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People of all ages are demanding more from their jobs and employers than ever before. They not only want to feel like their work matters, they also want their contributions to mean something and create real-deal impact. Understanding what drives the worker of the future is the first step to unlocking your next-generation workforce. To retain them, you must also make the shift from boss to coach and build a better workplace culture that allows them to learn, grow, and thrive whether in-person, hybrid, or remote.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • Critical insight into what’s really motivating any Worker of the Future “WTF”
  • Tips and tools to make the shift from boss to mentor/coach
  • A proven framework to effectively reshape your workplace culture into a place of “Belief, Belonging, and Becoming”
  • Resources to turn your workplace into your Great Reconnection from onboarding to coaching to career planning

The Worker of the Future is stressed, anxious, tired, and in many cases, burned out, from the fear and uncertainty of the last several years. Even our most resilient workers are struggling to remain positive and optimistic about their future. They’re plagued by self-doubt and wondering if what they do even matters. In this dynamic keynote, high-performance business coach and thought leader, Dan Negroni, will help inspire your team to lean into their own strengths, craft a powerful personal story, create connection through inquiry, and master their growth mindset to seize opportunity.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • A deep understanding of how mindset, grit, and resilience work together to help you see the opportunity in today’s workplace
  • Strategies to help your team feel safe and supported at work
  • Tips and tools to bake flexibility, resilience, and determination into both your personal and company story
  • Resources to create a lasting culture of success during uncertain times

It has never been more important to foster an organizational culture that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual while engaging them as a team to do their best work. Meeting people where they are matters. New skills, competencies, strategies, and frameworks are needed to successfully pull teams together, help them celebrate their differences, and provide them with a pathway to tangible success.

People need people and people want to matter. Future of work keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, shows you how to harness these two very human traits to create a workplace culture that meets people where they are and integrates people, passion, and performance even when they are physically dispersed.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:
  • Why a people, passion, and performance system matters
  • How to re-engage and connect your existing workforce and successfully integrate your new team members whether they’re in-office, remote, or hybrid
  • Strategies to learn to coach and mentor your people to show up authentically, do their best work, and create real-deal impact
  • 6 steps to B.R.I.D.G.E. the gap between workers regardless of location, age, gender, culture, or background
  • Critical insight to sustain your revitalized workplace culture and make it “personal” for the long haul

What does the Worker of the Future need to feel supported to grow and reach their potential within your organization? What does leadership look like in this future world of work, including hybrid and remote work? How do you shift from the old mindset of “boss” to the new mindset of “coach/mentor” to nurture and develop the talent you have? Worker of the Future keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, shows you how to spark your Great Reconnection and foster employee engagement for a high-performance culture.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • Insight into what the Worker of the Future really wants from your company and how to give it to them
  • Simple, but effective strategies to reconnect your existing workforce to themselves, their teammates, and your clients by tapping into their individual strengths to connect your organization
  • Why hiring and onboarding are critical to building a coaching culture that attracts and retains high-performance talent
  • Mindset “hacks” to create the next generation leadership the Worker of the Future is looking for

What does it look like to lead from the inside out? It starts with knowing yourself on a deep, personal level. This powerful strategy isn’t taught in college, much less business schools, yet it’s the key to becoming the leader you need to be to connect your next-generation workforce and inspire them to create real impact for the world. Executive coach and business keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, will show you how great leaders lead, how to create connection currency, and how to teach these strategies to others for complete mastery.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:
  • Proven framework to define and craft your powerful personal story using strengths, values, and passions
  • Strategies to co-create your company story with your team
  • Understand the art of the question and how to utilize inquiry to connect with individuals on a personal level
  • Become your own best coach and mentor
  • Access to powerful new software to help your employees find themselves
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