Brian  Biro

Brian Biro

Former Swimming Coach, Team Building & Leadership Expert

In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
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America’s Breakthrough Coach

Brian Biro

Former Swimming Coach, Team Building & Leadership Expert

In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
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  • He is considered America’s breakthrough coach and has energy and enthusiasm that is contagious.
  • He is a highly-rated speaker who uses powerful personal stories and real-world examples to illustrate his motivational message.


Brian Biro is America’s Breakthrough Coach! He is one of the nation’s foremost speakers and teachers of Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, and Team-Building. He has delivered more than 1,600 presentations around the world in the past twenty-five years. His clients include such diverse organizations as Lockheed Martin, the US Army, Microsoft, the University of Notre Dame, UCLA, the North Carolina Association for the Advancement of Teaching, senators and representatives from thirteen western states, the Virginia School Superintendents, Kaiser Permanente, Starbucks, Boeing, Allstate Insurance, Good Samaritan Hospital, and hundreds more. A major client offered the best introduction about Brian’s impact when he said, “Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy-five-year-old.” A former vice-president of a major transportation corporation in the Pacific Northwest, he helped lead a major turnaround that resulted in the company quadrupling in revenues, becoming solidly profitable, and being named the leader in the air freight industry for customer service and convenience by Distribution Magazine. In his first career, Brian built one of the largest private swim teams in the U.S. numbering over 275 competitive swimmers. His team finished in the top three on three occasions at the Junior National Championships, the top 10 at the Senior National Championships, and forty-four of his athletes earned full college scholarships. He received the United States Swimming National Coaching Excellence award given to the top 10 American Swimming coaches.

Brian is the author of 11 books including bestseller, Beyond Success! which reached #16 on the top 100 — from over 2 million titles, Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. Magazine International Business Conferences. He graduated with honors from Stanford and served as the President of the UCLA Graduate School of Management Student Association while earning his MBA from UCLA. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN’s Business Unusual, and the Fox News Network … has been a guest on more than 300 radio programs throughout the country, and is a featured speaker at the Disney Institute in Orlando. He was named one of the UCLA Graduate School of Management’s 100 Most Inspirational Graduates in the history of the school. Brian was also honored as one of the top 70 Motivational Speakers in the world.

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As more Gen X & Z team members fill organizations, a crucial leadership challenge and opportunity is finding the secrets to engage, ignite, and inspire this new workforce.
It is QUESTIONS rather than answers that can unlock the remarkable potential of these generations. Learning the fresh skill of becoming a Master Asker will light up your team with newfound energy, commitment, loyalty, and collaboration!
In this BRAND NEW keynote or workshop presentation, Brian Biro, the World’s Breakthrough Coach who was recently named one of the top 65 motivational speakers in the world, will open your eyes to the remarkable impact of QUESTIONS to build people, teams, and relationships.
Like all of Brian’s presentations, The Extraordinary Power of Questions is vibrant, engaging, fun, and filled with activity and wonderful stories. Every participant in the event moves off the sideline and into the game!


Brian Biro’s FULL Breakthrough Keynote with BOARD BREAKING FOR THE WHOLE TEAM is Now Available in a 75-90 Minute Keynote!

How do you build personal responsibility and accountability into your team?  How do you ignite a team of self-starters?  How do you connect with all generations and help elevate engagement to an extraordinary new level?  How do you turn ego into WE GO?  How do you soar to new heights as a leader?
In his new BREAKTHROUGH! THE MASTER ASKER! keynote, America’s Breakthrough Speaker, Brian Biro reveals the most surprising and important secret to answering all of these crucial questions!  To put it simply… the quality of your team will be determined by the quality of the QUESTIONS YOU ASK ONE ANOTHER!  To become a truly exceptional leader in today’s new world you much become a MASTER ASKER!
This keynote is tremendously engaging, energizing, surprising, fun, and empowering.  Every participant will learn:
  • The most vital and important key to building people, teams and relationships
  • The essential difference between enabling and disabling questions
  • How to transform pushback into the tango!
  • How to get your RAS (Reticular Activating System) in gear!
  • How to help everyone you work with know they are important!

We are born with two ears and one mouth… that’s a clue!  As a Master Asker you will generate massive breakthroughs in your team, your family, your leadership, and your life!


Breakthroughs are not just possible – they’re playable!


Shaping Your Future


Don’t let what you CAN’T do keep you from doing what you CAN!


What you focus on is what you CREATE!


It’s Amazing What’s Accomplished When No One Cares Who Gets the Credit!


The ultimate secrets to building a culture of optimism!


If it’s to be, it’s up to WE!

Brian Biro Reviews

“The Beyond Success Seminar was by far the most impactful, meaningful, and memorable presentation we have ever done! To see our CFO and other Executives up on their chairs, clapping their board halves together, cheering others on was a sight to see! Thanks you for sharing the Allison story with us, thank you for your enthusiasm and energy, thank you for being so genuine and real! You have a true gift in the way you communicate with others!”

— Helzberg Diamonds

“Brian, I wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how much we LOVED YOU at our regional meeting in March. Words cannot express how deeply you touched us with your inspiration and enthusiasm! You far exceeded our expectations as an inspirational speaker, and left our group of two hundred executives speechless, teary-eyed, exuberant, motivated….definitely the highlight of our four day meetings!”

— Target Stores

“As a company we have always tried to focus on developing our people. I would have to say, without a doubt, the material you presented and your energy during the workshop has done more for our team realizing its full potential than anything we’ve done in the past.”

— IKON Office Solutions

“You touched each of 150+ individuals in a unique and different way and left them so pumped, so enthused, so aware of their own capabilities, so ready to break through, that it felt like each individual had you all to themselves. We are the ones who were honored and privileged to have had you spend your precious afternoon with us. While the board-breaking was an incredible ending to the afternoon, everyone also talked about your energy, your passion, your messages, and the fact that it was also personal and not just business. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

— ACCO Brands

“This presentation in particular impressed me in how you touched our Partners and Managers, a crowd generally indifferent to most motivational speakers. One Partner commented to me, ‘he had no idea how he affects peoples lives.’ I was in tears watching you autograph books and listening to some of their personal feelings unveiled.”

— PricewaterhouseCoopers

This was unlike any experience that I have had. Most motivational speakers talk to you without any practical experience before you leave; Brian led you on an experience that you will not forget!

— Paradigm Investment Group, LLC


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