These Millennials Ain’t Loyal: 5 Ways To Retain Gen-Y Talent

Say what you want about Millennials – they’re lazy, entitled, tech-addicted, narcissistic, and killing industries left and right. But when you look at the facts, one thing is undeniable: they’re the future of business.



In 2016, Millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. They’ve also launched twice as many new businesses as the Boomer generation, and have a knack for successfully leading large teams: on average, managing teams of 122 people compared to the Baby Boomer average of 30.


Unfortunately, though, one stereotype does hold true: Millennials seem more loyal to their preferred smartphone brand than to their employers. In fact, a recent Gallup report shows that 21% of Millennials have switched jobs in the past year– that’s three times as often as Gen-Xers and other non-Millennials.


So how can employers keep these tech-savvy, participation-trophy-loving workers from seeking greener pastures?


Here’s what leading experts have to say about closing the generational loyalty gap:


  1. Provide strong, hands-on leadership.

    One of the most common complaints about managing Millennials is that they don’t want to pay their dues. They walk into the office on day one expecting to make substantial changes.  Bruce Tulgan, management guru and author of Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials has a different take.

    “They’ll do the grunt work,” he says. “They’ll do the grunt work very well, very fast, all day long. But they want to know that someone is keeping track: somebody’s helping them keep score, somebody’s giving them credit for all that grunt work. And… they know how much of the grunt work they have to do in order to earn a more interesting task.”


  2. Explain the why.

    Karen McCullough, nationally known expert on generational opportunities and workforce trends, weighs in on the importance of purpose. Talking about the bigger picture behind a certain task or projects helps young employees feel more connected to their work.

    “When we stereotype this generation, we say that they can’t sit still… I think they can’t sit still when it’s boring,” she jokes.  “Millennials are all about change. They’re ambitious and they want to give back. They want purpose in what they’re doing. They don’t want busy work, so you’re going to have to define why you’re doing this project.”


  3. Be a collaborative leader.

    “Gone are the days where the younger generation doesn’t speak until spoken to… If you ask a Millennial today to jump – they don’t say ‘How high?’ They ask ‘why?'” says Scott Zimmer, resident Gen-Xer at BridgeWorks, a company dedicated to bridging the generational divide in the workplace and marketplace.

    “When it comes to effective generational communication, it’s not about age. It’s about understanding that each and every single generation is bringing something different, unique, and important to the table. And it’s up to leaders to tap into that.”


  4. Tie fairness to productivity.

    “Younger employees want to know why they can’t be promoted based on merit,” says one of today’s most sought-after generational experts and keynote speakers, Lynne Lancaster, “And older employees say ‘Hey, I’ve been here a lot longer- I deserve more.’ But as long as you tie the idea of fairness, really, to a productivity issue, then you’re going to be on safe ground with both generations.”


  5. Give them more opportunity.

    Aaron McDaniel, author of The Young Professional’s Guide to the Working World believes one of the best ways to develop and retain young talent is simple: give them opportunities. “When a Millennial comes to you with an idea, and you can find a low-risk way for them to test it out, that is incredibly motivating for them. They get to explore something they’re interested in and potentially contribute to your business.”

Millennials, like any good employees, want to contribute to their workplaces in a meaningful way. And they need leaders who recognize this generation’s unique talents and perspective in order for them to succeed.

Want to bring a leading generational expert to your next corporate event?  Check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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The Poll Results Are Finally In!

Last week the US Midterm elections took place but, some results still haven’t been completed. Fortunately for us, our results are final!


73.3% of our clients are stressed at work!

With the National Record being 80%, the results were predictable.

Fortunately, we have speakers who can help organizations in need of stress relief for organizations:













If  You Are Apart of the 73.3% Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email for recommendations

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Mallory Brown in 30 Seconds

Mallory Brown is a successful social entrepreneur, worldwide adventure traveler, and humanitarian.


Today’s Tip: Book Mallory Brown


Her new talk, Walk A Mile is based on her project of doing a marathon by walking a mile with 27 different women around the world to raise money for a local non-profit and bring awareness to empathy and empowerment.

Interested in Mallory? Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email to book

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My Mustache Can Save Lives?

Facial hair lovers rejoice! It’s November–otherwise knows as “Movember”–a time when men grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.


The Movember Foundation aims to increase early cancer detection and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths.


The lack of awareness surrounding men’s health issues in the U.S. has led to this startling statistic:


Men are dying six years earlier than women!


What’s worse, these men are dying because of reasons that are largely preventable. That’s why Movember is dedicated to “changing the face of men’s health.” Since 2004, the foundation has funded over 1200 projects and raised $800 million for men’s health.


Do your part:


Grow a mustache. It’s that simple.




By doing so, you’ll help start the conversation and ignite change! At Eagles Talent, we do our part by providing the top Health and Wellness Speakers who ensure that these life-saving conversations reach global audiences.


By raising awareness, we can all work together to save lives. Be sure to get tested!


Happy Movember from Eagles Talent.

Interested in a speaker who’s well-versed in men’s health issues? Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email to book.


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What Management Needs to Know About Stress


A recent poll reported by the American Institute of Stress revealed that a whopping 80% of American workers experience severe stress in the workplace.


You may be saying to yourself, “that doesn’t seem shocking.” In recent years, work-induced stress has skyrocketed–most likely due to the rise of technology and the never-ending workday. As a manager you may be thinking:


“As long as my employees produce work, that’s all that matters. Right?”




Brace yourself for what we are about to share with you. A report conducted by Health Advocate revealed that high levels of stress at work cost companies an estimated $200-$300 billion dollars a year in lost productivity! What’s worse, a million employees miss work every day because of stress–90% of doctor’s visits are linked to stress-related illnesses.


An overworked & over-stressed employee is NOT a productive one.





While stress in the workplace is not completely eradicable, there are some steps that management can take to help reduce work-induced stress among employees.


Encourage Employees to Disconnect Outside of Work.


A rise in technology led to employees being able to work on-the-go with easy access to emails and documents. While, in theory, this should have made working easier, it ultimately led to the current never-ending work day. The 9-5 job as we once knew it no longer exists. More than half of workers believe their employers do not do an adequate job of ensuring a healthy work-life balance.




However, managers can do their part in encouraging employees to disconnect from their phones and not require work emails to be answered after a certain hour. A healthy work-life balance can lead to an increase in productivity in the workplace.


Make a Conscious Effort to Evenly Distribute Workloads.


70% of employees feel they have too much on their plates. Sometimes the overwhelming feeling from looking at a never-ending to-do list can actually prevent you from accomplishing the tasks. This can also lead to an increase in stress-related sick days. It’s a vicious cycle that is ultimately nothing but counter-productive for your business. Ensure that your teams are appropriately staffed and make a conscious effort to evenly distribute workloads. Your employees will feel less overwhelmed and be more productive.


Be Open and Receptive to Employee Feedback.


Work is hard enough without conflict, so no one wants to feel they are walking onto a battlefield every morning. Employees are less likely to feel stressed when they feel they are supported by management. By being open and receptive to employee feedback, your employees will feel part of a team and not like they are on an island. The feeling of being appreciated and heard will create a positive atmosphere.




Interested in a speaker that can help you combat workplace stress? Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email to book.


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#BISIW Thanksgiving Challenge

Throughout the entire month of November, Eagles Talent will be participating in our very own #BISIW Thanksgiving Challenge. All throughout November we will send out hand-written Thank You notes to all of the wonderful individuals who have had an event with us this past year. Through this small gesture we want to show each of you how thankful and grateful we are for the relationships we have made and developed this year.



Now you may be wondering, what #BISIW stands for?


The answer: Because I Said I Would. Our challenge is inspired by Keynote Speaker and Humanitarian Alex Sheen‘s social movement and nonprofit Because I Said I Would–which is dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Our upcoming exclusive podcast interview with Alex motivated us to create a promise that we are determined to fulfill.


Our promise: If you had an event with us in 2018, a member of our Sales Team will hand-write a Thank You note just for you.


Because I Said I Would’s goal is to build a community of people who are driven to help others through the strength of determination and we hope that our determination and dedication to our Thanksgiving Challenge will inspire you to give thanks to the people in your life. Remember, even the tiniest of gestures can put a smile on someone’s face.


For more information on Alex Sheen, visit his Eagles Talent Speaker page, and be sure to check out our upcoming podcast interview with him–premiering this month! In the meantime, catch up on all of our podcast interviews on our ETSB Soundcloud page.

Interested in Alex? Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email to book.


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Johnny Cupcakes in 30 Seconds!

Johnny Cupcakes is a Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Branding Expert, Founder of Johnny Cupcakes.

Today’s Tip: Book Johnny Cupcakes!


As a keynote speaker, Johnny shares his secret recipe for viral business and marketing success through his high impact speeches.

Interested in Johnny? Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email to book

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Olympia LePoint in 30 Seconds!

Olympia LePoint is a NASA Rocket-Scientist and STEM Education Advocate. Her presentations are intellectually stimulating and help audiences overcome fear and adversity through the creative problem-solving principles found in math, science and human determination.


Today’s Tip: Book Olympia LePoint!



Hear a reason you like?

Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email to book



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8 Speaking Topics Companies Are Afraid to Discuss

What defines a controversial topic?


The word con·tro·ver·sial means: “giving rise or likely to give rise to a public disagreement.” Lately it seems the media is saturated with different opinions shouting at each other. Unfortunately, this divisive mentality has seeped into our personal lives as well as the workplace — and noticeably the corporate world!



Often, corporations and organizations are put in uncomfortable positions to take a public stance on incidents that have affected their employees, customers, or members. The public stance they take, can either help or hurt them financially.


But conversation does not always have to be negative. In fact, starting a dialogue where all sides are heard, can help prepare and enlighten all parties concerned. And seeing as Halloween is a holiday that often celebrates and encourages braving fearful activities…


We dare you to discuss:



These Speaking Topics are Nothing to Fear!


If you are interested in changing the conversation at your next event, we can help!


For speaker fees and availability, email or call 1.800.345.5607


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5 Trailblazing Women Talk Female Empowerment in the Workplace

With 74.6 million working women in the United States today, it’s no surprise that companies are looking for the best ways to empower their female employees to succeed. Women’s participation in the workforce has climbed to a staggering 56.8%, and the proportion of women with college degrees in the labor force has almost quadrupled since 1970.



But despite these huge gains, women are still underrepresented in high-earning STEM fields and in top-level management positions across the board. So, how do we close the gap? Some of the leading female business and empowerment speakers weigh in:

“Take control of the narrative.”
 – Lisa Copeland

Named among the Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry, Lisa Copeland has been a trailblazer in the automotive and financial services industries with over 25 years of proven success. As a former award-winning automobile dealer, Lisa not only crushed world sales records- she broke a few glass ceilings along the journey. One of her tips for success? Make sure you’re the one telling your story. “When it comes to you, your career, and your life, you’ve got to control the narrative- or somebody else will,” she warns. “Make it known what you stand for within your organization – and not just as an organization – but what you stand for personally.”


“One size does not fit all.”
Sallie Krawcheck

Financial feminist Sallie Krawcheck is historically the most senior woman on Wall Street. This former CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Barney, US Trust, Citi Private Bank, and Sanford Bernstein has a message for businesses about the reality of their female employees’ lives. “I would propose a new way of thinking that recognizes there are differences between men and women – One size does not fit all.”

The key to empowering women, she says, is flexibility. 60% of working women with children say they want flexible hours and the option to work remotely. “Companies would rather have a happy, engaged, energized employee for 30 hours a week than a distracted, worried employee for 60 hours a week… which is what we have now. That can keep many more women economically engaged today than is the case. And with more women staying engaged, more women can make it to the top.”

“Lead with love.”
Dr. Bertice Berry

Dr. Bertice Berry, a sociologist, talk-show host, author, comedian, and mother, believes in the power of positive energy. She specifically addresses women in leadership with a message to help them pave the way to success for their greener female colleagues: “As you move up, and you take these positions of power and authority, and you lead other women… do not treat them the way we were treated along the way.” Through stories of her life experiences, Dr. Berry uses laughter to help her audiences build the skills for optimum life-work harmony, which is crucial to women’s success. She urges today’s business leaders to “Lead with love, and joy, and laughter and happiness.”


“Confidence matters almost as much as competence.”
Katty Kay

“Women tend to routinely underestimate their abilities,” says Katty Kay, lead anchor for BBC World News America. The challenges of juggling a demanding career and a family with four children led her to speak and write on the power of confidence. “Women keep telling themselves that something else accounts for their success.” The key to building a career, Kay tells women, is to be confident in your strengths. “If you don’t raise your hand in that meeting, or go for that promotion, or go for that job application- then you’re never giving yourself a chance to succeed.”


“Mentor someone different.”
Yassmin Abdel-Magied

“We have to look past our unconscious bias,” says Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a mechanical engineer, social advocate, and writer who knows all about breaking barriers in the workplace. This young and accomplished Australian advocates for the empowerment of youth, women, and those from diverse backgrounds. “Find someone to mentor that’s at the opposite end of your spectrum.” Mentorship, she believes, is the path towards empowerment. “People are not born with equal opportunities. Opening up your world will make you realize that you have access to doors that they didn’t even know existed… And you didn’t even know they didn’t have.”

For more information on how you can bring the top speakers on women’s empowerment to one of your events, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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