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5 Leaders Who Changed the Business World

Good speakers make an impact, but great speakers make a global impact. These five speakers are well-versed in global operations and have incorporated actionable tools into their presentations that have sparked innovation in businesses. The following experts continue to help organizations bring a new dimension to their own business endeavors on both a domestic and global level.

Courtney Anderson, JD

Expert In Leadership & Workforce Law Compliance


Why Book Courtney Anderson?

  • Courtney “the workplace relationship expert” is an internationally renowned media personality and television legal analyst.


Fees: $7,501-$10,000

Travels From: Texas

Topics: Management, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Terry Hawkins

Australia’s #1 Female Speaker


best-australian-speaker-eagles-talentWhy Book Terry Hawkins?

  • Terry is also a bestselling author and well-established businesswoman. Her training company People In Progress Global was founded in 1989 and 28 years on it continues to be a leader in the delivery of high impact and results based learning.



Travels From: California

Topics: Success Strategies, Accountability, Change

Stephen Frost

Global Inclusion and Leadership Expert

Why Book Stephen Frost?

  • global-inclusion-speaker-eagles-talentHe currently teaches Inclusive Leadership at Harvard University Business School in the US and Sciences Po in France; and, serves as an “Expert Advisor” to the British Government, The White House, and KPMG’s Diversity and Inclusion Program.



Travels From: England

Topics: Communication Skills, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership

Ryan Estis

Business Performance Expert

Why Book Ryan Estis?business-performance-expert-eaagles-talent

  • Ryan has 20 years of business experience working with the world’s best brands to initiate change, inspire innovation and deliver growth.


Fees: $20,000-$30,000

Travels From: Minnesota

Topics: Recruitment & Retention, Sales Strategies, Branding & Advertising

Liz Wiseman

Bestselling Author, Speaker, & Executive Advisor


Why Book Liz Wiseman?

  • Her experience profiling what exactly makes great leaders, as well as being a CEO of a large international cooperation herself, makes her an expert at dissecting and explaining leadership to audience.


Fees: $30,001-$50,000

Travels From: California

Topics: Leadership & Inspiration

For more information on booking keynote speakers, email or call 1.800.345.5607

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3 Tips for Improving Employee Retention & Increasing Longevity

2018 marks another entrance into the Eagles Talent Ten Year Club. Our newest inductee: Sheldon Senek, Eagles Talent’s fearless leader and Executive Vice President. Since 2008 Sheldon has helped shape the vision of the company by becoming a leader in the Speakers Bureau Industry–currently serving on the Board of Governers for IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus). Sheldon joins the likes of Jessica Wysocki, Bill Lee, and countless other ETSB employees who have remained loyal team members for over a decade.

In recent years, longevity in the workplace has become scarce–with employees under twenty five reportedly seeking a new job every two and a half years. In today’s fast-paced world, it is no surprise that employee turnover rates have increased significantly in the past decade. Contrary to popular belief, Human Resource professionals and job recruiters actively look for applicants who have held the same job for at least four to five years when filling an open position.

Employee retention is beneficial to both the employee and the organization. An employee with five years of experience under his/her belt has a deep understanding and knowledge of the complexities of an organization, its customers, and products/services.

Here are 3 tips for increasing employee longevity:

1) Encourage a healthy work/life balance.

Whether it’s providing a generous PTO policy or by opportunities to work from home, it is important to relay the following message to employees: your time is important. Since the rise of smart-phones, it can feel as if work is inescapable at times. Be sure to encourage your employees to make time for themselves. Click here for a list of speakers that are dedicated to helping you flourish in the workplace without putting a hinder on your social life.

2) Offer employees growth options.

When accepting a job position, prospective employees are no longer solely interested in good benefits. Polls show that 87% of millennials say career growth opportunities are at the top of their list of deal-breakers. By providing employees with opportunities to expand and grow their role over time, an organization can improve their retention rate and increase employee longevity. Click here for a list of speakers that can help equip you with the tools to provide your employees with growth opportunities and overall expand your business.

3) Celebrate success!

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work and dedication. Create an office culture that celebrates accomplishments and rewards significant achievements. This will create a positive atmosphere among employees, reduce stress, and increase productivity tenfold. Click here for a list of speakers that can help you craft and implement a reward system for your organization and in turn improve your office’s atmosphere.


For more information on booking a speaker, email or call 1.800.345.5607


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Adapt Fast in a Competitive Marketplace

In an ever-changing and somewhat amorphous marketplace, having a solid idea or product is no longer enough to stand out. In order for an organization to succeed it must be able to adapt quickly through micro-innovations.

According to Venture Capitalist and NY Times Bestselling Author Josh Linkner, many times these micro-innovations result in failure. However, these failures present an opportunity to learn, adapt, and achieve great results along the way.

Today’s Tip: Adapt fast and remain responsive.

In the following video, Josh uses the Audi / BMW billboard wars to demonstrate the value in adaptation and the importance of responsiveness.

For more information on booking Josh Linkner, email or call 1.800.345.5607


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Net Neutrality Keynote Speaker Experts

Today, marks the repeal of the Net Neutrality. For those unfamiliar with the Net Neutrality Act, it is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Below are two speakers who are experts on technology trends and topics like net neutrality.

Daniel Burrusinnovative-speaker-eagls-talent is a successful speaker who is considered one of the World’s Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker. He has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of predicting the future of technology driven change and its direct impact on the business world. He is also a contributing writer on the topics of innovation, change and the future for CNBC, Huffington Post, and Wired Magazine.


John C. Havens is another successful speaker who uses his research and insight in national publications to help organizations better utilize technology with positive psychology. With pragmatic solutions of combining economics, emerging technology, and positive psychology, John provides a human-centric roadmap to help attendees embrace their present to better define the future.


To find out more, read our previous article on Net Neutrality here, or watch one of their speaking engagements below:

For more information on booking a technology speaker, please contact us at or call 1.800.345.5607.

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How To Predict Future Business Trends

Due to the vast amount of technology and business trends that are populating everyday, it can be challenging to keep up. Fortunately, this episode of Tuesday Tips is focused on how to predict future business trends with Futurist and Founder of the Influential Marketing Group – Rohit Bhargava.

technology-speaker-rohit-bhargavaOver the past 18 years, Rohit Bhargava has advised hundreds of global brands as a former executive at two highly respected marketing agencies (Ogilvy and Leo Burnett). He has a reputation for predicting and executing innovative ideas before they become mainstream. At Leo Burnett, he helped start the agency’s first digital team in Australia. At Ogilvy, he was a founding member of one of the first Agency groups dedicated to social media strategy. His team advises brands such as IBM, Marriott, American Express, and Intel.

In this episode, Bhargava dives into his logic and reasoning behind discovering trends. He believes that a trend is a “curated observation about the accelerating present.” Furthermore, he expresses the importance of looking outside of the norm and engaging your own curiosity.

As a keynote speaker, he has multiple speaking programs that include some of his most coveted research that applies to any industry. He reveals his techniques for predicting the future along with highly actionable ideas.

Watch the video below to find out more!

For more information, contact or call 1.800.345.5607

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Increase Your Productivity This Summer with Motivational Speaker — Brian Biro!

Summer is the time to get up, get outside, and get things done! June in particular is known as the Great Outdoors Month. We are sharing one motivational speaker a week who can make any audience want to get up and get a jump start on their goals, projects, and more!

award-winning-Swimming-coach-eagles-talentThe first speaker of the month is Team Building & Leadership Expert and former Swimming Coach–Brian Biro! Brian is considered America’s breakthrough coach and has energy and enthusiasm that is truly contagious. During his swim coach career, Brian built one of the largest private swim teams in the U.S. numbering over 275 competitive swimmers. His team finished in the top three on three occasions at the Junior National Championships, the top 10 at the Senior National Championships, and forty-four of his athletes earned full college scholarships. He received the United States Swimming National Coaching Excellence award given to the top 10 American Swimming coaches.

Brian is also the author of 11 books including bestseller, Beyond Success! One of his most popular motivational speaking programs is called “Change Champions.” Throughout this breakthrough presentation, every single participant will learn the simple but powerful tools to move from change idlers to true Change Champions! They will experience the joy of positive change and of accomplishing things they didn’t know they could do! The result of this exciting performance is a team that is more united, engaged, and focused on possibility, rather than limits!

For more information on booking a keynote speaker, email or call 1.800.345.5607



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EP. 12 – Waldo Waldman: Combat Veteran, Best-Selling Author and Hall of Fame Speaker

Our final Military Appreciation Month post is in honor of Hall of Fame Speaker, Combat Veteran, and New York Times Bestselling Author– Waldo Waldman!

combat-veteran-eagles-talentWaldman’s impressive background includes being a highly experienced combat veteran with over 2,650 flight hours and sixty-five real world combat missions. Some of his military honors include five Air Medals, two Aerial Achievement Medals, four Air Force Commendation Medals, and two Meritorious Service Medals. Today, he is a professional leadership speaker.

He is also the founder and President of “The Wingman Foundation,” a 501(c)(3)–which builds funds and raises awareness for soldiers, veterans and their families in need.

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Waldman to ask him questions regarding his past, present and plans for the future. We discussed how his dreams of becoming a pilot came to fruition, how he overcame his life-changing scuba diving accident, his upcoming book on mentor-ship and much more. Additionally, he told me about his most memorable mission, which highlighted the importance of becoming your own wing-man! Furthermore, we talked about his best selling book, “Never Fly Solo” where he shares strategies to help organizations communicate effectively under high stress situations. During this, he revealed some of his most valuable tips and life lessons he’s learned along the way.

It was an honor to have Colonel Waldo Waldman conclude National Military Appreciation Month. We thank you for your service!


To hear the full podcast, click play on the link below.


For more information on booking keynote speakers, contact or call 1.800.345.5607

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In Memoriam: Captain Alan Bean, The Fourth Man to Walk on The Moon

This past weekend marked the passing of the last living crew member of the Apollo 12–American Hero, Captain Alan Bean.

Captain Bean became the fourth person to walk on the moon in November 1969 as apart of the Apollo 12 mission. Before his retirement in 1981, Captain Bean helped establish 11 world records and was awarded two NASA distinguished service medals. After NASA, Captain Bean turned to speaking and painting as forms of expression to convey the experiences that only a handful of men, including himself, can claim. Below is a picture of one his masterpieces featuring a special message from Captain Bean for our Eagles Talent team:

“To my friends at Eagles – keep reaching for your own special stars—Alan Bean Apollo 12”

From all of us at Eagles Talent, we send our deepest condolences to Captain Bean’s family, friends, and all of those who were fortunate enough to know him. Captain Bean inspired generations of Americans through his impressive accomplishments in the Space Race, and his artwork will continue to inspire future generations to reach for the stars. Captain Bean, you will be missed.

For more information on Eagles Talent, visit

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