Cheryl Agranovich

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RN, MPH, Well-being Keynoter, Healthcare Innovator, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

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Imagine a world without nurses? Would healthcare survive?

The National Academy of Medicine reports that at least 50% of caretakers across the medical fields report serious symptoms of burnout, including emotional exhaustion, chronic illness, cynicism, low sense of professional accomplishment which has caused nationwide staff shortages. Billions of dollars are being lost due to this nursing crisis.

Cheryl’s 4 Step Vital Signs Framework has proven to give health professionals the permission and tools they need to be successful in any environment. This fun and interactive keynote has inspired thousands of health professionals to make their health a priority.

Disengaged employees create a ripple effect of diminished creativity, decreased productivity and hostile interactions – costing organizations millions of dollars each year. Like our bodies, our teams, employees, and organizations are constantly sending us signals which we choose to ignore.

But why do most people respond quickly to a text or email, yet ignore their body’s most urgent health messages?

We write these off as random occurrences, just like we ignore that nagging stomach pain. Cheryl’s 4 easy steps will inspire audiences to tap into their “vital signs” before it is too late.

If you want an organization that goes the distance, powered by people who are engaged, creative, and in-touch with their own personal well-being, it’s time to stop ignoring those vital signs. And Cheryl has the proven framework to make it happen.


“Authentic. Inspiring. Practical. Cheryl’s message has made a huge Impact on our organization globally.”

— VP Global Rewards, HR Technology & Analytics, HARMAN International Industries

“We dedicate our lives to caring for others and often overlook the need to care for ourselves. Cheryl provided us with practical tools and insights to improve our health. WOW!”

— Chief Nursing Officer, University Hospitals

“An audience game changer. Cheryl provides hope, support and motivation to make lifetime health improvements; a must hear for any group.”

— Director Operations, Cigna
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