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Founder of The Stay Safe Project

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This EXCITING, INNOVATIVE, EXPERIENTIAL Keynote will involve everyone in the audience! If you are looking for something new, interactive and full of energy – you are in the right place.

Active Shooter situations are becoming all too common. They are unpredictable, evolve quickly and are over in minutes. In this unique, cutting edge program you will learn why a 7-year-old is more prepared than you? What about the “Muster Mistake?” Do you know what it is?

In an active shooter scenario, people have only seconds to make a decision! That decision can change the outcome of the event.

This high content interactive keynote will answer audience questions and concerns. It will calm fears and train people on how to respond and SURVIVE an active shooter situation.

This program will be a hit if you are tired of the talking head presentations. This will be a hit if you are an out of the box thinker! This will be a hit is you want your audience talking about it for months!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to survive an Active Shooter
  • How we respond physically and mentally in a crisis
  • Discover the best methods of helping others escape


Increasingly, Owners, Managers & Supervisors are challenged with emotional, stressful & potentially volatile situations. Threats, high-risk terminations, disgruntled & violent employees can become costly and dangerous if not handled properly. Faced with the need for quick decisions, fear often constrains their thinking as they attempt to sort through an overwhelming situation.

In this highly facilitated session participants become the investigators of real-world cases. They will assess the risks, raise vital questions, identify assumptions & bias’s and determine the relevance – ultimately guiding their next steps & problem solving to a safe conclusion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Improved judgement in stressful situations
  • Understanding the value of a collaborative approach
  • Expanded investigative skills based on context & facts


As hate, violence & tension rises in our communities, it also does in our workplaces. Current trends show an upswing in suicides, hate crimes, threats and conflict leaving companies at a higher risk for escalating violence.

Carol’s keynote will take your audience on an emotional and intellectual journey creating a memorable experience. She puts today’s realities into perspective, helps to eliminate fears and shares valuable lessons that your audience will never forget.

Health and Safety Practitioners play an important role in the sustainability of a workplace violence prevention program, yet most think it is a solely a Human Resource problem. There is no “Magic Bullet.” It’s a complicated issue and this presentation will open attendees’ eyes on how everyone can make a difference!

Safety & HR Professionals will appreciate the socially relevant material that will actively engage your audience with Real Scenarios, Real Problems and Real-World Insights. Attendees love Carol’s solid “How to – Actionable Strategies!”

Key Takeaways:

  • The #1 strategy for reducing workplace violence
  • Why companies are failing to stop the violence
  • How Cross Silo Safety Leadership can save lives

Carol’s keynote is customized to your group’s unique challenges.



“Carol’s approach to this difficult subject matter is beyond compare. Not only did she cater the program to our niche company needs, she helped create a dialogue that was digestible, concise and informative, all while allowing for the interaction of the employees to add value to the discussion. We would love to work with Carol again and we would absolutely recommend her and the Stay Safe Project to provide this very important experience for any employers struggling to have this very important conversation.

— Human Resources Manager, North Tarrant Express

“Carol is a most dynamic speaker”

Carol is a most dynamic speaker in person and after attending her Nashville seminar I was in awe at the way the subject matter was handled.”
— H/R Director Dutch Oil

“Carol did an AMAZING job!”

We just had our safety workshops in Arizona. Carol was a keynote speaker and did an AMAZING job!”
— H/R Director The CLY-Del Manufacturing Co.

“Your presentation was amazing! This is very practical information that will be so easy to implement, and I believe the results will be immediately apparent.”

— SPHR, SHRM-SCP H/R Manager, PT Coupling

“One of the best trainings I’ve had and experienced. Even found myself in a group shooter situation in a dream and remembered what I should do. Keep the postcard in my purse and look at occasionally as a reminder of the training.”

— CCTE Travel & Account Management Services
“I have attended both her main session presentation on workplace violence and active shooters as well as breakout sessions on high risk terminations.  She is a dynamic speaker her presentations and subjects are great and very applicable.”
— National Safety Council

“Thanks for the presentation today Carol. It was educational and will help our people. You are an excellent presenter!”

— SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources Greater Chicago Area

“This was fantastic. Thank you so much for your words today. This needs to be taught in schools!!!”

— Corporate Safety Director Bockman Woody
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