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PROBLEM: It’s estimated that up to 375 million people around the world will need to change occupational categories by 2030. Forty-seven percent of jobs that exist today will be redundant in the next ten years. Forty-one percent of companies have already fully implemented or have made significant progress in AI, Robotics and AR technologies.
It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is occurring in a hyper-fast, connected, interdependent world at a staggering rate. New behaviors and habits are being born from algorithms and platforms, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, predictive bots, apps, big data and more. And we are only just at the beginning of this new future, which is changing everything about the way we live and the way we work.
How are you preparing your secret weapon, your superpower, your Workers of the Future to foster success for your multi-generational organization through this fourth revolution?

SOLUTION: By 2025, Millennials and Gen Zs will make up seventy-five percent of the workforce. Millennials and Gen Zs will be both our worker of the future and our next-generation customer. As a successful CEO, entrepreneur, master coach and Worker of the Future guru, Dan Negroni has trained, coached and mentored over 20,000 Millennials and Gen Zs and their leaders. Dan possesses a deep understanding of the attitudes, needs and expectations of the Worker and Customer of the Future. He knows how to meet their needs to help you create real results in your business today. Because the Worker of the Future has indeed arrived.
His provocative, inspiring and empowering presentation delivers practical tips and tools that can be used immediately to help your organization access a diverse, global talent pool to create a high- performing organization in a competitive, technology-driven economic landscape.

TAKEAWAYS: In this thought-provoking and inspiring keynote, Dan delves into:
• Three megatrends causing the workplace and the way we work to change at lightning speed
• A multi-faceted look at the diverse make-up of the Worker of the Future and what they value
• The challenge your organization will face in attracting and retaining Millennial and Gen Z talent
• The need to create real other focused leaders
• The importance of culture, core values, meaning and reskilling in the multi-generational workplace
• The top 3 critical, must-do-now, practices organizations should implement to attract, create and engage the Worker of the Future
• Key tools and techniques to help facilitate the right conversation with your Worker of the Future to drive performance, engagement and meaning

PROBLEM: Today, there are 2.4 billion millennials, they represent 40% of the workforce and will be 75% of your employees and customers by 2025. They not only control $660 billion in spending, but $10 trillion in assets will be transferred amongst the generations over the next nine years.
Don’t be left behind. In order to survive and thrive with the next generation, companies will need to understand the dramatic shift taking place in the workplace and the marketplace.
What is your company doing to stay relevant, connect and drive engagement with the next generation of employees and customers?

SOLUTION: As a successful CEO, entrepreneur, master coach and millennial guru, Dan Negroni has trained, coached and mentored over 12, 000 millennials and Gen Zs. He has a deep understanding of their attitudes, needs and expectations and has developed a framework to help companies bridge the gap and win with the next generation of customers and employees.
His provocative, inspiring and empowering presentation delivers practical tips and tools that can be used immediately to help your organization connect and engage with the next generation.

TAKEAWAYS: With valuable insights and a great sense of humor, your audience will experience “aha moments” as Dan shares:
• The key trends and statistics that define the millennial and Gen Z generations (Digital Natives) • What Digital Natives expect and value from their job and employers
• A 6-step framework to bridge the generationalgap
• Best practices for attracting, hiring and managing Digital Natives
• The 3 biggest mistakes managers make with next gen employees
• What the most innovative companies are doing to engage their Digital Natives

PROBLEM: Today’s millennial and Gen Z generations (Digital Natives) grew up differently than past generations—with “helicopter” parents who were ultra-involved, overly protective, ready to solve any problems and save the day at a moment’s notice. As a result, the majority of managers say that they lack the core qualities crucial for success at work.
Understanding how to develop and empower your millennial/Gen Z employees to become high- performing rock-stars and future leaders is critical to the growth and success of your organization.
Do your managers know how to onboard and teach your Digital Native employees the real-world, workplace skills they need to succeed? Wedo!

SOLUTION: Drawing from his experience training and coaching over 12,000 Digital Natives, Amazon best-selling author and Inc’s Top 100 Leadership Speaker Dan Negroni has developed a powerful training program to close the skills gap and unleash the potential of this amazing generation. With a focus on relationship-building and problem-solving skills, Dan shares how to create self- accountable, team-focused and high-performing employees from day one.

TAKEAWAYS: In this highly interactive and provocative keynote, Dan helps organizations & managers:
• Understand what Digital Natives need to know and how they learn best
• Learn the 4 steps to bridge the skills gap in relationship-building and problem-solving • Apply the Platinum Rule to engage and empower employees
• Use an inside-out approach to develop the whole person
• Learn how to be coaches and mentors to your next gen
• Teach the art of self-feedback
• Instill personal accountability for performance and development

PROBLEM: 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged, and yet companies that have highly engaged workforces outperform their counterparts by almost a 147%. Many companies are experiencing a crisis of engagement and either aren’t aware of it or are ignoring the problem. In fact, only 23% of companies have a plan in place to engage millennials and Gen Zs.
Does your organization and managers know what to do to create real engagement in the workplace?

SOLUTION: From his extensive experience training and coaching over 12,000 millennials and Gen Zs, Dan has a deep understanding of what employees need and expect in the workplace to drive engagement. His work with hundreds of companies has confirmed that current and past generations are more alike than different. Why? Because we are all humans and are intrinsically motivated in the same ways.
Dan has developed an inside out approach and 6-step framework that helps organizations transform their culture and workforce from disengaged to engaged. Using practical relationship-based techniques and tools, Dan will help you uncover what areas your organization needs to focus on and how to begin the journey to increased engagement, performance and retention.

TAKEAWAYS: In this interactive and empowering keynote, you’ll learn:
• What the heck is engagement? An understanding of the disengagement crisis and
why we should care
• A 6-step framework for transforming your culture and increasing engagement • The 3 components of an engaged culture:
– Self: Personal Growth, Health & Wellness
– Others: Communication, Connection, Contribution
– System: Workspace, Roles, Managers, Guiding/Coaching
• How to sustain employee engagement and retain your top talent

PROBLEM: Salespeople are the lifeblood of any successful business. Yet most companies will tell you that their biggest challenge is finding, hiring and motivating great salespeople, especially millennials and Gen Zs.
Having a process and system in place for attracting, developing and retaining killer salespeople is the key to taking your business to the nextlevel.
What is your organization doing to build its next generation of salespeople?

SOLUTION: As a highly successful CEO, entrepreneur and senior sales executive, Dan has a systematic process for training quota-busting sales teams. Applying lessons from his experience coaching
CEOs, top earning service providers and over 12,000 millennial and Gen Zs, Dan has taken the classic relationship-based selling techniques, tools and process and reinvented them to address the needs and expectations of your next gen employees andcustomers.

TAKEAWAYS: In this no-holds-barred keynote, Dan delivers practical skills and tools that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. You’ll learn howto:
• Redefine Sales for the Next Generation – Why Relationships Rule • Attract and Hire Your Next Gen Sales Talent
– Why the “How” we sell is more important than the CRM and calls
– Salespeople’s Mission: Understanding their Value and Focus • Train Killer Salespeople
– Other-Focused Selling – How to apply “you” to your client! – How to Create Value in 30 seconds orless
– The Power of the Question
– Start with the “Stories” end with “Stories”
– Mastering the Ask
• Retain Your Sales Powerhouses
– How to Coach individually and in groups – Creating a contribution focus

PROBLEM: By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials and Gen Zs. The attitudes, habits and expectations of this new generation is already having a profound impact on corporate cultures. How work gets done, by whom and where are all changing at an unprecedented rate. Companies that want to attract and retain the best talent will need to not only adapt to these changes, but embrace them. What is your business doing to create a workplace that attracts, engages and retains the next generation of employees? What does your corporate culture need to look like? And, how can you up your game to be the employer ofchoice?

SOLUTION: Having trained and coached over 12,000 diverse millennials and Gen Zs, Dan understands what they want and expect from their managers and their employers. During this provocative and insightful presentation, Dan shares the secrets to what your future employees want and what cutting- edge companies are doing to win with next gen employees. From flexibility to collaboration to continuous learning, he also provides a checklist for the future workplace and helps you create a plan of action for your organization.

TAKEAWAYS: This keynote presentation will help your organization:
• Learn what millennials and other employees want and expect from their workplace • Uncover best practices from the most innovative next gen companies
– Collaboration
– Diversity and Inclusivity
– Flexibility
– Tools and Tech
– Purpose and Transparency – Wellness
– Growth and Development
• Apply these lessons to your organization • Reimagine your future workplace

PROBLEM: In our global, networked, matrixed, dotted-lined, hyper-changing world, a real leader must be many things. Truly “real badass” leaders are those that care about helping others more than helping themselves. Unlike self-focused leaders, other-focused leaders seek to understand and make connections, encourage and empower their people, deliver value and make an impact on others Creating other-focused leaders will single handedly change your workplace, your business and your life.
What is your business doing to develop other-focused leaders and employees?

SOLUTION: As a high-growth CEO, entrepreneur and consultant to some of the world’s leading companies, Dan has witnessed first-hand the impact and results of self-focused leaders vs. other- focused leaders. As a master coach, he has helped hundreds of CEOs and senior executives learn how to build authentic relationships, inspire and enable others, create shared purpose, and get better results. In this life-changing keynote, Dan shares the 6 steps to mastering other-focused leadership, the real secret to bringing out the best in everyone.

TAKEAWAYS: This presentation will help you win at work and life by making it about others. You’ll learn:
• What is other-focused leadership?
• Why other-focused leadership works: The science behindit
• Best practices from today’s most inspiring other-focusedleaders
• 6 steps to be the best other-focused leader
• How to build a culture and workplace that truly makes it about others

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