CNN Article from Doc Hendley: the War Against Unclean Water

November 9, 2010
Posted by Sheldon Senek

Doc HendleyDoc Hendley recently wrote an impacting article for titled the War Against Unclean Water.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Humanity is facing a war right now with an enemy that appears to be winning. Although this war is not fought with guns, more people die from this enemy than all the guns and all the other wars in the world combined. What’s really sad is that many of the casualties of this war are children under the age of 5. Who is this enemy, and what is this war that claims the life of a child every 15 seconds? The enemy is unclean drinking water, and the war is the world’s water crisis.”

We did a podcast with Doc Hendley earlier this year (2010) while he was en route to Haiti to provide clean water (after the massive earthquake that struck). You can listen to that podcast here.

Sheldon Senek
Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the Executive Vice President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners. Connect with me on Google Plus

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