Bo Eason

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Former NFL Player, author of the play 'Runt of the Litter'

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Bo Eason
Bo Eason – Motivational Speaker
Bo Eason – Motivational Speaker

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In his internationally acclaimed keynote, Bo reveals his three critical steps to storytelling while demonstrating how deeper and more intimate connections with clients ultimately generate more business.
Bo will share his journey from runt of the litter to the NFL to Broadway to corporate boardrooms, as he shows your team how to use their story to create greater personal and professional results. Once you learn to express yourself, you begin to play a bigger game.

In this intense session, Bo breaks down his 20,000 hours of stage experience into understandable components your team can easily apply. Bo will coach your team on how to:

  • Unearth their signature personal story
  • Present their personal story for maximum impact
  • Apply their personal story in all areas, from closing new clients to inspiring top performance

How do you keep fighting to be #1 in a world that has reduced itself to participation trophies? In this electric presentation, Bo goes full throttle into why achieving greatness is not only your responsibility, but your birthright. He shares how declaring the vision you have for your life, designing an environment that supports it and giving everything you’ve got has landed him at the top of every mountain he’s attempted to climb.


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“When we look at the impact we’ve been able to make in supporting our nancial advisors, the thing that we track and are always excited about is how we help those advisors grow. What can we do to support and improve their practice in a way that helps them grow? This year our advisors are on pace to do over $500 million more in production than they did last year and Bo is a big part of that growth.”

— Advisors Excel

“We have been producing major conventions in the health and tness space for over 30 years and Bo Eason was the best keynote speaker we have ever had….bar none! He wowed an audience that didn’t know who he was and wasn’t interested in football but his story and style still knocked their socks off!”

— IDEA Health and Fitness Association

“The results that Bo generated in his breakout session for our top nancial advisor coaching clients to connect emotionally with their clients and prospective clients has been invaluable in accelerating their success. I can tell you that there is not a more dynamic and passionate storyteller that gets results anywhere.”

— CEG Worldwide

“We often bring in speakers to inspire our team. But Bo was totally unexpected. He wasn’t just another gifted athlete telling great stories. Bo’s presentation was electrifying and he actually gave the team some valuable tools they could use with clients the very next day. I’d recommend him to any group that wants to increase motivation and productivity.”

— Peloton Global
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