Keynote Speaker Feature: Change is Scarier than Freddy Krueger by Seth Mattison

Posted by Alexis Washington

Are you ready for some seriously scary news? In three-short years, Millennials (born between 1982-2000) will make up the majority of the US workforce and many of these young people are coming out of college having never worked a day in their lives!

These shifting demographics have many implications on the workforce of the future. In the spooky spirit of Halloween, I wished light on one particular topic that can scare anyone: Change. The rate of change has become so rapid for everyone but it is truly the Millennials that were born waiting for the next social network and the newest iPhone. I see it playing out in the workplace when Millennials enter a company and on day one, they want to revolutionize the whole system. We don’t realize how scary change can be when you’ve been doing something a certain way for years. One of the best tips given to me on selling change and making it feel less scary is to think it terms of Evolution vs. Revolution.

Revolution is pitching a new idea on how it’s going to completely reinvent the way things get done; in fact it’s going to make the old way seem like the STONE AGE! Scary!

Evolution is showing respect for the past while building upon the legacy that already exists to help make the process even better. Ease them in to the change.

This lesson has served me well throughout the years. It has open doors and minds that would have otherwise been closed to me and my new ideas. So the next time you bring that scary new idea to the table, think evolution vs. revolution.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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