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Diana Kander

New York Times Best-selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur & Forbes Contributor
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The 4 Habits of an Innovator: How to Make Yourself Irreplaceable at Work
(And how to protect your job from robots)

Audience: company-wide

Program Description: The innovator’s skill-set is the equivalent of typing skills in today’s marketplace. It is the only way to make sure the work you do isn’t just filling time but actually creates value for your organization.

The only way to become irreplaceable is to find a way to create new value over and over again. In the not-too-distant future, this set of skills will not be enough just to get ahead. Rather, mastering these skills will be the only way to survive in the workplace.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

  • Shift your perspective to think like an innovator on a daily basis
  • Understand the difference between new ideas and ideas that actually create value for your organization
  • Strengthen your job security and highlight your unique talents

    ​​​​Creating a Culture of Innovation: Motivate Your People to Focus on Real Value
    (And how to teach every employee to contribute to your company’s growth) ​​Audience: managers & leadership teams

    Question: As leaders, are you fostering a culture of innovation, or are you suffocating it through a culture of “yes”? Do you have a culture with no tolerance for risk? Is fear too central to your company culture? The culture you are creating today might mean the life or death of your company tomorrow.

    ​​Program ​Description: The pace of change in today’s economy requires innovative, value-adding ideas to come from all parts of your organization - whether they are internal improvements or new sources of revenue. The way managers were traditionally trained has historically stifled innovation and has even forced out-of-the-box thinkers out of the company. The mindset required of today’s innovative leader is vastly different than it once was. This interactive presentation outlines the must-have skill sets to effectively lead your employees. It will provide framework for how your organization – and the people within it – can flourish in this hyper-competitive world.

    ROI & Key Outcomes:
  • Learn new skill sets required of the innovative leader
  • ​Avoid common pitfalls of innovative leadership
  • Create an internal culture of innovation so that every employee is a resource to the effort

    How to Create Innovative Value for Your Customers in a Commodity Business
    (Improve what you do and how you do it)

    Audience: company-wide for businesses in a commodity environment

    Question: Are you competing on price or value with your customers? If you are competing on value and service, are you consistently measuring whether what you’re delivering is actually what your customer wants and cares about?

    Program Description: Business is more competitive today than at any point in history. Supply (of virtually everything) significantly outnumbers demand. So how do you stand out? How do you make sure customers choose you as their preferred vendor? This presentation highlights the three key innovations that will allow you to create value on a consistent basis, maintain your margins, and continue to make your customers happy (and prefer you over your competitors). You will learn the key questions you’ll need to ask to uncover value-creating opportunities – and exactly how to ask them so you generate deeper insights. Included will be several success stories from other commodity businesses that have created value to differentiate themselves in innovative and creative ways.

    ROI & Key Outcomes:
  • Understand the 3 different innovation opportunities that will allow you to consistently create value
  • Learn the key customer questions that will uncover value-creating opportunities Shift the way you compete for business

    My Entrepreneurial Journey and Valuable Lessons Learned
    (The journey of how Diana Kander became a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, a thought-leader on innovation, and a leading expert in entrepreneurship education.)

    Audience: Entrepreneurs and Economic Development organizations

    Program Description: Diana Kander shares her personal journey; from its humble beginnings (escaping the Soviet Union in the middle of the night), to a successful entrepreneurial career, to writing a New York Times best-seller used in over 70 colleges to teach key entrepreneurial skills. Diana shares what has allowed her to learn three important lessons: 1). The power of entrepreneurship and how it can transform lives; 2). The power of mentorship and how it can help you achieve what you never thought possible; and 3). The power of creating real value for others.

    ROI & Key Outcomes:
  • Learn what’s holding most wantapreneurs back from creating successful companies
  • Shift your thinking on what a mentor/mentee relationship should look like, and how it can add the most value to a new company
  • Understand what a community can do to foster and grow successful entrepreneurs
  • Why Book Diana Kander?

  • Diana created Leap Ventures to help organizations think more entrepreneurially, understand their customers on a deeper level and create a culture of innovation.

  • Diana provides practical tools & shares insight on how implementing innovation into your organization's culture is a must in order to succeed and grow in today's market.
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    Diana Kander's family escaped from the Soviet Union when she was 8-years-old. By the time she was an American citizen, she had perfected her skills as a capitalist – selling flea market goods to grade school classmates at a markup.

    Today, Diana is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and sold a number of ventures, a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri and a Senior Fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the largest non-profit in the world dedicated to entrepreneurship and education. A Georgetown-educated attorney who left a successful practice to launch her first company, Diana draws on her experience as a founder, investor, and academic to train companies and non-profits how to be more innovative and how to get their employees to think like entrepreneurs. 

    Diana is the author of All In Startup, a New York Times best-selling novel outlining lessons for launching successful products through a story of a struggling entrepreneur making his way through the World Series of Poker.

    Diana lives in Columbia, Missouri with her high school sweetheart/best friend/husband, Jason, and their awesome son, True.

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