Dr. Don Vaughn

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Neuroscientist and Science Communicator

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Dr. Don Vaughn – TEDx

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—What the recent cutting-edge breakthroughs in neuroscience? Can we fix broken brains or make new brain parts?

—How do we encourage more empathy? Is that always a good thing?

—Can we change our negative behaviors? What can be done after brain injury or degeneration?

—Do we understand the brain? Why are more people suffering from mental health issues than ever before?

—What if we predicted and prevented illnesses before they ever happened?


“Dr. Don Vaughn was an informative and engaging speaker at our event. He was able to masterfully capture the audience, as well as inspire and inform us by relating his expertise in neuroscience to our cause and everyday neurologic miracles we take for granted. We could not have asked for a more effective keynote speaker for our gala.”

— Institute of Neuro Innovation

“To this day, Dr. Vaughn is still considered one of the most interesting and popular speakers we have ever had at The Thursday Club. His level of understanding the group of people he was speaking to amazed all of us listening. It is rare to find a speaker like Dr. Vaughn, who comes from such a different time, yet is knowledgeable and considerate enough toward the issues we find important, that EVERYONE who heard him could relate to his message. From learning that being social as we age is a “must” for brain health, to drinking two cups of coffee for brain stimulation; every small lesson made a big impact when Dr. Vaughn spoke. He is both sophisticated and genuine in his professionalism as a speaker. We would recommend him to any institution or group who is looking for a quality speaker.”

— The Thursday Club President
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