Don Yaeger

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(CSP) Leadership Speaker, Longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated, executive coach and a 12-time New York Times Best-Selling author

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2021 Storytelling Intro
Don Yaeger – Former S.I. Associate Editor

3 Programs By This Presenter

Don teaches the habits of high performing individuals, and guides your team on a personal pursuit of greatness. He will take your team on a journey through the career defining moments, and teaches your team the lessons learned from those such as Walter Payton, Warrick Dunn, Michael Jordan, and John Wooden.
*Part of this keynote includes 16 characteristics of great champions.

The Great Teams Understand “The Why”. They are connected to a Greater purpose. Learn how to constantly remind your players and employees of who they are in service of while being acutely aware of downstream beneficiaries. The more a company creates “mission moments” for employees and team members to understand that Greater purpose, the better off the team will be when it comes to enduring any challenges along the way to achieving its goal. In this captivating session, Don Yaeger shares his findings from interviews with Olympic Gold Medal winners like USA Basketball Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K), 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant, and USA Basketball CEO Jerry Colangelo, as well as 4-Time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady, brilliant thought-leader Simon Synek and longtime Medtronic CEO Bill George.

Every winning team has an MVP… And every MVP has teammates. The Great Teammates immerse themselves into the fabric of high-performing organizations. They accept and commit to whatever role is needed to ignite momentum and yield winning results! Through remarkable insight from the GREATEST Teammates of our time, Don teaches you how to be invaluable without being most valuable. This universal lesson is one that is applicable to anyone in an organization from those at entry level positions to top level management. Fly the ‘W’ with Don as he breaks down business-applicable lessons that can be learned from former Cubs catcher David Ross and a World Series for the Ages, and many more.


“Your “conversational” manner of delivering the message on What Makes the Great Ones Great, and being able to weave that message into every day activities was truly inspiring for all in attendance. There is no question as I listened to you and watched the audience that you were engaged with them and the qualities you spoke of were from life’s lessons we could all benefit from.”

— Harrison Finance Company

“Our attendees were a bit apprehensive at first not knowing how sports could relate to the field of Human Resources. However, you connected the two and shared such great stories on teamwork, preparedness, goal setting and relationship building. This insight provided a unique aspect on their everyday tasks and responsibilities. Not only are they trying to find “great” employees, they are also furthering their professional development.”

— Society of Human Resources Management

“Your Characteristics of Greatness presentation was overwhelmingly rated as the best motivational speech the employees had ever heard.”

— Chevron

“He may be a sports writer, but he should be a speech writer. Don Yaeger is as polished with the spoken word as he is with the written. His speeches transcend age and gender. School kids and Fortune 500 executives will learn similar lessons about life, told in poignant and humorous anecdotes from Don’s personal experiences.”

— Target Companies

“Inspiring stories that make the audience stop and think. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, the stories transcend the sport into how we impact others around us.” 

— Infinex Financial Group 
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