Brian P. Moran

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NY Times Best Selling Author, The 12 Week Year

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Brian P. Moran – 12 Week Year

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Presentation Descriptions

The 1 hour Keynote will provide your group with the understanding of what it takes to perform at their best each and every day. They will learn that the ective execution is the key to consistent, high performance. I’ll outline what it takes to execute on their goals and priorities. They will learn about the power of  the 12 Week Year, the 5 success disciplines and 3 high performance accelerators and how to end the cycle of production peaks and valleys. I’ll give them 5 things to do that day to begin to prioritize they’re business and exceed their goals.

Half Day:
The 4 hour Half Day training establishes the foundation that is covered in the Keynote and takes it further by taking your group through the paces. I’ll work with them to create a compelling vision, establish 12 week goals, and build their first 12 week plan. I’ll help them to apply the Weekly Routine structures that ensures they execute their plan. In the end, I’ll equip them with everything they need to apply Periodization and consistently crush their goals.

1 Day:
This full day interactive session allows Brian time to dive deep and provide one-on-one time with your team as he teaches the 5 Disciplines and 3 Principles of high performance within the content of a 12 Week Year. Once Brian has introduced  the 12 Week Year business model and your team understands and can digest this concept, he will walk them through and teach the individual modules of thee 12 Week Year. The extra time also allows for Brian to work with your team to create a compelling vision, build your 12 Week Year plan, do mind mapping exercises, discuss effective time use, process control and scorekeeping. Brian also introduces the online tool ‘Achieve!.’

Leverage your training budget AND have a big impact!  The 12 Week Year webinar is a great way to expose your team to the powerful concepts and get them achieving more, faster. Hosted by Brian P. Moran this 60 minute training will overview the core concepts of e 12 Week Year and provide your team with the insight and resources to get started now, and crush their goals.

Impact & Benefits of Brian’s Presentations:

  • Increase your sales production by 30% or more
  • Learn to align your actions with your intentions
  • Produce more in less time
  • Work with more passion and urgency
  • Eliminate the thinking that holds you back
  • Lower your stress and gain more control
  • Manage your practice like a CEO
  • Gain exclusive access to Achieve! our suite of online tools
    • Take back control of your time and your results
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    “Having been a fan of Brian’s book, “The 12 Week Year” for a while, I had high expectations for his Half Day Training which he far exceeded! In fact, he killed it!”

    — Transamerica Financial Advisors

    “The 12-Week Year is the breath of fresh air my calendar was dying for! I never realized just how buried I was in my own tasks, projects, and commitments until I let go of annual planning and focused my life. In the last three months I have made phenomenal progress on my grandest goals thanks to Brian Moran’s 12-Week Year system.”

    — The 5 AM Miracle Podcast

    “Brian was very personable, energetic and the audience was glued to him! He was impactful and had the eyes and ears of both the Senior agents and general agents alike. I know The 12 Week Year will transform these agents long after this event. After planning numerous meetings for this client the past (3) three years, this was the most energy I’ve ever seen in a room during an event like this. It was a real treat to hear Brian speak in person about The 12 Week Year!”

    — Affairs of Distinction

    “Our team was totally engaged and inspired after hearing Brian present The 12 Week Year concept. We now have a renewed sense of urgency and excitement relating to productivity, execution and leadership and are now ready to take our knowledge and results to a whole new level using The 12 Week Year. Brian was fantastic, if you’re looking for a speaker to motivate and challenge your team, he’s your man!”

    — The Miceli Group
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