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Have you heard about the “Disney Approach to Quality Service” program? When Fortune 500 Companies send their top leaders to DisneyWorld for this important training, guess who Disney asks to entertain and motivate them? CHRIS BLACKMORE! Other than Mickey Mouse, Chris is the only entertainer Disney trusted with these esteemed clients. Now Chris brings The Magic of Quality Service to your company and key personnel. Using his hilarious style of presentation and amazing magic, he explains the process of customer relations made famous by he most prestigious and successful business brands in the world.

Teamwork is much like a magic trick. What you don’t see is often as important as what you do see. Perception can change based on your intentions and your actions. Chris Blackmore helps you identify and tear down the invisible walls that prevent you from working as a team, opening up magical possibilities among your coworkers. Using hilarious and amazing magic, Chris will motivate and inspire positive change in the interaction of your business world. As a professional magician, Chris will show you how the right hand and left hand must always work together with the eyes and ears to create magic.

Chris Blackmore has literally had relationships with millions of people over the last twenty five years! As a performer, Chris has to create an instant bond with hundreds, or thousands, of people he’s never met before. As a magician, he’s had to keep secrets from those people, yet share the magic like a friend. Now Chris is going to reveal one of the most important tricks in the business world… Magical Secrets to Successful Relationships.


“Mr. [Chris] Blackmore was very instrumental in making our program a success.  We wanted to open with a “BANG” and he certainly delivered more that we could ever have expected.  Most of our group arrived in Honolulu on a Tuesday in the late afternoon and Chris opened our conference early the next day when everyone was tired and very sluggish.  Well… not only did he wake them all up but he energized everyone and motivated them in such a way that they could not wait for the afternoon sessions!  Now that was amazing! He connected with our company in such a way that you would have thought he had been around our group for ages!”

— –SEKO Worldwide 
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