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Ethics, Leadership, Happiness

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Chase An Authentic Life

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Corey’s most popular keynote on ethics encourages audiences to chase the truly important things in life such as a solid character, strong personal relationships and a sense of contentment. These “real rabbits” are compared and contrasted to more fleeting worldly success such as excessive wealth, popularity, and prestige. Audience members leave with a better sense of what it takes to develop integrity, set priorities, gain a big-picture perspective, and chase an authentic life. By the end, Corey promises that this will be one of the most powerful and motivational speeches you have ever heard. Book Corey as a speaker and take part in the push for a more character-infused community.

Tough decisions bombard us so consistently that we tend to merely swat them away. We mostly cross our fingers and react via the Bon Jovi theory of life – we’re “Livin’ on a Prayer.” What a great song; but it provides below-average life advice. Our days would be much more satisfying if we possessed and consistently executed a plan to make better, more-ethical decisions. Corey’s talk delivers just such a plan – with a focus on the ethical aspects of our difficult decisions. This keynote speech puts forth strategies that allow you to seek:

the greatest good for the greatest number of people;
specific duties as members of vital communities (family, work, neighborhood);
the virtues needed to make the best decisions under pressure.
This intellectually stimulating and encouraging talk begins by showing that virtually all of the tough choices we make in life lie in the grey areas. Very few things are always right or always wrong. After exposing the simplicity of these theories, each of us will leave better prepared to navigate life’s toughest decisions. Be prepared to learn a ton!

We must only look up to behold yet another pitch for leadership training. Yet, we rarely witness effective leaders plying their craft. Why? These trainings tend to focus on buzzwords and abstract theories but ignore the core aspect of leadership – values and character. A low character person can obtain a PhD in Management yet struggle to lead effectively. Few people want to be led by someone who talks eloquently about “strategic resource positioning” but who lacks courage, compassion, fairness, honesty, and loyalty. We need more “good” leaders!

Contrary to popular wisdom, Corey believes values and character can be taught. For instance, where did you learn to lie or cheat? On the more virtuous end, where did you learn to be kind and thoughtful? From the influential people in your life, of course.

Corey’s keynote speech on leadership begins with a critical question: Do you have the values and character to make you the type of leader that you would follow? If you would resist being led by someone like yourself, then others will surely opt out. The rest of Corey’s powerful speech is devoted to the five character traits of an effective leader.

We come to find out that no one is born a leader. This means that you and your people can learn to lead more effectively, without any buzzwords or theories! All it takes is the drive to become a more virtuous person. Ethical people become the best leaders. Book this speech and discover how . . .

The legend of the Iron Ring emanates from Canada. In 1907, the Quebec Bridge collapsed from engineering failure. This placed the entire profession under the microscope of scrutiny; these were trusted professionals and nearly 100 people died from poor design and planning. Shortly thereafter, a group of engineers decided to memorialize the importance of character, diligence, and professionalism for all engineers. They took pieces of iron from the collapsed bridge, the story goes, and forged rough rings. These inexpensive circles of iron were to be worn on the pinky finger of an engineer’s working hand, far away from any gold and silver wedding bands. The rings symbolized, upon each glance down, the idea that, “I have an important job and I must do it well every time or society suffers.” In many places today, engineers continue to receive their rings at a ceremony where they take an oath written by Rudyard Kipling. The last line proclaims: “As an Engineer, I shall participate in none but honest enterprises. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. In the performance of duty and in fidelity to my profession, I shall give the utmost.”

Corey’s insightful and inspirational keynote begins where this oath ends. He asks and helps answer critical questions such as:

What does it mean to be a professional?
How does society expect its professionals to act, speak, and think in terms of their work?
How can we use our skill and knowledge, without reservation, for the public good?
What serves as our iron ring, reminding us of our obligations to ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, and our communities?
In the end, audiences are encouraged to create their own version of an iron ring in the form of a creed, a set of strongly held beliefs. This creed should contain commitments to the important stakeholders in our lives – our spouses, kids, other loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, and communities. This is our chance to make solemn promises and keep them – even when times get tough and we get tired. That’s what true professionals do and what our society desperately needs. Book this speech and see why Corey is one of the country’s leading voices on ethics and professionalism.

Stress is omnipresent. It lurks in every nook and cranny of our typical day. Work (and particularly colleagues) can be stressful, home life can be stressful, and never mid our commutes to these places. The problem is that excessive stress has major negative repercussions on our bodies and behavior. It roils our immune system, long-term memory, and sleep habits. Stress causes anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, tense muscles, and, in the worst cases, heart disease. But, perhaps more important, stress removes our motivation to live an authentic life, to help others, and to chase after character – we are just trying to get through until tomorrow.

There is hope. Corey’s motivating and intellectually-driven speech on stress is perfect for you and your team. Corey believes that carrying some stress is a good thing – it can motivate you to face life’s important challenges. This good kind of stress is there for a purpose and then fades away. The problem is that we carry too much of the bad kind of stress as well.

Corey’s speech helps you figure out your current stress level. After determining your stress score, the group then evaluates twenty ways to decrease the minor stressors in your life. Once you lower your stress score, you can focus and, hopefully, eliminate your major stressors and more effectively chase an authentic life. Feeling stressed? This talk is for you . . . and everyone really!

What drives you to arise each day and spar with life? Is it money, an important promotion or raise, recognition or renown, nicer stuff, the approval of loved ones, good grades? These things all matter, to be sure, but the fuel they provide is fleeting. These benefits just are not designed to produce the type of lasting motivation you need to push through life’s unavoidable uphill battles. Have you noticed that new stuff, or a raise, or a promotion, a pat on the back, or straight “A”s feels great . . . for a moment. Then, the fuel these successes provide runs out and it’s back to seeking something to take its place. What we all crave is a fuel source that never runs out; energy that replenishes itself when we are exhausted, stressed, on a losing streak, or worse.

The fuel that endures is the kind you create by discovering and following your passion. Chances are you know exactly what drives you deep down, but your mind is focused on different, more world-conforming goals. And that’s to be expected; we are bombarded with false promises that begin with following the crowd and often lead to unfulfilling often unreachable goals. Corey’s inspirational speech urges you to change course. Corey helps reunite your heart’s passion with your life’s goals – which are rarely ever mutually exclusive. He breaks down the steps it takes to identify your ideal fuel sources (they differ a bit for each of us) and then provides the tools needed to make a lasting change. Imagine your life driven by a fuel that never runs out. Book this speech and discover how!

Yet . . . there is a way to stand tall in tough times, to recover more quickly than expected, and to thrive in unpredictable circumstances. Corey’s newest keynote dives deeply into what it takes to cultivate deep roots – in other words, a strong foundation of character, integrity, and grit. This talk evaluates values-based decision-making principles like the advancing the greatest good, seeking duty-based actions, and honing virtue development. Corey sends people off with his brand-new, “Deep Roots: Tall Life” playbook which allows you to leave this session: (1) inspired to build a stronger foundation for your life and for those in your circles and (2) with the tools necessary to thrive in an often erratic and turbulent world.


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“Tremendous message reinforced by his passion for the subjects he talks about. If you open your heart, his message will connect with each and every participant.”

— Farmers Union Insurance
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