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Acclaimed Filmmaker and Storyteller Inspiring Performance and Potential in Work and Life

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This moment in time has demanded the best from each of us. We have all been tested as never before. Leadership starts with the ability to look at each challenge as an opportunity for growth and positive impact.

In this inspiring keynote, Brett shares powerful stories from his filmmaking adventures of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things. He demonstrates how everyone has the opportunity and capacity to embrace leadership and make an impact. By learning to see themselves as leaders contributing to a positive vision, attendees will feel empowered and equipped to bring greater confidence and enthusiasm to their everyday tasks.

This shift in perspective ignites the heroic spirit in audiences, preparing and inviting them to bring the truest, most powerful view of themselves to every aspect of their work and life.

Change is accelerating, pushing organizations to innovate at light speed. Leaders must create high-performance environments that adapt quickly, fuel growth, and attract top talent. Today, employees are drawn to cultures that support their development and invite them on a meaningful mission.

In this memorable keynote, documentary filmmaker Brett Culp delivers a fresh vision of leadership focused on the employee experience. With powerful stories from Brett’s filmmaking adventures and instantly actionable ideas, your audience will gain practical insight on building employee engagement, mentoring with humanity, and facing adversity during groundbreaking change.

This uplifting session will leave your attendees inspired, refreshed, and better equipped to face their leadership challenges.

With massive shifts happening in every part of our lives, the future feels uncertain. We face challenges that require adaptable, innovative leadership. While traditional hierarchies struggle to quickly respond to these changes, breakthroughs of “everyday leadership” are transforming the world. Employees at every level are taking ownership and making the future happen. Today, everyone has the opportunity and ability to embrace leadership and make an impact.

In this stirring presentation, documentary filmmaker Brett Culp demonstrates the power within every one of us to build influence, capture opportunity, and create connections. Through inspiring and humorous stories from Brett’s films, your audience will learn to unlock and harness new possibilities within themselves and others that accelerate business performance and spark innovation. The future of work isn’t an absence of leaders, but an abundance of them. This high-energy session will empower you to unleash that potential within your organization.

Transformation is happening in every aspect of the healthcare industry. Major shifts in technology and culture demand that we re-imagine the patient experience and our work culture.

In this dynamic keynote, Brett delivers an inspiring approach to leadership and empowerment in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. Through powerful real-life stories from his filmmaking journeys, he shares fresh insights on uncovering potential, even in times of uncertainty.

Attendees learn how to see change as an opportunity for innovation and impact. This shift in perspective unlocks hopeful stories within your organization, inviting everyone to collaborate, take ownership, and make a difference. This uplifting presentation empowers and equips healthcare audiences to face their fears about change and move forward with confidence and optimism.

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“The feedback from our meeting was 100% positive. I have NEVER seen a meeting achieve such completely positive results.”

— ILEA, Boston

“WOW! An extraordinary talent. I’m blown away by Brett.”

— Tyler Perry, Writer, Director & Producer

“Brett launched our conference with an inspirational message of hope and humanity. His presentation motivated our members to aspire to their greatest personal and business potential.”

— Florida Attractions Association
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