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Diversity Specialist

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North America is a multicultural mosaic containing the most culturally diverse nations of the world. Workforce diversity has great importance to a modern organization, which must be communicated using both patience and skill. This presentation provides insight on the five most dangerous trends associated with workplace diversity, the key components of diversity, why it is important, and how to effectively create awareness throughout the organization.

With over 100 languages spoken in cities across North America, today’s economy requires you to have first-hand knowledge of new and relevant customer demographics. This presentation examines your customer profiles and uses a variety of advanced selling techniques to increase your numbers.

Rapid changes in North American demographics have brought diversity to most workplaces. Embracing any change of this magnitude presents challenges, and for some organizations the business benefits are not coming quickly enough. This innovative presentation helps develop a comprehensive understanding of a culture of mutual respect in the workplace. The workshop goes further to help organizations develop skills and lasting habits to nurture respect and gain the benefits of workplace diversity.

Did you know that for the first time in US history so-called ‘minority’ populations are becoming the numerical majority? How well does your organization understand and leverage the nuances of various diversities? In this blended program you will understand how ethnic, gender, generational, sexuality, linguistic, age and affluence diversities can be leveraged to stay leading-edge and maximize business opportunities for today and tomorrow.

Success in the international business sphere is essential. To advance your business internationally, you need to consider your corporate image and how your employees reflect this image in carrying out their daily work. This unique presentation helps you overcome the challenges of applying your business to an international market, bridging cultural gaps and avoiding pitfalls. The main ideas include communication, competitive advantage, branding, business and social confidence, and building stronger rapport.

The workplace of tomorrow is increasingly diverse, requiring a sophisticated knowledge of the factors promoting cross-cultural understanding. Successful diversity inclusion mandates an organizational vision, plan and ongoing support for inclusion. This session focuses on how to enrich our cross-cultural environment, minimize misunderstandings, and successfully work with a diverse workforce, cross-cultural strategies and diverse leadership.

Every day, most businesses and other organizations work cross-culturally, whether they are maintaining offices around the world, working on multinational projects, or simply enjoying a culturally diverse team in their local offices. There has never been a greater need for intercultural competence. This presentation provides a number of common assumptions and behaviors to avoid when dealing across across cultural boundaries.


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