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Research indicates that less than one-third of employees are truly engaged. The vast majority of employees simply show up to work each day prepared to do the minimum to get by. This problem of employee disengagement is a source of ongoing frustration for leaders of any organization. Not only does it irritate the management team, it demoralizes the productive employees who carry the majority of the work load.

The solution for overcoming employee disengagement is Engaged Leadership … a proactive approach to leadership that involves building consensus for the vision, inspiring employees to pursue the vision, and developing the team to realize the vision. In the midst of managing the business, there must be a focus on developing better leaders who understand the importance of a strong culture w ith a focus on the employee.

Over the past two decades, Clint has been developing his own approach to leadership, and can help you understand what actions can be taken to develop skills in all three areas, including:

  • How do Directional Leaders build a consensus for the vision?
  • How do Motivational Leaders inspire employees to pursue the vision? 
  • How do Organizational Leaders develop the team to realize the vision?

    In this program, Clint will discuss the importance of all three aspects of Engaged Leadership, and will stress the overall importance of having what he calls a “character core.” He will share a considerable amount of useful information, and deliver his message in an entertaining and inspirational style.

  • We live in a world of disengagement. According to The Gallup Organization, three out of four people are at some level of disengagement in their life. The people in this group have chosen to see their work as a necessary evil to survive. The result is often an entire career waiting for time away from work. They’re waiting for vacation. They’re waiting for Friday. And every single week, they’re living for the weekend.

    It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out the numbers are against us. With seven days in a week, disengaged employees spend five miserable days living for the weekend. Simply put, our work consumes too much of our time to not find ways to become more engaged. We can sit around and wait for the perfect job to come along. We can sit around and wait for the perfect boss to come along. Or, we can enjoy the power that comes with controlling our own destiny.

    It’s our life, and the responsibility to find ways to start living for the weekday as much as we’re living for the weekend is in our hands. By taking a proactive approach to finding ways to start living for the weekday, we’ll not only find more ways to enjoy our life, we’ll contribute to an overall culture of employee engagement.

    The first step we must take is to change the way we see our professional life and personal life coming together. Clint understands the elements that bring it all together, and can help your organization answer the following questions:

  • What five aspects of life must be intertwined to bring about true life happiness?  What simple steps can we take to add to a culture of employee engagement? 
  • What can we do immediately to enhance our professional and personal lives?
  • We all look forward to the weekend, but those who truly enjoy life have found a way to look forward to Monday as much as they look forward to Friday. This program will move your audience one step closer to employee engagement by moving them one step closer to a balanced life.
  • The ability to bring generations together is one of the single most important factors for business success in the new millennium. In order to achieve cooperation between the generations in the workplace, understanding the reasons for the differences and knowing how to respond to these differences will determine the level of success of all organizations. In order to begin connecting the generations, an effort must be made to look beyond our own perspective and understand what has happened to each generation to make it unique. Through a blend of personal experience, ongoing research and daily interaction with companies and clients, Clint has a strong grasp of the generations and can help you to understand several issues:

  • What makes the generations different, and how did they get this way?  How do we attract each generation based on our needs?
  • How do we keep the generations interested and inspired as employees? It is essential that we learn how to approach the generational challenges in the workplace.

    For the first time in history, we have four generations in the workforce — four generations that have been shaped by the times in which they grew up. Much of the focus on generations today is on the differences between these cohorts. In this training, we’ll spend some time discussing the differences, and how we can use those differences to enhance the working relationship. But more importantly, we’ll spend some time discussing our similarities, and how the organization can benefit by taking time to understand each generation. Not only will participants learn how to enhance relationships in the workplace, they’ll leave this training with a stronger understanding of the generational impact in all aspects of their life. Welcome to the challenge, and the solution, of bringing these generations together!

  • These are tough times for many people. The global economic crisis has created anxiety for friends, family, and co-workers who have been affected directly or indirectly. If we can’t find enough negativity in our own world, the media provides a steady diet of negative information. Murders, rapes, wars, crimes, and a myriad of local tragedies show up in the news on a daily basis. Even the most positive person can be impacted by the barrage of negative information. All this downbeat information has a negative influence in our personal lives, and ultimately finds its way into our professional lives.

    The negativity around us is real and isn’t going away, even after the current onslaught of pessimistic information is gone. The question is how we live an inspired life despite all the negativity. The answer involves us challenging ourselves and those around us to search out and stay focused on the good stuff. We each have a responsibility to help build a culture around us that gets others focused on the good in life. That’s what Tell Me Somethin’ Good! is all about.

    In this humorous, high-energy session, you’ll identify some ways to refocus on the good stuff, including:

  • Celebrate the good stuff – The choice to create a culture of celebration  Assess your clan – The choice of who we let in our “clan”
  • Slow the flow – The choice of what information we allow in
  • Cut loose the anchors – The choice to stop dragging around the past

    There are plenty of negative people who will gladly contribute to the culture of negativity. This program is designed for those people who want to be a part of the solution of a positive culture. You’ll learn some things that can enhance the personal and professional life of the people around you. But most importantly, you’ll enhance YOUR personal and professional life in this program.

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    There is no one out there like Clint Swindall. He can speak to a room of hundreds, or thousands, and make each person feel like his words were meant only for them. He is engaging, inspiring, and entertaining, yet completely grounded and approachable. Clint is a truly gifted individual, and it was a great honor to work with him.

    — Texas Trade Association

    Clint was a guest speaker at one of our professional development forums. He successfully engaged all levels of employees (even the most intractable), making key leadership points in terms every attendee could embrace and implement. He is a true professional in every sense of the word.

    — United States Army

    Clint has, and continues to be, a resource or our organization. He has acted as a facilitator for strategic planning sessions, as well as provided motivating workshops focused with various teams, including sales and others. His programs are stimulating and challenging, and have received more positive reviews than any other similar professional has provided to our group.

    — International Trade Association

    Clint has been a speaker at several of our conferences, and has been a pleasure to work with from an organization perspective. However, our clients say it best — interesting, funny and mind expanding, absolutely superb, addressed our biggest issues, very inspirational. That is why we have asked him to speak several times.

    — Bank Consulting Firm

    Clint made the difference for our 2010 Executive Leadership Series program, and as a plenary speaker or the Annual Meeting. His message was down to earth, but very powerful.

    — –National Trade Association
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