Doc Hendley’s Inspiring Message for World Water Day

Posted by Alexis Washington

thumbMarch 22nd is World Water Day, (where raising awareness about how safe clean water, transforms lives). Yet more than 750 million people around the world are living without it! But there are many — like Doc Hendley, who are working to change that!

doc-hendleyHendley has taken personal risks to do the hard work of providing water and clean water education, often inside the United Nations’ dangerous “no-go” zones! So we asked him a few questions about his Wine to Water foundation and who in his past inspired him to become such an inspiration to many:


Q: What does World Water day mean to “Wine to Water?”
A: “World Water Day is important to us because it’s an opportunity to create much needed awareness globally for the water crisis. We believe that the water crisis can be solved in our lifetime, but this can only be accomplished through a global campaign and the coming together of a number of like minded organizations and even governments devoted to ending the epidemic.”


Q: What is Wine to Water’s ultimate goal, and what do you need to accomplish it?

A: “Our ultimate goal is to reach as many people with clean water and sanitation on this planet as possible. However, making sure our projects are sustainable is just as important to us as reaching more people. That’s why we partner with local people and using local materials everywhere we can. The great thing about the work we do with water is that it’s a relatively simple and even inexpensive problem to solve. On average we can provide one person with clean water for an entire year for just $1. So, if 500 people learn about what we do through world water day and decide to give $10 that’s another 5,000 people we can reach.”

Q: After all you’ve seen and done, was there something (or someone) that inspires you to keep going? If so, please explain?

A: “There are a number of people that have kept me going since I got in to this 10 years ago. In the beginning my good friend Coy Isaacs who worked with me in Darfur kept me motivated and helped encourage me to stay the course, even when bad things happened to me (like getting ambushed and shot at). My team at Wine To Water is also a huge motivating factor for me as well. Their commitment and determination help to pick me up on the days when I’m down. That being said though, my greatest inspiration and motivation comes from my wife. Without her I am certain I wouldn’t have had the strength to continue running the race. Her attitude towards life and her commitment to serving others inspires me every day to be better.“

Q: “There is no life without water,” are very powerful words because of its truth! Are there any other words about your message (or organization), that you can share, that are just as powerfully honest?

A: “Another thing we always talk about is how water should be the foundation for any humanitarian or charity work in the developing world. Things like education, healthcare, food programs, etc. are all important, but none of them will survive if we don’t first address the water issues in these communities. So not only is there no life without water, there can be no end to poverty without there first being an end to the water crisis.”

Posted by Alexis Washington
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