Podcast EP. 20 | How to Be Authentic While Growing Your Business

For some, the office is an environment that is strictly professional and should include no moments of socialization or “slacking off.” In these cases, business leaders tend to be more rigid and stick to the book definition of professional. But did you know that being authentic, and even vulnerable, in the workplace has its benefits?


todd dewett authenic

Leadership expert Dr. Todd Dewett recently sat down with us to discuss everything from authenticity to leadership and bridging the generational gap. Hear what he had to say on our Eagles Talent Podcast.



“You have to take a toe-in-the-water approach to understanding how safe it is to be a little more open and unfiltered at work.”  

authentic businss growthMany people see the office as place that’s unsafe for opening up and being personal. Some people, on the other hand, see lots of room to try and be more human in the workplace.


When you take a toe-in-the-water approach and start being authentic little by little, others will reciprocate. The goal here is to be more than just a professional and be more human. In this case, being more authentic can really pay off since the reward is worth more than the risk.

“Think about managing work outcomes, not process.”

Professionalism has changed not only through the years, but also through generations. Today, we have Baby Boomers and Millennials working under the same roof. This generational diversity can often lead to bumping heads and disagreements.


grow your business

Older generations in leadership positions may find it difficult to understand different values that younger generations possess. Dr. Dewett encourages these leaders to manage outcomes, not process.


Some leaders tend to manage everything from how an employee looks to the process in which they get their work done. Dr. Dewett argues, however, that if employees are gaining desirable outcomes and getting things done, there’s no need to interfere with their process. Doing so can stifle their growth and decrease productivity.

“On a micro level, leaders who embrace authenticity tend to be beloved more and inspire not just compliance, but commitment.”

todd dewett authentic speakerEmployees often find trust in a leader who is more vulnerable and  shares their experiences and mistakes with them. After all, the more pro-employee you are, the better you tend to perform over time.


On a macro level, companies benefit financially when they truly understand how people work. When business leaders are authentic, they will attract top performers who want to work for them. In addition, these companies will not necessarily have to pay market-leading wages because their employees enjoy working there and will likely stay on board for longer than an unhappy employee.

If you’re ready for Dr. Todd Dewett to bring his message of authenticity to your audience, visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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How to Start a Conversation on Mental Health

In the U.S., one in five adults experiences mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMH). This equates to 43.8 million adults struggling with mental illness in a given year. Although so many people experience mental health issues, many choose to stay silent.


Mental health is a complex topic that needs to be discussed and understood, yet many people avoid the conversation altogether. When it comes to your mental well-being, we must begin by opening a dialogue and holding an informative discussion — and what better time to do that than Mental Health Awareness Month?


mental health


Each speaker below has a unique experience with mental health. As a result, they not only understand the struggles, but also know how to best manage mental health issues. Although this discussion isn’t necessarily an easy one, these speakers can spark dialogue and help start the conversation that others may be afraid to lead.


Mental Health Advocate: Kevin Hines

mental health advocateIn the hopes of saving the lives of others, Kevin Hines uses his uplifting story to teach others that they are not alone. At 19 years old, Kevin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Just two years later, he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to take his own life. Kevin is one of only 36 people to survive the fall, as well as the only survivor who uses his story to spread a message of living a mentally healthy life.

As an advocate for mental wellness, Kevin reminds audiences: “Life is a gift, that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always.” He effectively inspires audiences to care for their mental wellness. Through his inspirational story, he has helped millions start the conversation on mental health. As a result, he has helped save the lives of many.


From Substance Abuse to Success: Francine Ward

mental health speakerFrom substance abuse to success, Francine Ward teaches audiences that they can overcome any obstacle if they put their mind to it. She reminds audiences that sometimes, the biggest obstacle they must overcome is themselves.


Francine’s rags to riches story is an inspiration to many. Working as a prostitute and struggling with substance abuse, Ward lived her life with a one percent chance of survival. With the help of a powerful support group and useful tools for living, however, Francine has turned her life around and teaches attendees to do the same. Her inspiring message of hope motivates audiences to build their self-esteem as well as the life of their dreams.


Mindful Leadership Expert: Pandit Dasa

mental wellness As a former monk, Pandit Dasa teaches audiences how to lead by example, communicate mindfully, and manage their emotions. His engaging keynote helps attendees develop positive leadership qualities, lower stress and anxiety, increase productivity, and boost emotional intelligence. He walks attendees through breathing and focusing exercises that they can use anywhere.


As mental health and life balance speaker, Pandit promotes mental wellness through meditation and mindfulness. Successfully opening a dialogue on mental health, he teaches audiences different ways they can improve their mental wellness through self-care.

This month, don’t forget that #MayIsMental. If you want to start the conversation on mental wellness, please visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 to book one of our mental health speakers.

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5 Powerful Ways This Nonprofit is Empowering Women

In San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, over 60 percent of families live on less than $2 per day — the measure of extreme poverty. The village also faces high rates of malnutrition, especially among children. Known for her world travels and social impact projects, social entrepreneur Mallory Brown recently found herself in Guatemala. Here, she met a group of women who work on on eradicating malnutrition and empowering women in their village.


As part of her Walk A Mile initiative, Mallory is walking a 26-mile marathon around the world. For her third mile, Mallory partnered with Konojel, an organization that serves to empower women while reducing malnutrition and poverty. Here’s the latest on mile three out of 26 in which Mallory walked with Laura in Guatemala.



Konojel is actively empowering women.

In Guatemala, women face widespread discrimination along with a lack of opportunities. Oftentimes, they are told they cannot complete a certain task or job simply because they are women. As a result, many women are confined to the home and do not have the opportunity to work in many fields.


women empowerment

Konojel employs women in areas such as cooking, management, and business, ensuring that they develop essential skills necessary for any job. Not only does Konojel provide them with employment, but the organization also encourages women to run their own micro-businesses. Subsequently, Konojel supports their businesses by selling their products, including handmade bags, aprons, and sweets.


Konojel’s mission is to reduce chronic malnutrition and endemic poverty.


The women who work at Konojel are not only working toward their own empowerment, but they are also giving back to their community in tremendous ways.


According to Konojel’s website, seven out of ten children in Guatemala’s indigenous communities suffer from malnutrition.


Konojel offers a daily lunch program and nutrition workshops, which educate children and families on healthy eating habits. It also provides them with the nutrients they need to live a healthy life and combat malnutrition.


Women are able to serve in leadership roles and manage their own micro-businesses.

Laura, a program manager at Konojel, says she is always fighting to give women more opportunities in Guatemala. Through her job, Laura hopes to teach and empower women so they can work in productive jobs while giving back to their community.


The organization empowers women to branch out and create their own micro-businesses. With knowledge on how to create and sell a product, these women are then able to sell their own products at Konojel.


Konojel aims to leave a positive impact on the community while empowering women.

Through daily lunch services and a women’s entrepreneurship program, Konojel’s mission is to create a positive impact all around. They serve to empower women and families by providing nourishment, employment, and education.

mallory brown women empowerment speaker


As a result of Konojel’s efforts, women like Laura are empowered to work to earn an income and create a positive change within their community.

Make a donation today!

$52 goes a long way and provides one month of nutritious meals, educational support, and job training for one person at Konojel. By making a donation, you will be contributing to Konojel’s mission of empowering women and ending the cycle of poverty.


Click here to learn more about Walk A Mile and to make a donation today!

Interested in booking storytelling speaker Mallory Brown for your next event? Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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Fly High in the Sky with Customer Satisfaction

plane-serviceThe results are in, and Newark Liberty Airport is ranked as the worst U.S airport in the 2019 annual ratings from AirHelp. While travel days can be strenuous for anyone, what makes this airport so poor in particular? Reports show that customer satisfaction rates were low since many were displeased with three different categories of air-care: On-time performance, service quality, and food and shopping options.

Knowing what to look for is crucial when it comes to keeping your customers happy. Find out what it takes to keep your company off the “worst-ranked” list by hiring a customer service speaker for your next conference or event. 

Travelers are just a few of the consumers living in this world that revolves around customer satisfaction. When it comes to customer care, there are a lot of  industries affected by these problems. Therefore, it is important for companies to consider what areas of service their customers might be dissatisfied with. Providing good customer service can be just what you need to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Goods and services

A customer service speaker can provide audiences with hands on techniques directed towards increasing the level of customer satisfaction in a way that surpasses the customer’s expectations. Learn new tips and tricks on how to show good customer service, and keep your consumers coming back for more.

Looking to book a customer service speaker?

Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information

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How to Inspire Change With a Global Influencer

Mel Robbinsinspire change mel robbins is a best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur who uses her digital platform to inspire change and innovation. She motivates attendees to get things done and work toward their goals in a timely manner using her five second rule as a tool. She created this rule to help others become the greatest versions of themselves.


Mel teaches attendees that all it takes is five seconds to change your life for the better. In just 30 seconds, here’s why you should book Mel Robbins:



mel robbins motivational speaker

Although she is a motivational keynote speaker, Mel Robbins does more than just “give a speech.” For instance, rather than simply talking about how to improve leadership and communication skills, Mel encourages audiences to make it happen. Her profound message of motivation and change has positively impacted attendees everywhere.


global influencer mel Robbins

Mel’s high energy keynotes and science-backed strategies leave audiences with a life-changing impact. Mel often steps into the audience for an interactive exercise about overcoming fears, which makes her keynotes extremely engaging. In addition, she uses audience interaction, peer-to-peer coaching, and valuable advice to inspire change among audiences. As a result, Mel is a widely sought-after motivational speaker.


Boasting an ability to connect with various industries, Mel’s message of change focuses on what makes us all human. She emphasizes the incredible potential we have in life and business, as well as the obstacles that stop us from reaching it.

Are you interested in booking Mel Robbins?
Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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How to Avoid New Employee Turnover

Our ongoing research at RainmakerThinking reveals the five most common causes of new employee turnover. Use the following list as a guideline for avoiding high employee turnover rates.


employee turnover

1. Overselling the job

This is the number one cause of voluntary departures within the first twelve months.  Too often hiring managers continue the “attraction campaign” with job candidates until they have accepted the job, and sometimes until the new employee is already at work. In an effort to sell, sell, sell the job to the candidate, sometimes companies make promises they cannot keep. Or, at the least, they present the job as something it is not, obscuring the downsides while overemphasizing the upsides.


The only way to avoid overselling candidates is to be honest and up front about the realities of the job, as early in the process as possible. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is usually more helpful to try scaring candidates away than to lure them into a position. You can be confident that whatever candidates remain interested, even after you’ve made the job’s downsides crystal clear, will be much better aligned to the needs of the position and your organization.


2. Overlooking red flags in the selection process

The number two cause of new employee turnover leads to early voluntary and involuntary departures. When hiring managers are so eager to fill an open position that they overlook obvious concerns that arise in the selection process, they set up new employees for failure.  Perhaps a job candidate is looking for work conditions or rewards that are unrealistic.  Or perhaps the job candidate shows up late to the interview or keeps checking his/her handheld device, or there are misspellings in the resume.


Be rigorous in selection and do not overlook those red flags.


3. Insufficient onboarding

The number three cause of early voluntary departures is failing to provide a thorough and effective onboarding and up-to-speed training for new employees.  When it comes to managing new hires, there is a simple rule:day one is the most important day, day two is second most important, and so on.


Make sure your onboarding process provides meaningful and engaging schedule combining formal orientation and training, a series of well-planned one-on-one meetings with every individual with whom the new employee will be working (most important the new hire’s new manager), observational attendance at key meetings with proper debriefs, extensive work product reviews with debriefs, and other structured activities. The goal is to establish real connections between the new hire and the organization, it’s vision and mission, the team, key individuals, and the work.


4. Handing off a new employee to a hands-off manager

This is the number four cause of early employee turnover.  Imagine the whiplash experienced by new hires who are enthusiastically recruited with an intensive hiring and onboarding process, only to be deposited into a low-structure, low-support workplace?  Whatever investments you make in hiring and onboarding will be squandered if new employees are welcomed then (more or less) by weak disengaged managers.

Once you’ve invested in attracting, selecting, and onboarding a new employee, it is critical to hand that new employee off to an immediate manager who will provide regular guidance and support.


5. New employees conclude that their immediate manager doesn’t have enough to offer in terms of ongoing career development

This is the number five cause of departures within the first twelve months, but the number one cause of voluntary departures within 12 to 36 months.


Most people today want strong, highly-engaged managers who can help them achieve their career goals. This is especially true of the most ambitious and motivated high-performers – they are looking for leaders who can help them gain the skills, knowledge, projects, and connections that will get them to the next level.


It doesn’t take long for new employees to determine whether a manager is either willing or able to provide the kind of guidance and support they need in order to succeed. Once they’ve come to the conclusion that a manager is NOT, it is usually too late. That great new employee is almost certainly looking for a new and better opportunity somewhere else and checked out of doing their job for you at the same time.


If a manager describes a new employee as “pushy” or “aggressive,” you may want to dig deeper. It could be that the employee is simply trying to get more from their manager and growing increasingly frustrated when they aren’t able to get what they need. The leaders and managers in your organization must be prepared to provide guidance, direction, and support. They must also be in a position to advocate for their direct reports when it comes to obtaining resources, assigning tasks, and building connections either outside or inside the organization.

Interested in booking Bruce Tulgan?

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4 Seeds For Success You Need To Plant This Spring

Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. And while my friends in Canada or the US Upper Midwest won’t be planting anything for several weeks, the rest of us are watching trees bud, flowers bloom…. and pollen build up on everything. I think the late Robin Williams summed it up best: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”


seeds for success


Our schedules are “blooming” too aren’t they? Work is wide open, expectations of our time from family and friends are increasing, and there’s all those projects you want to get done now that winter is becoming a distant memory. How will you get so many things done? As you celebrate the beauty of spring and begin to reflect on what you want to grow this season, I also invite you to think about planting these four “seeds” for success in your daily schedule to ensure that your most important things can get done:



Protect Your “Prime Time”


It’s easy to allow interruptions, meetings, and distractions to steal those moments when you could be most productive. You keep thinking there will be time to make up for it in the future… and there never is. To help keep yourself in the “productivity zone” more often, ask yourself these questions when you’re tempted to let something (or someone) steal your minutes:


  • Saying yes to this interruption means I will be saying no to _______________ .
  • Am I attending this meeting because I need to, or because I have been unwilling to have a conversation with someone about how my time could be better spent… or how we could improve the effectiveness of such meetings?
  • What action should I take now that I will look back on tonight and be glad I did?



Automate Automate Automate


One line in a recent Seth Godin blog perfectly captured the need to develop more consistent habits and routines. Godin wrote, “…because without habits, every decision requires attention. And attention is exhausting.” From your morning routine to how you manage your email to dealing with that dreaded, “Have you got a minute?” question, coming up with routines you can do without letting your brain get so emotionally or mentally involved frees up energy you can use to be more creative, focused, and even more present in every moment in your day.



Get Serious About Professional or Personal Improvement


I enjoy eavesdropping on people shopping for plants in a garden center in the spring. I almost always hear someone say, “I’ve always wanted to grow ____________ (insert name of flower or plant) but just never tried it.” In the same way, reflect on some ways you’ve wanted to grow over the past year but let your daily overload crowd it out of your schedule.



Create Consistent Space to Think Forward


It’s a funny thing about seeds. You can’t just put them in the ground and come back later expecting them to have grown into the perfect plant. You have to monitor their growth, providing resources as needed, and make sure the weeds aren’t overtaking them. To make sure the three “seeds” for success mentioned earlier can thrive, It’s important that you set aside time to check on your growth in these areas, both to celebrate your small successes and take corrective action. Some ways you can more automatically make this time of reflection happen include:


  • Setting a daily alarm on your smartphone or wearable tech. Perhaps when you are normally driving home from work or not actively engaged in other activities. The alarm will be a quick reminder for you to assess your day and how you might make even better choices tomorrow.
  • Scheduling the time in your calendar. It might get crowded out by other things, but just the visual reminder will help keep you thinking about where you want to go and not just where you are now.
  • Creating a question a day to answer for yourself. You can allow your schedule to keep you so narrowly focused that you rarely look at the bigger picture. Do an internet search of “Powerful coaching questions” to give you some questions that will force you to look at more than the 37 things on today’s task list.


Plant the Seeds for Success and watch them grow.


jones loflin seeds for successIf you want a powerful visual of the need to use your time wisely, buy a pack of seeds of your favorite vegetable. Pour them into a clear jar or cup and place them in your work area. Then each time you notice yourself not using your time well, remove a seed and throw it into the trash. And as you do, think of the potential harvest of that favorite vegetable that is now lost with that seed gone. Pretty soon you might find that you see the “seed” of each moment in your day a little differently.


Interested in booking Jones Loflin?

Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information. 

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How to Boost E-commerce Sales & Customer Loyalty

E-commerce has become increasingly significant in our digital age. According to Internet Retailer’s analysis, US E-commerce sales grew 15% in 2018, and is predicted to keep increasing. 


Not only does E-commerce allow for customers to post their comments regarding products and services, overall it can help organizations provide better customer service. Through E-commerce sales, companies have been able to establish key relationships with their customers!



E-commerce Sales

Find out how to enhance your company by improving E-commerce initiatives with our Top 5 E-Commerce Speakers:


#1 Chuck Martin 

Futurist, Bestselling Author, Emerging Digital Tech and IoT Expert

Speaker Chuck MartinAs a leader in emerging digital technologies, Chuck Martin has spent his career paving the way for other visionaries similar to himself. One of Chuck’s most influential programs is The Butler Economy, where he shares the best ways for businesses to connect to customers while things are changing at a rapid pace. Chuck also focuses on all-the-time-everywhere-marketing as well as push-pull marketing. Read more on Chuck Martin


#2 Terry Jones

Founder of Travelocity.com, Founding Chairman of Kayak.com, and Current Chairman for Wayblazer

Speaker Terry Jones

Through key innovative strategies, Terry Jones has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to leadership and customer relationships. Terry speaks on Building Digital Relationships, and he aims to educate audiences of all digital skills sets on how to conduct effective conversation. Through real world examples as well as online examples, Terry leaves his audience inspired to take action within their companies. Read more on Terry Jones


#3 Lynn Brewer

Former Enron Executive, Whistleblower

Speaker Lynn BrewerAmong many other accomplishments working at Enron, Lynn Brewer lead the e-commerce initiatives for Enron’s water subsidiary. Some of Lynn’s speaking programs include: Capitalizing on the Value of Integrity, Confessions of an Enron Executive, and Managing Risks for Corporate Integrity. Read more on Lynn Brewer



#4 Dayna Steele

Grow Your Business Using Rock Star Principles of Success

Speaker Dayna SteeleDayna Steele strives to provide excellent customer service by taking her rock star stories and turning them into your story. Her programs include taking her unique perspective working in the traditional all male rock world, as well as creating a NASA e-commerce operation from the ground up. Dayna has mastered the art of keeping customers happy. Read more on Dayna Steele 



#5 Brett King

Speaker, Startup Founder, Bestselling Author, Radio Host, TV Commentator

Speaker Brett KingKnown for his innovative work as the Founder and CEO of the mobile bank Moven, Brett King has been able to optimize the customer experience. Brett’s focus on technology has led to wide social influence, by disrupting business and changing social behaviors. Additionally, Brett’s knowledge on technology assists him in providing quality customer service. Read more on Brett King


Thinking about hiring one of these e-commerce speakers?

Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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10 Best Speakers to Help Improve Emotional Intelligence

The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions is known as emotional intelligence. Especially important in the corporate world, emotional intelligence can help one handle interpersonal relationships on a personal and professional scale.


Enhancing the emotional intelligence in your team is possible, and can lead to long term success of your employees and overall business.


Studies have shown that 90% of top performers exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence — and the best part is, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be learned.


In order to spark the most success out of your employees, here’s an inside look at 10 of the best Speakers on Emotional Intelligence:

Mo Gawdat


After 12 years of intense research on happiness, Mo Gawdat created an algorithm and repeatable model to reach a state of uninterrupted happiness regardless of life circumstances. Praised for his findings, Gawdat has been on a mission to deliver his happiness message to one billion people around the world. In addition, Gawdat thrives as a serial entrepreneur, co-founding more than 20 businesses that connect ideas of work and well-being in a personal and professional manner. Read more on Mo Gawdat

Erica Dhawan


Drawing audiences in with her storytelling abilities, Erica Dhawan knows how to give an excellent keynote on emotional intelligence. As a master of connectional intelligence, Dhawan helps leaders accelerate the connectedness of the workforce in order to reach goals more quickly. She also offers concrete and pragmatic solutions for your organization’s most pressing challenges, setting her aside from anyone else you’ve heard. Read more on Erica Dhawan

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry


Find out the impact of emotions on performance with Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry. Known for his ability to cater to his audience, Dr. Pawliw-Fry can give your company the necessary tools for unleashing the best performance in your people through emotion. After one of Dr. Pawliw-Fry’s keynotes, attendees are left with the power and science behind emotional intelligence, enabling them to embrace pressure and manage any disruptions and challenges they are facing. Read more on Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Michelle Poler


Say hello to your fears with Michelle Poler by stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into your fullest potential. Poler is at the Founder of Hello Fears and has received praise for her project after being featured on CBS, CNN, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Fox News, and more. Specifically, Poler has inspired younger audiences as she spreads her message to students at universities and encourages them to live with courage, find their authenticity and embrace their growth paths. Read more on Michelle Poler

Shawn Achor


Using positive psychology, Shawn Achor‘s comedy driven keynote can help leaders reduce stress in the workplace. He keeps audiences engaged through interactive experiments, and leaves them with tangible applications they can use to keep their team motivated and engaged in the workplace. Not only does Achor speak on emotional intelligence, but he is also the bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential. Read more on Shawn Achor

Dr. Bertice Berry


Find the necessary skills for optimum life-work harmony with Dr. Bertice Berry. Using her life experience as a talk-show host, author, comedian, and mother, Dr. Berry helps corporate and private organizations reach peak emotional intelligence. While laughing and reflecting with Dr. Berry, the audience can focus on what it means to create a healthy workspace with one another. Read more on Dr. Bertice Berry

Jenn Lim


Look into the science of happiness with Jenn Lim. Lim challenges audiences to forget preconceived notions of what they think happiness consists of, moving beyond the traditional avenues of achieving happiness through money, title, and status. Through her keynote, Lim works with attendees to help them develop their own core values and find happiness for themselves in their own personal and professional lives. Read more on Jenn Lim

Pandit Dasa


As a Mindful Leadership Expert, Pandit Dasa explores the traditional and non-traditional leadership qualities with his audiences. Through his presentation, Dasa shows how leading by example, appreciation, communication, humility, and balanced emotions are just a few of the key elements in healthy leadership and emotional intelligence. Ultimately, Dasa shares that everyone has the ability to be the best leader they can be. Read more on Pandit Dasa

Ryan Estis


Initiating change, inspiring innovation, and delivering growth is all possible with Ryan Estis. As a speaker, Estis brings a fresh perspective to business events through his discussions on improving sales effectiveness, and leading change in many other business avenues. Estis is also accessible outside of his keynote speeches, through his courses and online learning, helping students thrive in today’s hyper-connected business environment. Read more on Ryan Estis

Isaac Lidsky

Isaac Lidsky is a visionary entrepreneur who overcame blindness to build a successful career. Lidsky does not let his disability limit him, and instead, encourages audiences to also pursue life to the fullest extent. To obtain success and overall happiness in life and business, according to Lidsky, we must change how we perceive and respond to fear, mental roadblocks and new challenges. Read more on Isaac Lidsky


Interested in booking one of these Emotional Intelligence speakers?

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3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Fun!


                                                 Source: Giphy.com

Whether you like it or not, your employees may not exactly jump for joy at the idea of attending a corporate event. After a long day at the office, the last place they may want to spend the rest of their day is at a work function.


But your event doesn’t have to be dreadful or dull! When it comes to planning a corporate event that’s fun and engaging for all, begin by booking an interactive speaker who will keep your audience entertained and inspired.


Bring out their creativity with the help of an art speaker.

Multimedia artist Phil Hansen brings his craft to the stage as he helps attendees get into a more innovative mindset through his interactive art experience. Alongside his keynote, Phil guides attendees through an exercise in which everyone creates their own piece of art. All pieces are later combined to create a cohesive and outstanding work of art that represents unity and teamwork.


Use the art of magic to keep attendees guessing.

Highlighting similarities between the world of business and the world of magic, Vinh Giang teaches audiences all about the psychology of illusion, using magic as a metaphor to help attendees understand the ways we are often fooled by illusions. He also highlights key business ideas and concepts that should be utilized in the corporate world. As a magician/illusionist, Vinh spreads his motivational message in a creative and innovative way.


Bring out their laughter with comedic entertainment.

Improv, sketch, and keynote troupe The Water Coolers keep audiences entertained through their hilarious comedy routine. Not only do The Water Coolers entertain, but they also impart real world advice and lessons. Corporate audiences can especially relate to the comedy troupe’s humorous and authentic take on the business world, which keeps attendees entertained and engaged throughout.

Interested in booking an interactive speaker who will keep your audience engaged?
Visit eaglestalent.com or call 1.800.345.5607 for more information.

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