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Futurist and Technology Strategist

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Social Media Talk
Social Media for Sales
Xploration Station Life 2.0 Featuring Futurist Speaker Crystal Washington
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6 Programs By This Presenter

The future of generative artificial intelligence is here, and you don’t have to look far to see it. Technologies like ChatGPT are quickly becoming the most effective and efficient way for busy business professionals to increase profits and productivity. But if you’re not using it, your competitors certainly will. In this keynote, Crystal Washington will share her insights on how you can use this cutting-edge technology to drive performance and take business to the next level.

Attendees will leave knowing:

  • What generative AI is and is not; its limitations and best applications
  • How tools like ChatGPT will impact your industry
  • How to develop strategies for integrating ChatGPT into existing systems to supersize your results
  • Best practices and ethical considerations for leveraging ChatGPT in business applications

In the face of unprecedented world events, too many people have adopted a ‘hunker in the bunker’ mindset to give their clients space. Not you! You understand that the key to long-term recovery and growth is nurturing relationships. In this interactive virtual session, technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington will demonstrate innovative ways you can sow seeds that will mature to create a massive impact in the next few months!

In this session, you will:

  • Understand the Dos and Dont’s of reaching out to clients when stress-levels are in the red.
  • Identify strategic methods of rocking your personal brand using social media.
  • Learn creative ways to transform yourself from mere provider to Superhero in the minds of your clients during times of trouble.
  • Discover and implement tech tools to bring your peers, clients, partners, and prospects from “What now?” to “WOW.”

Constant technology innovations, Gen Z entering the ranks, and a changing global marketplace were already dramatically impacting the face of the workplace. Then 2020 arrived and the script got flipped upside-down. Technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington shows leaders how they can thrive now while keeping an eye on the horizon to be ready to ride future waves of change.

In this session, you will:

  • Identify the significant ways in which technology is re-programming ‘us.’
  • Discover unique ways to embrace technology trends, fortifying your future for the long run.
  • Uncover tips and tactics for riding the waves of change while avoiding wipeouts.

Uncover how you can create an online and in-person brand that synthesizes your talents and abilities while catapulting your value within your organization and community. Additionally, discover tactics for keeping the communication flow going, internally and externally. Certified futurist and technology strategist Crystal Washington will demonstrate how you can make a bigger bang in less time than ever before.

In this session, you will:

  • Build a strong personal-brand referral-machine, relationship-strengthener, and career-opportunity hotspot.
  • Leverage tech and real-world tactics while you construct your in-house-collaboration dream team.
  • Discover how you can train your brain to thirst for tech trends and industry knowledge, and satisfy it with just a few sips per week.

How do you win over prospects when they don’t know, like, and trust you…yet?
And technology is all you’ve got to gain their confidence? In an increasingly digital world, professionals can easily fall into the trap of being technology-efficient, relationship-deficient. But not you. Not anymore. Get ready to blow your competition out of the water!

In this session, you will discover:

  • How to deliver high-tech, high-touch proposals that generate a high score with your prospects.
  • Ways to transform conference calls and ‘Zoom Rooms of Gloom’ into relationship-building vibrant, virtual marketplaces.
  • Fun tools to make you memorable in the eyes and ears of your clients.

In an increasingly busy world, many professionals get stuck wishing for more hours in the day to serve clients, grow business, and take care of personal obligations. The inventive ones know how to put technology to work for them–including social media, Google, and key apps—increasing efficiency while improving performance. In this fun and high-energy program, you will discover how to ride the wave of technology and create better business outcomes, while putting time back on your clock!

In this session, you will:

  • Discover secrets for adding muscle to your mission, building lucrative relationships.
  • Identify turnkey techniques for better business and career management.
  • Uncover client-connection ‘spy tricks’ that will make 99% of internet users go “HUH?” while you gather valuable client info and keep an eye on your competition.
  • Develop your dominance of task-automation while you outsource non-revenue generating ‘busy’ work…even if you work from home.


“The audience response to her content has been amazing. Crystal’s energy, passion, and expertise simply wows.”

— Barron's

“We immediately went to work on new social media strategy for based on what we heard from Crystal’s workshop. After 8 months of activity, we’ve organically quadrupled our followers on Twitter and our likes on Facebook. has reported a 61 % increase in average unique visits per month and a 41 % increase in average total page views per month. Now, that’s value!”

— Philadelphia Tribune

“Crystal was incredible easy to work with. She was thorough and came prepared to the pre-meetings as well as on site for the event. Our crowd LOVED her. She is very relevant to all of the change happening in our world post-covid. She engaged the audience and had a great stage demeanor. We
are very proud to have worked with her. THANK YOU CRYSTAL!”

— First Command Financial Services
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