Deborah Rosado-Shaw

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Former SVP, Chief Global Diversity and Engagement Officer of Pepsico, Entrepreneur

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5 Video(s) By This Presenter

Deborah Rosado Shaw Speaker Reel
Leadership Is About Interrupting Norms – Deborah Rosado Shaw
Ask Permission To Have Difficult Conversations- Deborah Rosado Shaw
The New Realm Of Mastery – Deborah Rosado Shaw
Deborah Rosado-Shaw – Business Speaker

5 Programs By This Presenter

In this experiential, actionable, and validating keynote, Deb gives organizations on their diversity journey a fresh and highly impactful approach to creating the wins that elevate team performance.

This keynote serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors looking to:

  • Grow beyond tactical initiatives to weave diversity into their personal and organizational DNA.
  • Navigate complex and societal issues that impact workplace diversity.
  • Get results-driven guidance in making the right decisions regarding diversity.

Leaders, managers, and individual contributors audience will leave with:

  • A mindset and tools to leverage diversity as a strength to think powerfully, act courageously, and invent collaboratively.
  • A proven pathway for managing and leveraging diversity to build high-performance teams powering growth and profitability.
  • An increased capacity to have authentic and impactful conversations about workplace diversity that elevates their own professional and personal opportunities.

In this keynote, Deborah takes the audience through an empowering and tangible definition of culture and gives them the mindset, behavior and tools needed to powerfully contribute and deliver results at unprecedented levels.

This keynote serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors looking to:

  • Create a vibrant and healthy culture where people think powerfully, act courageously and invent collaboratively
  • Create and sustain a high-performance culture that becomes a competitive differentiator for talent attraction, retention, and engagement

The audience will leave with:

  • The realization that they are co-creators of their culture having discovered their own voice and power in the matter of shaping culture.
  • Clarity about their role and impact in crafting and cultivating their signature culture.
  • Perspectives and tools to build a culture where people feel valued, honored and heard.

This experiential, actionable, and validating keynote gives women at work a roadmap to recast their future from predictable struggle to empowered legacy.

This keynote serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors experiencing:

  • Frustration with the tried approaches and slow progress of workplace and societal initiatives to promote equity.
  • Fatigue from the ever-present quest to be heard, valued and given the full opportunity to express their highest potential.
  • Fear and feeling ill-equipped to handle the complexity of the moment yet committed to doing it well.

The audience will leave with:

  • Clarity and confidence from a heightened awareness of their personal and organizational performance inhibiting beliefs and how to move through them.
  • Greater capacity and new access to specific actions to step up their leadership and achieve greater organizational influence and impact.
  • An innovative approach to the work/life blend challenge with a clear pathway for action and fulfillment in the workplace and at home.

The perspective and tools presented in this keynote provide a fresh and reality-tested approach for leaders, managers, and individual contributors facing the new reality of work.

This keynote serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors who:

  • Are feeling ill-equipped to navigate through the spectrum of human concerns and unrelenting challenges and upsets that now permeate the workplace
  • Are struggling to attract top talent and increase retention by creating the kind of compelling culture that engages an effective workforce
  • Want their people to be prepared, unafraid, and fiercely engaged in their everyday work, elevating performance and achieving bold organizational goals.

The audience will leave with:

  • An easy access transformational approach that alters the game by addressing the new reality of work in a way that drives fulfillment, impact and meaning.
  • The new skills, tools and practices that leave people feeling seen, heard & valued; building collaborative relationships that fuel performance.
  • Newfound capacity to invent in the moment and take bold and effective actions.
  • Willingness to step in, step up, trust themselves and help empower others to be of impact and drive the future.

A powerful and intimate story-rich keynote that inspires Hispanic and non-Hispanic associates alike with truths learned on the road from the barrio to the boardroom. Deb guides her audiences through perspectives and actions necessary to build and demonstrate a more inclusive culture that drives organizational growth.

This keynote serves Hispanic and non-Hispanic leaders, managers, and individual contributors:

For Hispanic Associates who are:

  • Frustrated and fatigued by experiences of discrimination and micro aggressions.
  • Feeling isolated or threatened within their ecosystems, looking to expand their network of support, connections and impact.
  • Hoping that all of the “diversity” talk is more than lip service and includes their ambitions and dreams, too.

For the broader organization looking to:

  • Attract, retain and advance Hispanic talent in an inclusive environment.
  • Increase Hispanic employee, community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Leverage Hispanic experience and understanding to fuel the business to capture and expand into new markets

The audience will leave with:

  • The inspiration that emerges from having discovered our shared humanity and promise.
  • A profound validation of the experience and journey traveled that becomes a gateway to powerful new thinking.
  • A renewed curiosity and commitment to engaging with others as allies, mentees, mentors, and sponsors.
  • Clear access and actions for advancing their careers and being of greater organizational impact and value
  • Increased capacity to work in a culturally complex and ever-changing world dependent on celebrating our human potential.


“Deborah speaker with great truth, clarity and compassion. Always easy access but highly strategic, she never fails to elevate your leadership bar and leaves you poised to take action with integrity and purpose.”

— HACR-Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility

“Fantastic, you really left us charged.”




“Like air pumped into my veins. Giving me courage & strength.” 


What a powerful and moving story accompanied by real business acumen and grit. She hit the nail on the head and 1000 people gave her a standing ovation. ”

— Regional Sales Director, ESSILOR


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