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New York Times Best-selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur & Forbes Contributor

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Diana Kander – Innovation

6 Programs By This Presenter

For Sales Meetings

This presentation teaches a methodology used by both entrepreneurs and established organizations to continuously create new value for their customers. You will learn the key questions you must ask in order to uncover value-creating opportunities, as well as precisely how to ask them to effectively yield useful insights. Questions like: are you competing on price or value with your customers? If your focus is on value (which it should be), are you missing some key blindspots in your product or service? Are you measuring true data about the health of your project or just relying on vanity metrics that are concealing what’s really going on? 

ROI & Key Outcomes:

Change the way you solicit feedback from customers to make it more actionable

Learn the key customer questions that will uncover value-creating opportunities.

Learn detailed examples to improve curiosity, creativity and leadership skills


For All Company Meetings

This keynote explains exactly why most companies reaching the peak of their potential lose their curiosity and crash into irrelevance. From how we develop blind spots about our business, to the pitfalls of feeling like an expert, this thought-provoking, engaging program reveals the smokescreens obscuring imminent threats to long-term viability. It walks you through specific ways to boost innovation, uncover customer needs, solve problems, create new value for customers, and increase employee engagement. Most importantly, Diana demonstrates why curiosity is your greatest asset to drive constant innovation and help your company thrive and compete on more than price alone — ultimately, future-proofing your business. 

ROI & Key Outcomes:

How you can institutionalize curiosity, ask better questions to stay competitive and relevant to your customers and drive growth

How you can dramatically reduce the risk of new ideas and create a more innovative culture that leads to results

How to determine pitfalls within your organization and avoid falling into the “expert trap”


This all-company keynote empowers employees at every level to seek opportunities for innovation. You can’t expect your entry level employees to come up with new $100 Million product lines, but you can ask them to recognize opportunities for innovation through their everyday interactions with customers.

Entrepreneurs seem to sell differently than everyone else. They don’t just create customers, they create raving fans who love to broadcast their loyalty and admiration to anyone who will listen. How can established companies create this level of excitement and passion? This keynote presentation will help you not only identify them but understand what’s driving their purchasing decisions.

Most entrepreneurs have heard the phrase “follow your gut!” Well it turns out that most of our guts are leading us in the wrong direction. After many years of researching what separated successful serial entrepreneurs from those who couldn’t seem to get a business off the ground, Diana Kander has discovered 4 Counterintuitive principles that separate the two groups of people. This talk will help you understand and apply these principles to your work, no matter what innovation you are trying to achieve.

For Executives & Managers

The pace of change in today’s economy requires innovative, value-adding ideas to come from all parts of your organization – whether they are internal improvements or new sources of revenue. The way managers were traditionally trained stifles innovation and forces out-of-the-box thinkers out of the company. This interactive presentation outlines the must-have skill sets to effectively lead your employees. Diana will provide the framework for how your organization – and the people within it – can flourish in this hyper-competitive world.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

Learn new skill sets required of the innovative leader

Avoid common pitfalls of innovative leadership

Create an internal culture of innovation so that every employee is a resource to the effort 

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