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New York Times Best-selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur & Forbes Contributor

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Diana Kander – Innovation
How Do We Learn From The Wins
2023 Sizzle Reel
2023 Curiosity Sizzle Reel

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Want an incredible opening keynote that makes participants more engaged in every session? Then teach them how to harness their curiosity!

Based on her book, The Curiosity Muscle, Diana’s high-energy keynote shows us how we can level up our simple questions to get significantly better results and drive innovation. That includes the questions attendees are reflecting on throughout your event!

She helps participants understand that the longer they’ve been doing something, the more likely it is that their expertise has also created some blind spots. Blind spots that could be huge opportunities for growth. She demonstrates how we struggle with additive bias (looking to add more things to our plate to solve a problem), when taking something away would be the much more optimal solution.  And she helps attendees understand how our natural desire to be right gets in the way of our learning and improvement.

Through hilarious case studies and interactive exercises, Diana will leave your audience excited to learn and open to changing how they see the world.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

  • How you can institutionalize curiosity, ask better questions to stay competitive and relevant to your customers and drive growth
  • How you can dramatically reduce the risk of new ideas and create a more innovative culture that leads to results
  • How to determine pitfalls within your organization and avoid falling into the “expert trap”

Did you know that once you finish a presentation, your audience will forget 50% of it within an hour and 90% of it within a week?  How are they supposed to take action on your idea when they can’t remember anything you said?

This sad statistic doesn’t have to be your fate. Diana’s Go Big or Go Home keynote will show you how to significantly increase the amount of your presentation that an audience will retain and create that “gut feeling” that compels them to take action as soon as you’re done. Based on Diana’s newest book, this talk will offer five concrete tools you can use to emotionally connect with prospects, customers, and employees, and help them remember and act on what you said!

And Diana won’t just educate you about these principles. What fun would that be? She’ll take you on an interactive roller coaster, carefully weaving in each practice into the talk itself! (Note: Due to the audience participation level of this presentation, it is exclusively available through an in-person format).

ROI & Key Outcomes:

  • How to create trust with your audience at lightning speed
  • How to make your presentation memorable and worth telling others about
  • How to do research that no one else will do to get meetings that no one else will get
  • How to add surprises into your presentation that will keep the audience laser focussed on what you’re saying


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You’ve challenged us to ask bigger questions; reframing questions that yield disproportionately bigger results and career growth.

We cannot thank you enough for kicking off the month with your keynote which energized, inspired and helped set the tone for our Red Hatters to actively engage in live and on-demand career development opportunities. Your sessions were engaging and your humor was well received. You’ve challenged us to ask bigger questions; reframing questions that yield disproportionately bigger results and career growth.

— Red Hat Career Centre

“We very quickly adopted many of her practices to address old ways of doing things and used her methodology to bring new ideas to life.

Shortly before the pandemic, Diana spoke to our organization. I think one of the profound things she encouraged us to do was eradicate the zombies. We very quickly adopted many of her practices to address old ways of doing things and used her methodology to bring new ideas to life. Her concepts and tools allowed our health system to stay ahead of the pandemic and have one of the best responses in the nation. I would strongly recommend Diana for any keynote or leadership engagement you are thinking about.”

— Vice President, Cox Health

“Obviously Diana is an expert in the field.

The Partnership was extremely happy with Diana Kander’s presentation at our annual breakfast. We received a significant number of positive comments from a cross section of the community; economic development investors, elected officials and entrepreneurs. Diana’s presentation was thought provoking and left attendees with an understanding of how they can become involved and assist growing startup companies in our community. Diana was very engaging, entertaining and gave timely advice.”

— Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development

“Diana Kander is an energetic, engaging speaker who makes her audience really think. (and laugh!) When I looked around the room, I noticed attendees were not only listening but also taking notes and very eager to ask questions. From discussing blind spots to “killing zombies” (believe me, this is worth hearing), her presentation was the perfect blend of education and entertainment, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone looking to create a memorable event.”

— Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP)

“Diana does a superior job of speaking to a wide variety of audiences. She engaged students, faculty and business owners all with ease. And, Diana’s message isn’t all roses – she challenges her audiences to think differently, act strategically, and create critical conversations among founders, businesses and collaborators. The dialog she spurred continues to shape our thinking today.”

— Millikin University – Tabor School of Business
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