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Darryl Davis

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Based on the bestselling book of the same title, this fast-paced, high-energy keynote gives agents an overview of what is necessary to increase their income with more ease and faster results in today’s market.

It expertly combines motivational mindset strategies, time-tested how-to sales skills and techniques, and tremendous hands-on audience participation to energize an audience and compel them to take action in their lives and careers.

Darryl delivers the top six changes an agent needs to make to create breakthrough productivity and profitability results in just twelve months.

Here’s what sales professionals will learn:

  • The #1 secret to being in total control of every listing appointment. Agents need never be at a loss for words again.
  • The FOUR steps to a successful listing appointment to earn the listing from three out of four appointments attended.
  • How to show a buyer 5-7 houses and write a contract the first time an agent takes them out.
  • FIVE business-changing techniques to get sellers to list their homes at the right price – the first time.
  • The secret to calling FSBOs and EXPIREDS without fear.
  • How to generate ONE listing appointment for every THREE calls (and NOT sound like a pushy salesperson!).
  • The FOUR best techniques for getting listings sold FAST.
  • How to create an INCREDIBLE customer service experience that helps to generate referrals for life.
  • How agents can DOUBLE THEIR INCOME in 12 months or less.

In today’s world, life can get hectic. It’s important to know not only HOW to deal with stress, but how to move through it to the other side. Darryl delivers an entertaining, humor-filled message packed with solid techniques, strategies, and science-based solutions for audience members to have more joy and less stress in their lives – AND produce at extraordinary levels.

Based on his book, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About, this fast-paced seminar is full of stories and inspiring messages to help give people hope and foster excitement for a life and career filled with opportunities, successes, and memorable moments.

This keynote aims to leave audiences feeling more focused, motivated, and better prepared to take positive action in their lives.

Here’s what your audience will learn:

  • The Power of Smiling: scientific studies proving how smiling changes attitudes and success rates
  • How to create clarity about life’s most important components
  • How to best deal with negative business and life influences
  • How to create and keep valuable focus Top techniques for creating and keeping a positive attitude
  • How to have a breakthrough in communication at home and at work
  • How to live a life of purpose

Ever heard the phrase, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”? Not to get too knee-deep in science here, but Newton knew what he was talking about. If you want more reaction from your sphere and farm, you’re going to have to take action! Not just any action, though; let’s get strategic.

In this powerful, strategy-filled session, Darryl will share with your members how to turn an action – specifically, hosting Open Houses – into a surge of new listings, new clients, and the ability to take their businesses to the Next Level®.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to host an open house even if you have no listings How to set your open house up for success without spending a fortune
  • The must-have tools for setting your open house apart from the competition
  • How and when to follow up with open house visitors
  • How to create a powerful “buzz” among the neighbors
  • How to generate 10+ CMAs from one open house
  • How to separate lookers from buyers
  • What NOT to do during an open house to avoid hurting your results

There is no denying that the way business is conducted now is very different than in recent years, but one thing that hasn’t changed? Home buyers need real estate professionals to protect their interests, often even more than they realize. That’s where it’s up to real estate professionals to present and communicate VALUE, so that buyers understand this too.

Ready to help your agents get more buyer leads, loyalty, signed agency agreements, and happy clients who can’t wait to refer business? Then they won’t want to miss a minute of this timely topic!

In this timely and important topic, your agents will learn:

  • How to have buyers sign an agency agreement and appreciate it’s value
  • How to handle the initial phone inquiry about a property
  • What tech tools to use for effective virtual conversations
  • The best buyer lead generation strategies used by top producers
  • How to handle objections like, “Should we wait until the market changes to buy?”
  • The one simple strategy to maintain a buyer-client relationship, even when they see a property without you

There’s no time like the present to help your agents take their listing skills to the next level! Two of the best lead sources to target are the ones most agents are afraid of: FSBOs and Expireds.

The good news is that these just happen to be Darryl’s specialties, and these sellers need agents more than ever – especially For Sale By Owners. What they don’t know can cost them time, money, and stress.

Learning how to expertly communicate value as a negotiator and marketer and how to help them yield more for their home, help keep their family safe, and protect their interests with savvy buyers should be a top priority for all agents.

As a real estate professional in today’s market, one thing is certain: skill level will determine income level. Your member’s ability to meet change with the right tools, training, and expertise will not only help them build listing inventory now, but will also serve them throughout their career.

In this powerful workshop, your agents will learn:

  • Why FSBOs and Expireds are easier to work with than ever before
  • How to explain the Top 6 Reasons a FSBO should NEVER be a FSBO
  • How to show a homeowner why NOW is the time to sell
  • The proven voicemail dialogue to get 50% of FSBOs to call back
  • The 4 sections of a successful listing appointment
  • How to list 3 out of 5 appointments

In 1989, Stephen R. Covey first published one of the world’s most read and respected books,The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In his book, Covey revealed step-by-step how to live with more fairness, integrity, authenticity, and service. Those principles transformed millions of lives to more easily adapt and leverage change in ways they never had before.

The ability to navigate and harness the opportunities that come with change has never been more important. If recent times have taught us anything, it is that the need to be flexible and adaptable is crucial – not only for a successful career but to lead a life worth smiling about.

In this insightful, eye-opening session, Darryl takes Covey’s “Habits” for a spin – real estate style.

Your agents will learn:

  • How to Ditch “canned scripts” and speak from their hearts and not their heads to create customers for life
  • Proactively focus on the high-priority activities that repeatedly lead to business breakthroughs (even when they don’t want to)
  • Create a SURGE of listing appointments – even in a tight market
  • Get offers accepted in multiple-offer situations with more ease and less stress
  • Adopt the one simple mindset shift to turn prospecting from win/lose to win/win
  • Promote and brand themselves even when on a limited budget
  • Have more balance, joy, and confidence every single day

When was the last time your agents revved up their negotiation skills? Are they able to change their strategies and tactics to meet current market needs whatever those might be?

When it comes to negotiating, are they coming from a place of confidence or anxiety when it’s all on the line? No matter how many stages and transitions happen in this industry throughout time, mastering the art of putting -and keeping – deals together is challenging for even the most experienced agents.

Having expertise and confidence when handling objections and negotiating prices, terms, and offers is paramount.

In this confidence-boosting workshop, your agents will learn:

  • The concept of writing a win-win offer
  • How to assumptively start writing the purchase agreement
  • The must-have terms to get an offer accepted
  • How to present an offer in person even when no one else can
  • The 8-Part Process of presenting an offer to the seller
  • How to get an offer presented and accepted in the first 24 hours


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