Crystal Washington

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Futurist and Technology Strategist

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7 Video(s) By This Presenter

Crystal Washington Futurist Speaker Reel
Technology Strategist & Futurist Sales Talk
Social Media Talk
Social Media for Sales
Xploration Station Life 2.0 Featuring Futurist Speaker Crystal Washington
Crystal Washington Tech Futurist Keynote Speaker Demo
Keynote Clip

5 Programs By This Presenter

  • Gain an understanding of the mechanics of generative Al, its boundaries, and its optimal applications.
  • Grasp the profound implications of tools like ChatGPT for the future of your industry.
  • Develop strategies for seamlessly integrating generative Al into your existing systems to
    amplify your outcomes.
  • Navigate the ethical considerations and adopt best practices for harnessing generative Al’s potential in the realm of business applications.
  • Unlock the true potential of the future, allowing you to shape and wield it for unparalleled success.
  • Discover the most under appreciated gems of innovation-ones that are already in your possession.
  • Construct a robust framework to future-proof both your career and organization, ensuring you thrive through uncertainty and turmoil.
  • Decode the intriguing shifts in human behavior that are driving innovation within
  • Unearth the top five groundbreaking technologies poised to disrupt or revolutionize your industry.
  • Depart equipped with the means to activate fresh strategies while effortlessly staying ahead of the ever-evolving trends!
  • Master the art of reaching out to clients under pressure, avoiding potential pitfalls.
  • Elevate your personal brand online with effective strategies.
  • Transform from a standard-issue salesperson to a superhero in the eyes of your clients, especially during challenging times.
  • Harness the power of tech tools to propel your clients, partners, and prospects from
    “What now?” to “WOW!”
  • Unmask the significant ways in which technology is reshaping our very essence.
  • Navigate through the Top Ten Trends that are set to leave an indelible mark on you, your workplace, and your industry.
  • Unearth invaluable tips and strategies for boosting efficiency and performance, even in times of talent scarcity and supply chain disruptions.


“The audience response to her content has been amazing. Crystal’s energy, passion, and expertise simply wows.”

— Barron's

“We immediately went to work on new social media strategy for based on what we heard from Crystal’s workshop. After 8 months of activity, we’ve organically quadrupled our followers on Twitter and our likes on Facebook. has reported a 61 % increase in average unique visits per month and a 41 % increase in average total page views per month. Now, that’s value!”

— Philadelphia Tribune

“Crystal was incredible easy to work with. She was thorough and came prepared to the pre-meetings as well as on site for the event. Our crowd LOVED her. She is very relevant to all of the change happening in our world post-covid. She engaged the audience and had a great stage demeanor. We
are very proud to have worked with her. THANK YOU CRYSTAL!”

— First Command Financial Services
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