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What is Gamification?

According to Gabe Zichermann — the world’s foremost expert and public speaker on the subject of gamification, this interesting concept is “the process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems.” It can be used in different contexts, such as marketing, business strategies, education and more. Research has found gamification to have a positive impact on people, and it can improve our ability to understand digital content.

gabeBecause of his advanced expertise in gamification, Gabe is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the industry’s primary publication, and the host of the popular interview webseries and podcast GameRevIn addition to this, he is an expert in user engagement and behavioral design, and the Co-Founder of the behavior change software startup, Onward.

Gabe’s impressive skills comes from his educational background. He received his Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree in Human Intelligence/Gifted Kids/Statistics from the University of Waterloo, and a Marketing MBA from Rollins College. After graduating, he had multiple positions in the marketing industry where he gained experience. 

Currently, Gabe brings his fresh new business techniques to companies in his keynotes. His talks, workshops, books and courses have inspired an entire generation of marketers, customer loyalty experts, strategists and product designers to make the world a more fun and engaging place.


“The next generation of consumers… really understands how gamification needs to be an integral part of everything.” — Gabe Zichermann


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