Connie Dieken

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High Performance Communication Expert, Emmy Award Winner

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Connie Dieken

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This program is deeply substantive, highly interactive and entertaining. As the talk unfolds

Your audience will discover:

  • The three habits we can all use to influence others
  • Why most of us overuse one habit, much to our detriment
  • Ways to balance our habits, so we become true influencers
  • How to influence even the most difficult people, like narcissists and the highly anxious
  • A simple, consistent methodology to use in both our business and personal lives

    This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Talk Less, Say More

  • In this program, Connie shares what every senior executive must know to thrive as a high-profile leader.

    Senior leaders will discover how to:

  • Earn and sustain trust in a world that craves authenticity, yet demands perfection
  • Influence multiple stakeholders – each of whom interpret the same messages in different ways – to reduce resistance, improve clarity and earn commitment
  • Own their leadership presence and align it with the organization’s strategies and values
  • Ensure their teams are equipped to make sound decisions

    This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Become the Real Deal

  • This groundbreaking program is a master class on how to influence audiences with integrity, so they willingly take action.

    Your audience will discover:

  • Identify your ideal outcome
  • Pinpoint how your audience makes decisions that align with your ideal outcome
  • Simplify those messages without dumbing them down
  • Uncover your audience’s root causes of resistance so friction doesn’t cause setbacks
  • Determine knowledge gaps that can get in the way of decision-making.
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    “Connie was an informative and entertaining speaker. She related well to our group. She also customized her presentation to fit with our company.”

    — Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
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