Could a Keynote Speaking Career with Archie Manning Be Next For Peyton?

Posted by Alexis Washington

Congratulations Peyton Manning! You’ve just won the Super Bowl! What’s next?

Peyton: “Go into public speaking with my dad, Archie Manning?”

The future of Peyton Manning’s career is still in question. Will he continue to play professional football, or will he retire off the heels of his recent Super Bowl win? Well, if he does, his father will once again pave the way for a career that he already has become a legend in his own right.

Archie Manning has been just as successful off the field than on. As a peak performance keynote speaker, Archie inspires audiences with his vibrant personality, witty humor, and advice on how to achieve victory. Drawing from his experience as a father, Archie specializes in instilling the principles of leadership, depending on others, being flexible, and playing the game, leaving audience members motivated and ready to tackle any challenges along the way. 

As a former NFL player and the father of Super Bowl champs Peyton and Eli Manning, Archie Manning has achieved immense success. Before becoming one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the world, Archie was an NFL quarterback, leading his teams through various victories as he cemented his place in football history. As the second overall NFL draft pick, the first choice of the New Orleans Saints, he went on to break various records, playing in two Pro Bowls, as well as being named the NFC MVP in 1978. Furthermore, Archie went on to become the first player in the history of New Orleans to be inducted into the Louisiana Superdome Wall of Fame.

Archie passed down his love for football, now he can instill his passion for public speaking…

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Eli Manning, you’re next!

Posted by Alexis Washington
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