named one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30” by Inc. Magazine.
  • Rachel connects to audiences everywhere with her refreshing tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

Topics: Women’s Issues, Motivational Speakers

Mike Rowe

Former Host of Dirty Jobs on The Discovery Channel


Why Book Mike Rowe?


  • Mike’s keynote focuses on skilled labor and “why dirty jobs matter.” He effectively reminds audiences of the enormous but forgotten benefits of hard, honest work, and how it affects everything from our national identity to our infrastructure to the economy.


Topics: Adventurers, Celebrity Speakers

Archie Manning

NFL Legend and Humanitarian


Why Book Archie Manning?


  • Archie Manning is a former NFL quarterback and winner of many awards both on and off the field
  • As a keynote speaker, Archie Manning emphasizes the significance of obtaining success through excellent leadership and teamwork.
  • Father of Eli and Peyton manning, Archie also highlights the importance of legacy and striving to be the best.
  • Archie inspires millions with his warm personality, his drive and sense of humor.


Topics: Peak Performance, Sports Stars, Team Building

Jim Abbott

One Handed Baseball Pitcher


Why Book Jim Abbott?


  • Jim Abbott is a legendary one-handed pitcher in the MLB. He is an inspiration to everyone he meets, exemplifying courage and overcoming adversity.
  • In Jim’s keynote, he reminds attendees that there is great potential within everyone to rise up to the challenges they face and be victorious.

Topics: Baseball/MLB, Overcoming Adversity, Inspiration

Thanks for following us on our final countdown of 2018! Wishing you all a prosperous and happy new year, from Eagles Talent! 

Interested in booking any of our top speakers? Visit or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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Eagles Talent’s Best Videos of 2018

Earlier this year, Eagles Talent reached a significant milestone — our YouTube channel surpassed 5 million views!


Packed with original content, such as our Tuesday Tips and 30 Second Speaker segments, our channel is the one place where you can really get to know a speaker before you decide to book them. On our channel, you’ll also find popular speaker videos, interviews and podcasts with tons of acclaimed keynote speakers.


Continue reading for Eagles Talent’s top videos of 2018 straight from our YouTube channel — and don’t forget to subscribe!

1. Interview with Amputee Activist, Inspiring Mom & Keynote Speaker – Stephanie Decker!

Posted: March 7, 2018



In one of our most viewed podcasts, we had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Decker, a motivational keynote speaker with an inspiring backstory. In March 2012, a category four tornado hit Stephanie’s hometown of Henryville, Indiana. In an effort to keep her children safe, Stephanie herself became injured when a 20-foot beam came crashing down on her, which resulted in the amputation of both of her legs.

On our podcast, Stephanie spoke about the maternal instinct she felt when saving her children, the Stephanie Decker Foundation, as well as what exactly planted the seed in starting her public speaking career.


2. Amy Purdy in 30 Seconds!

Posted: August 14, 2018



Eagles Talent’s YouTube channel is home to a plethora of original content, including our 30 Second Speaker video series. This segment highlights popular speakers and explains why you should book them — in just 30 seconds!


Second on our list of “Best Videos of 2018” is a 30-second recap on Amy Purdy, a three-time Paralympic medalist and survivor of an illness that nearly took her life. She is the co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports, an organization that helps those with permanent disabilities get involved in sports. Her story of strength and perseverance resonates with audiences everywhere, making her an inspirational, powerful and motivational keynote speaker.


3. Start, Grow and Reinvent Any Business w/ Johnny Cupcakes

Posted: April 27, 2018



Third on our list is another Eagles Talent podcast, featuring Johnny Cupcakes. The founder of his own brand, Johnny Cupcakes gradually grew his multi-million dollar t-shirt company from what began as him selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car at the age of 19. Named America’s #1 Youngest Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek, Johnny is an innovative and successful entrepreneur. On our podcast, he spoke about what it takes to build and reinvent any business, despite the experience one has in the field.


4. Bill Rancic in 30 Seconds

Posted: July 17, 2018



Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, Bill Rancic is also a motivational keynote speaker who speaks to organizations and audiences around the world on various business topics. Bill is a hit among attendees as he motivates them to succeed both in business and in life.


5. Coach Ken Carter in 30 Seconds!

Posted: October 4, 2018



Coach Ken Carter’s story is the subject of the 2005 film “Coach Carter,” starring Samuel L. Jackson. As a coach, Ken Carter instilled the importance of education in the minds of each team member. His goal was to show them that they must be prepared for anything life throws at them, and not to rely solely on basketball and other sports as their ticket to success. As a motivational speaker, Coach Carter gives hard-hitting advice about accountability, integrity, teamwork and leadership to succeed both on and off the basketball court.


6. Olympia Lepoint Podcast Reveals Secrets from her Past and Plans for the Future

Posted: January 16, 2018



Another one of our esteemed podcast guests from this year was Olympia LePoint, a NASA rocket scientist and an advocate for STEM education. Olympia discussed her #metoo story, as well as how she overcame failure, survived a natural disaster, and broke through tough barriers and obstacles to rise to success.


7. How to Predict Future Business Trends

Posted: June 5, 2018



Episode 22 of our Tuesday Tips segment highlighted keynote speaker Rohit Bhargava’s tips for predicting future business trends. In his keynotes, Rohit emphasizes the importance of engaging your curiosity and recognizing patterns you may not have noticed before in an effort to help you predict the future of your business.


8. The Benefits of Planning Your Event With Psychic Entertainment

Posted: January 16, 2018



In a special episode of Tuesday Tips, Gil Eagles, former star mentalist and one of the founding members of Eagles Talent, sat down with us to share some tips on planning an event with psychic entertainment. During the segment, Gil clarified the difference between mentalists and magicians, and discussed the benefits of booking a mentalist for a corporate event.


9. Contest for Guinness World Record Art

Posted: September 5, 2018



Earlier this year, Eagles Talent held a contest in which contestants had the chance to win a replica of multimedia artist Phil Hansen’s Guinness Word Record breaking art. As part of the contest, contestants were able to enter for a chance to win the record-holding artwork — a connect the dots piece featuring 52,901 dots. The video below details contest rules as well as the history behind the artwork.


10. Alex Sheen in 30 Seconds!

Posted: September 27, 2018



The final video on our countdown is all about why you should book Alex Sheen, a keynote speaker and advocate for humanitarian efforts. Alex is the founder of “Because I Said I would,” an international social movement and nonprofit organization aimed at the betterment of humanity. He uses his insightful keynote as a way to motivate and inspire attendees to keep their promises and better themselves, both personally and professionally.


The new year is quickly approaching, so be sure to visit our blog tomorrow for our final recap of 2018!

Interested in booking any of our exceptional speakers for an upcoming event? Visit or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information, including speaker fees and availability. 

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Our Top Blogs of 2018!

2018 has been an eventful and exciting year here at Eagles Talent. In preparation for the new year, we’re looking back at some of our top content and sharing our favorites with you — starting with our top blogs.


Take a trip down memory lane with us as we count down Eagles Talents’ top blogs of 2018!


1. Top 10 NFL Motivational Keynote Speakers for 2018

Posted: January 19, 2018

Page Views: 856


Just in time for Super Bowl LII, we showcased the best football/NFL speakers perfect for any sports ceremony or motivational conference. Sporting events are lively and full of energy. Likewise, many sports speakers give off the same high-energy vibe in their keynotes, paving the way for a truly exciting and inspiring event.


Our list includes former NFL linebackers, quarterbacks and coaches turned keynote speakers who will get your audience pumped and motivated to reach new heights in their own lives.

2. Top 10 Health and Wellness Speakers of 2018

Posted: January 5, 2018

Page Views: 809


Reigning near the top of our list is our first top 10 blog of 2018 with a total of 809 page views. January is National Healthy Weight Awareness month, so we decided to highlight 10 of the best healthcare speakers in our first top 10 blog of the year.


Each speaker featured on our list specializes in different topics, such as leadership, stress management, and life balance, among others. Each speaker aims to help attendees live a healthy and well-balanced life. Their keynotes incorporate wellness concepts, including healthy diets, nutrition and disease prevention.

3. The 10 Best Personal Growth Keynote Speakers

Posted: May 18, 2018

Page Views: 437


The new year is a perfect time to make resolutions to work toward your own personal growth and development, so it’s a wonderful coincidence that our blog on personal development speakers is number three on our list. The speakers included in this top 10 list are all dedicated to helping their audiences become motivated to live their best lives, both personally and professionally.

4. 10 Best Branding and Advertising Speakers

Posted: April 26, 2018

Page Views: 329


Branding, as well as rebranding, can be a difficult task for any business. It requires a great deal of planning, budgeting and advertising to effectively rebrand your business. Johnny Cupcakes, Barbara Corcoran and Lisa Copeland are just three of the many keynote speakers who excel on branding and advertising topics, such as achieving brand loyalty, leading your business to success and many more. Every speaker included in this top 10 list can help you and your team by building motivation and providing tips for developing a top-notch business strategy for your organization.

5. Top 10 Best Webinar Speakers For Events & Conferences

Posted: March 14, 2018

Page Views: 278


While many keynote speakers often speak on stage behind a podium, many of them also excel in speaking behind a screen in a webinar setting. The demand for webinar speakers is increasing as many companies choose to hold a digital conference as opposed to a face-to-face event for a variety of reasons, including affordability and accessibility.


Given the increase in demand for webinar speakers, we compiled a list of the best webinar speakers for events and conferences. The speakers included in this top 10 list deliver exceptional and insightful keynotes both on the stage and behind the camera. Regardless of the manner in which they interact with the speaker, attendees are sure to receive their motivational messages loud and clear.

6. 34 African American Keynote Speakers Who Were Influenced by Dr. MLK Jr.

Posted: January 11, 2018

Page Views: 226


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we took the opportunity to highlight our African-American keynote speakers who were inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself. Through their hard work, dedication and motivational messages, each speaker shows how they are honoring Dr. MLK’s legacy and upholding his message of peace and unity.

7. 8 Speaking Topics Companies Are Afraid to Discuss

Posted: October 24, 2018

Page Views: 221


In preparation for Halloween, the entire month of October is often filled with creepy and frightening elements, such as witches, ghouls and monsters. Everyone has different fears and frights, and Halloween is a time that celebrates all things spooky and scary.


This past Halloween, we focused on something that fills many companies with fright: controversy. Many companies are afraid to discuss or take a public stance on what they might deem as controversial topics. This Halloween, we challenged companies not to be afraid of discussing topics like addiction, diversity & inclusion and politics, among others.


8. Olympia LePoint Podcast: Secrets from her Past & Plans for the Future

Posted: January 17, 2018

Page Views: 176


In January, we had the pleasure of interviewing Olympia LePoint for our Eagles Talent podcast! Olympia’s journey toward becoming an award-winning rocket scientist was not an easy one. On our podcast, she spoke about everything from growing up in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s to struggling with math in school.


She discussed how she overcame her obstacles, conquered her fear of math and learned to separate the thoughts that would hold her back from the thoughts that would move her forward in achieving her goals.

9. Coast to Coast: Best California Speakers

Posted: August 8, 2018

Page Views: 161


This summer, Eagles Talent took a coast to coast road trip in which we highlighted the top speakers across the country. Making our list at number nine is the final stop of our trip — California. This blog features the best keynote speakers from the Golden State who speak on various topics, including entrepreneurship, education and advertising.

10. Racial Diversity Expert on Starbucks and Unconscious Bias

Posted: April 19, 2018

Page Views: 127


Last but not least, number 10 on our list is a blog in which racial diversity expert and keynote speaker Yassmin Abdel-Magied shared her thoughts on Starbucks’ unconscious-bias training sessions. She also discussed how the company can play their part in implementing positive cultural changes in the future.

Count down to 2019 with us and stay tuned for more Eagles Talent recaps throughout the final days of the year!

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8 Social Causes You Should Care About Beyond the Holiday Season

‘Tis always the season to give back – and these eight social cause speakers embody exactly that. Through their personal philanthropic projects and organizations to charities they have worked with, these speakers demonstrate a love for humanity and helping others.


From education to poverty, empowerment, and more, these speakers advocate for a number of noteworthy social causes. In the spirit of the holidays, we’re listing 8 social causes you should care about not only this holiday season, but year-round:


Global Poverty

According to, a global movement for positive social change, nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 a day. Over 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty — on less than $1.25 a day.


One of the many social causes that global humanitarian Mallory Brown advocates for is global poverty. As part of her latest social impact project, “Walk a Mile,” Mallory is walking a total of 26 miles with 26 working women around the world, culminating in a 26-episode series. She is completing this marathon in an effort to raise awareness and donations for impoverished working women around the world.


Diversity and Inclusion

Although the United States is made up of individuals from many different backgrounds and cultures, issues regarding race are still prevalent. Yassmin Abdel-Magied is aware of the injustices faced by minorities and advocates for the empowerment of youth, women and those from racially, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. She is passionate about making diversity the norm.


In her insightful keynotes, Yassmin encourages attendees to think deeply about what role diversity and biases play in their lives. She poses thoughtful questions and encourages audiences to think about unconscious bias — biases someone might not even recognize they possess. She speaks about the importance of harnessing all kinds of diversity, from gender inclusion to inclusion among all cultures and faiths.


Military Widows

Losing a loved one can be an emotional and a traumatic experience. It’s common to feel alone after suffering the loss of someone so close to your heart. A military widow herself, Taryn Davis has made it her mission to make sure no one ever has to go through this alone.


After losing her husband while he was on military service, Taryn experienced all of the emotions and trauma that come with losing a loved one. On her personal journey, she spoke with many women who were in her shoes, having just lost a spouse in service. Soon after, Taryn created something positive from her tragedy. She founded “American Widow Project,” a non-profit that serves to support military widows and give them the tools they need to rebuild their lives. Through her work, she continues to support military widows everywhere, assuring that they never feel alone during such a difficult time.


Children and Families Living in Poverty

With such widespread poverty around the world, a good number of those facing poverty include children and families. As a co-founder of WE Charity, social entrepreneur Craig Kielburger made it his mission to change the world and free children from poverty.


According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, living in poverty interferes with a child’s ability to learn and places them at a higher risk for poor physical and mental health.


Through his projects and charities, Craig aims to raise awareness about poverty through educational programs, encouraging youth to understand social issues, such as hunger and poverty, and make a positive impact in the community. Likewise, in his keynotes, he encourages businesses and organizations to make a meaningful impact through the use of corporate social responsibility.


Medical Relief for Children

Known as the “Saint of Staten Island,” Elissa Montanti founded the Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) for Children. This non-profit organization serves to aid and support children who have suffered severe injuries, such as lost limbs, as a result of natural disasters and illness.


In the 1990s, Elissa, a medical technician, aided child victims injured in Bosnia’s civil war. Since then, Elissa has worked to provide aid for children in various countries where medical care and resources are scarce. Her hard work and dedication to helping child victims of tragedies get back on their feet is admirable, to say the least, and serves as an example of the positive impact one person can make on the lives of others.


Achieving the Impossible

As the co-founder of The Buried Life Movement, Ben Nemtin encourages people to chase their dreams and achieve the unthinkable. He teaches audiences “5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible” in an effort to inspire others to chase their dreams, no matter what.


Ben’s message of radical possibility serves to show others that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. This message is well-received among various audiences, including those who wish to make a difference in the world. Hearing Ben’s message encourages attendees to do whatever it takes to achieve the impossible.



For children living in poverty, receiving an education is not always a reality. Children living in poverty and in underdeveloped countries may not always have the resources or the opportunity to go to school.


After building one of the fastest-growing non-profits in history, John Wood has made it his goal to solve this social issue once and for all. In 13 years, Room to Read has opened 1,675 schools and over 15,000 libraries in developing countries, delivering educational resources to those in need.



Oftentimes, those who are homeless are subject to negative perceptions in society. Through “Back on My Feet,” Anne Mahlum aims to change the way homeless people see themselves so they can get back on their feet and redefine their lives. In doing so, the organization is making a change in the world by helping these individuals make a change in their own lives.

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