Derek Daly

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Formula 1 and Indy Driver, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Television broadcaster, Professional Speaker

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Meet Derek Daly
Derek Daly
Derek Daly – S.A.F.E.

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A Culture of Extraordinary is not an abstract concept but must be encoded into the DNA of teams. Imagine your team learning how to think and act differently as they push themselves to the edge of what might be possible. They will understand what it means to go beyond their best. They will embrace the restless pursuit of marginal gains.

Your team will understand why the Zone of Peak Performance is not a crowded place. Derek uses powerful, real-life sports analogies in a unique and compelling manner, that leaves audiences in awe. Even the US Government DoD embraced this topic.

Today demands Speed Agility and Flawless Execution. You will understand the critical difference between going fast and being fast. Your teams will grasp how Trust and Preparation become the cornerstones of teams who push against boundaries. Your frontline employees will understand how to be Highly Aligned but Loosely Coupled, by being empowered to make quick decisions, with limited information.

They will learn how to achieve trailblazing performance and understand why corporations sometimes struggle to emulate these valuable traits. This topic has energized both male and female audiences from California to the Czech Republic.

Having survived the hardest crash impact a driver had ever lived through, Derek shares his near-death experience that led to an unprecedented safety initiative in racing that continues today. Your team will learn how his sport developed the safest high performance work environments in history. When attitudes changed, lives were saved because Compliance did not replace Responsibility.

Learn how your team can make critical performance gains by turning ever present Risk, into Intelligent Risks. You will understand the crucial balance between Speed and Safety. No one remains emotionally neutral as they grasp these breathtaking personal experiences


“Derek was absolutely spectacular! Without exaggeration, he could not have been better. I have been told by dozens of attendees that this year’s conference was the best ever. A large part of that is due to Derek and his terrific presentation. I want to add that Derek was the perfect gentleman. Both before and after the sessions he took the time to chat with those who wished to speak with him. He also worked with us to ensure every aspect of his presentation was just right. All in all, we could not have asked for a better keynote speaker.”

— Northwest Public Power Association

“It was an absolute pleasure… two wonderful sessions… even today as I pass through the hallways I hear staff talking about your front of the grid analogy . . .”

— National Cash Automation / Federal Reserve System Cash Product

“What was great about your presentation skills is that you don’t pretend to be an expert on your audience’s specific business line, you allow your audience to connect the dots between your racing principles and their respective businesses. Very effective.”

— Goldman Sachs Asset Management

“Derek did a fantastic job!!! . . . the crowd was engaged. . . . we had to send slides from his presentation to our investors because so many people were requesting copies. We would recommend him to anyone!”

— Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation

“Great speaker. Mixed in stories about his career with just the right messages about teamwork and change. While not everyone in the audience was interested in racing, they all enjoyed hearing his stores. I highly recommend him for any event. We have already had inquiries from attendees as to how they can hire him for events they’re having.”

— Volvo Cars of North America, LLC
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