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Speaks On Individual And Organizational Growth

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Brian Blasko
Brian Blasko

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Strategies to Keep Your Internal Engine Running Smoothly

This exciting program invites the audience to discover and maximize their own personal potential by learning how to gain some fuel for their internal gas tank.

“Don’t let life’s little road blocks keep you stuck on the side of the road, Come have some fun and learn how to push your pedal to the metal”

While traveling on this journey, Brian shares his test-driven and proven road-worthy strategies for successful leadership and personal growth.

Life is a journey — enjoy the ride!

Five Ingredients for a Well-Balanced Life

Creating a well-balanced lifestyle doesn’t come easily in the “instant gratification” society we live in today. From instant mashed potatoes to microwave popcorn, life can sometimes seem like we’re in one big hurry! The five ingredients served up during this program have all been mixed, marinated and cooked to perfection to create the perfect recipe for success, showing how to live your life to its fullest potential.

In his motivating and entertaining keynote, Brian gets the audience to relax, laugh and learn useful life-lessons that promotes positive personal development.

Is your team running on all of its cylinders? Would you feel comfortable in the car for an eight-hour journey with your coworkers? These are tough questions to answer, but not impossible to achieve! Come join me as I share my team building strategies for success. A team of coworkers is like a pit crew—everyone is important. In this high-energy program, participants will gain a wealth of practical tips for team cohesiveness.

It’s been said that we follow people we feel comfortable with; I couldn’t agree more! Titles like “manager” and “supervisor” are nice, but they do not necessarily guarantee people will follow. This seminar will give you skills and strategies to enhance your leadership potential. When you can learn to be assertive rather than aggressive, you increase your leadership ability and wellbeing for others. The philosophy of leadership addressed in this program is: be the type of leader people want to follow, not have to follow.

Effective communication is the key to success. This fun-filled and informative program will share research regarding the four general personalities we communicate with daily. Come find out if you’re a 4×4, Volvo™, Sports Car, or Minivan.

When you start your car, the correct key is essential. People are the same way. We need to be using the right keys to ignite the right personality engine. The program includes extensive examples of how to interact with each unique individual. Once your team can identify their vehicle styles and the styles of their coworkers, the sky is the limit!

Speaker apprehension is as common as, well, the common cold. Many people have a tremendous fear of public speaking and freeze up when put into certain situations. The time for knots in the stomach and butterflies is over! This highly-informative and comforting program is one of my specialties. I have enjoyed public speaking for many years and am ready to show you strategies that are guaranteed to help reduce apprehension. Whether you are speaking to five people or 500, this program helps you gain the confidence you need to be the poised, polished, and professional speaker that lives within all of us.

Have your creative juices stopped flowing? Has your creative thinking become stuck inside the box? If you answered yes, then this is the program for you! Creative thinking does not always come easy, but that’s usually because we limit ourselves. Come have some fun and learn how look at situations in a new way. Your creative ideas are just around the corner.

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