Exclusive Business Tips for 2011, from the Most Requested Speakers

Posted by Sheldon Senek

Our main focus at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is to provide value to you (whether entrepreneurs, new and established businesses, or educational and non-profit groups) and help your organizations grow. Of course, the main way we do this is helping book keynote speakers (motivational, business, sports stars, celebrities) for your meetings and annual conferences.

In addition to helping you select speakers, we love providing you with real value on our website, blog, and yes, our social media sites! With the new year around the corner, we thought what better way to add value than asking some of our “most booked speakers” to share business tips for the new year. Have a great holiday season, and enjoy.

Tim Sanders

“For 2011, I advise business leaders to focus on building relationships throughout their value chain.  From partner to vendor to employee, a high quality relationship is money in the bank. Over the last few years, due to the economy, we’ve become far too transactional, just trying to ‘make it out of the valley.’ This is what I hear throughout my travels: “I’m just not feeling appreciated much these days.”  The best way to build relationships is by sharing knowledge, networking and giving recognition for good work.  When the economy fully recovers, only the high-relationship organizations will ride the wave.”

Tim Sanders the speaker: We absolutely love Tim–call him a Lovecat, or business relationship genius–just know this…all he does is hit the ball out of the park with his presentations. Learn more and book Tim Sanders here…

Mark Sanborn

“As a leader you have three basic resources: your time, your expertise and the time and expertise of your team. It isn’t enough to be focused yourself–you need to create shared focus so none of those resources are wasted on doing the wrong or low priority things. For everyone to be “on the same page” they need to know what that page specifically entails in the way of expectations, behaviors and results. For 2011 think WIN: What’s Important Now? Go beyond “best practices” to find and create better practices and next practices that will give your organization a competitive advantage.”

Mark Sanborn the speaker: While he’s known for his best-selling book, The Fred Factor, he’s a number one “go-to” when businesses need to develop better leadership. Learn more and book Mark Sanborn here…

Tom Flick

“I love it when people “get it”!  What I mean by “get it” is when they understand the soft stuff is really the hard stuff.   Developing people to become better leaders begins with an authentic, honest, caring connection.  We’re usually so busy responding to email, paperwork and our day-to-day responsibilities we fail to take the time to invest in people.  We want our people to be “givers” but they remain “takers.”  Why?  Maybe we don’t give enough of ourselves away to demonstrate our leadership.  The truth is…the “soft” stuff actually grows your bottom-line.  The time spent with your people actually grows your business. For 2011, invest more in what propels your business forward–connecting with your people.”

Tom Flick the speaker: Tom has taken his command in the huddle as a former quarterback and translated that to the business world. He knows how to lead and he can help your organization win.  Learn more and book Tom Flick here…

Scott Deming

“If you want to keep your competitive edge heading into 2011, focus on one word — Leadership.  No, make it two words — Consistent Leadership.  Your ultimate goal is to create one-of-a-kind experiences for your customers — experiences so powerful and positive that they become your evangelists for life.  However, those customer experiences will only happen if the employee experience is world class.  Great employee experience translates into great customer experience.  And it all starts with great leadership.  Leadership doesn’t stop at the CEO level.  It continues down the line with every manager within your organization.  Get everyone in a leadership role to buy into the same passionate processes and your employees and ultimately your customers will thank you for it.”

Scott Deming the speaker: Scott is ALL passion and commitment–furthermore, he knows how to take that passion and commitment and build your brand in and outside your company. Learn more and book Scott Deming here…

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Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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