Donna  Cardillo, RN

Donna Cardillo, RN

The Inspiration Nurse

In-Person Fee Range:
$7,501 - $10,000
Traveling from:
New Jersey
The Power of Transformation
The Negativity Bias

Donna Cardillo, RN

The Inspiration Nurse

In-Person Fee Range:
$7,501 - $10,000
Traveling from:
New Jersey

Why Book

  • Donna Cardillo, RN, is known as The Inspiration Nurse and the Nurse Whisperer. She is a powerhouse of energy, wisdom, and solid content.
  • Donna is as much a stand-up comic as she is an educator. She’ll have you laughing while learning.  Audiences will leave feeling positive, pumped-up, and ready for action.
  • She is a respected author of 4 books, which are used by healthcare systems and universities in their nursing education, career development courses, internships, and nurse residency programs.


Donna Cardillo, RN, CSP, FAAN is The Inspiration Nurse and the Nurse Whisperer. She is a powerhouse of energy, wisdom, and humor and has been referred to as a positive force of nature who lights a path for others to follow. She is a Nurse Influencer at American Nurse Today, co-host of The Talent Brand Show podcast, and the original “Dear Donna” columnist at Her accomplished career combines over 25 years of clinical, managerial and business experience, not to mention her stint as a professional singer. She is a life-long Jersey Girl with attitude and chutzpah to spare!

Donna’s clinical experience includes emergency and psychiatric nursing. Donna holds a diploma in nursing, a BS in Health Care Management and an MA in Corporate and Public Communication.

Donna has received numerous business and healthcare awards but is most proud of being named a Diva in Nursing by the Institute for Nursing in New Jersey (NJ) for outstanding achievements and excellence in practice. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN), the highest recognition that can be bestowed upon a nurse. Donna appears regularly on television and radio, is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines and has published numerous articles. Donna has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and the Today show and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times on several occasions.

Donna is author of four books including the award-winning Falling Together: How to Find Balance, Joy, and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to Be Falling Apart; Your First Year as a Nurse: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional; The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses: Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career; and A Day Book for Beginning Nurses.

Donna is a founding member and past president of the NJ chapters of both the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She holds the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers. This makes her one of only 10% of all speakers to hold this designation and one of only 25 nurses in the world with this credential. She is one of only three individuals to hold both the CSP and FAAN designation.

When Donna is at her home base in Sea Girt, NJ, she serves as a local spokesperson for family caregivers.

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The Heart of Nursing: How to stay connected to yourself, your patients, and your profession

This powerful and energizing program reminds nurses of their core values, vision, and purpose. By returning to basics, taking care of ourselves, and enhancing our professional practice, attendees will be reinvigorated to maximize their personal and professional potential while ramping up their positive engagement with patients, each other, their profession, and their workplace.

Participants will learn:
·       How to be a catalyst for positive change
·       Powerful yet simple patient connection tools
·       Techniques for extreme self-care
·       Empowerment strategies that work
·       Professional development with purpose

The Power of Transformation

This transformational program confronts the inevitability of change in our lives and careers, understanding why we resist change, strategies to embrace change and stay relevant, and how in the end, change will help us to create a vibrant future for ourselves and our profession. Without change, there is no growth and if you’re not growing you’re stagnating!

Participants will learn:
·       How to overcome their fear of change
·       Specific ways to build ‘change stamina’
·       How to maintain inner calm in the midst of outer chaos
·       Strategies for personal and career transformation
·       The importance of avoiding obsolescence
·       Click on the video to watch a snippet of this presentation from the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) in New Orleans.

Nursing – The Future is Ours!

Nursing and healthcare stand at the precipice of radical change. As such, a unique opportunity presents itself for us to take on a larger and more pivotal role in healthcare beyond anything that most of us could have ever imagined. As this new role takes shape, nurses will need to change their way of seeing themselves, their profession, and their capabilities. It’s time to stop whining and start owning our power!

Participants will learn:
·       What’s in store for the healthcare delivery system over the next 20 years
·       Why nursing must reinvent itself
·       How nursing will evolve into a ‘superpower’ in healthcare
·       Which behaviors, mindsets, and patterns no longer serve us
·       How to get in shape to meet the challenges – and opportunities – of the future

Passionate Leadership: Soaring to New Heights

Today’s leaders are challenged like never before. At the same time, they are in a unique position to have a greater impact on the future of their industry. So how can you stay inspired and continue to grow and evolve as a leader when chaos reigns, morale is low and change is a constant? Spend a high-content, high-fun hour (or longer) with The Inspiration Nurse and get primed, pumped-up and supercharged for the coming decade!

Participants will learn how to:
·       Identify and avoid the perils and pitfalls of being an experienced leader
·       Become stronger by softening yourself
·       Create physical and emotional accessibility
·       Stay relevant and inspired year after year
·       Self-management strategies to support your success

Nurse Power!™ Harnessing the power, the passion, and the pride of nursing

This uplifting program is designed to remind nurses of their own greatness and empower them for future success. It’s guaranteed to make nurses feel good and proud of who they are, what they do, and how they contribute to healthcare. Get ready to be pumped up, turned on, and super-charged with Nurse Power!

Participants will learn:
·       What they already have going for them
·       How nurses have already changed the face of healthcare
·       How to be a nursing advocate
·       Techniques for assertive behavior/communication
·       Strategies for elevating the profession to new heights

Staying Joyfully Engaged at Every Stage of Your Career

Florence Nightingale said, “Nursing should not be a sacrifice, but one of the highest delights of life.” Staying fully engaged and happy through the continuum of your career is vital to your success, your effectiveness as a healthcare professional, and even your health. Spend a fun, energetic, and practical session with The Inspiration Nurse as we explore ways to pump up the volume in your career…and your life!

Attendees will learn strategies to:
·      Stay engaged and energized at every stage of their career
·      Be a catalyst for positive change
·      Maximize multigenerational teams
·      Enhance recruitment and retention
·      Promote collegiality

The Power of Resilience

Challenge, change, and chaos has become the order of the day in our personal and professional lives. So how can you meet them head on and bounce back better and stronger rather than being overwhelmed? Donna will show you how to foster strategies to respond positively to change, adversity and stress while developing a sense of mastery, confidence, and personal power. Learn to turn challenges that threaten to knock us to the ground into the building blocks we need to become more successful, more joyful, and ultimately, more alive.

Attendees will learn to:
·       Build personal power and confidence
·       Embrace change
·       Approach life with a positive perspective
·       Develop habits to nurture and nourish self

Taking Care of You, Inc. – The Business of Self-Care

In the hectic, fast-paced, and high-pressure world we live and work in, it’s not enough to manage our time; we also have to manage our energy. Energy reserves, depleted by increasing demands, must regularly be replenished. Neglecting this need results in negativity, poor focus, reduced productivity, and ultimately burnout.

Join Donna in a refreshing and upbeat program about the whys and hows of renewal, rejuvenation, and energy management guaranteed to make you happier, healthier, more focused, and yes, even more productive!

This upbeat program offers practical strategies for:
·       Keeping a fresh perspective year after year
·       Creating, innovating and inspiring when those around you are wilting
·       Staying energized and focused in the midst of chaos
·       The power of disengagement – what it is and how to do it
·       Formulating a dynamic for future success

The Power of Precepting: How to Increase Your Impact and Expand Your Field of Influence

Preceptors are pivotal not only in shaping the next generation of nurses but also in driving the patient-centered experience. And with an increasingly complex and high-acuity environment in healthcare facilities, their role has never been more vital.

In this fun, informative, and energizing program, attendees will learn:
·       Key ways that preceptors influence and support newly licensed nurses
·       Fundamental professional development practices for preceptors
·       Core elements related to nursing professionalism
·       Areas where positive, proactive nursing language can enhance practice

Donna Cardillo, RN Reviews

“I just want to thank you for delivering such an inspiring talk at the Governor’s Conference on Women. You were engaging and humorous, but your biggest strength was your message. It was powerful and honest—words that can only be spoken by someone who has lived to tell the story. Thanks for being a beacon of light!”

— Conference Attendee

“Thank you, thank you and thank you for the joy you brought to so many. Verbal feedback was extremely positive; and the written evaluations certainly confirm that with numerous positive comments like “she is great,” “excellent speaker,” love her,” “great catch,” “inspirational,” “very fun & energetic,” and “thoroughly enjoyed this speaker,” just to cite a few. The planning team and I are just thrilled with how everything went so smoothly.”

— SETON Family of Hospitals

“Your ability to identify the struggles and challenges we are all facing in healthcare, and share realistic approaches to help us deal with these challenges, was really quite amazing! You have been able to give us clear guidance in navigating our future with many issues, including those of the heart. Thank you for your time, good humor, warmth, and professionalism.”

— Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

“Thank you for a magnificent presentation. Your seminar was just what we needed; engaging, encouraging and packed full with vital information that was timely and specific. You did all this in a style that was dynamic and of good humor. You immediately built trust and everyone felt your genuine friendship.”

— Catholic Medical Center

“We thought she was great. She delivered the message our nurses need to hear and she tailored her message to our brand of nursing more than previous keynotes have even tried to. We heard wonderful feedback from our attendees and of course she is a lovely person to work with, very professional and kind.”

— American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

“Thank you for providing us with excellent presentations for Nurses’ week this year. The feedback we received from staff was very positive! Your ability to identify the struggles and challenges we are all facing in healthcare, and share realistic approaches to help us deal with these challenges, was really quite amazing! You have been able to give us clear guidance in navigating our future with many issues, including those of the heart. Thank you for your time, good humor, warmth, and professionalism.”

— Patient Care Director Behavioral Health, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center


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