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Professional Inventor, America's #1 Idea Guru

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Doug Hall

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Everyone wants to do great work and innovate, but do they know how?  In this engaging talk, you’ll learn how to ignite innovation across your organization.  Built on research from 40+ years, $25 Million in research, 25,000 ideas and 1,000s of Fortune 500 teams – Doug Hall  will give you specific things you can do today to ignite innovation in your own work and think faster, smarter and more creatively.

This session is high energy and action packed with ah-ha’s and Eureka! moments that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about innovation.  Doug completely customizes the presentation to make it fun, mind opening and motivational.

With his legendary caffeinated energy – Doug Hall will ignite your audience to think faster, smarter and more creatively.   Doug will back up his energy with hard data and practical tips from his 40+ years of experience inventing and testing over 25,000 innovations and has helped inspire over $16 billion in current innovations.

The talk is based on Doug’s 7th book, DRIVING EUREKA!.  The talk and the book reveal the results of 40 years of research and experimentation so substantial that it’s become a new field of study – Innovation Engineering.  You’ll learn what it takes to lead a team to innovate more and faster, how systems thinking can liberate your calendar and your people and how to set strategy that motivates employees to deliver more.

The talk is fully customized to make it fun, mind opening and motivational for all audience.  The key takeaways are:

  • How to CREATE & FIND 8X more BIG IDEAS than your competition.
  • How to FILTER out the great ideas from the bad ones.
  • How to FAST TRACK your big ideas, so you can implement them 6X faster than your competition

In this entertaining storytelling session, you’ll learn the front lines account of how Brain Brew Distilling created a patent-pending breakthrough system, business model, and product innovations that beat the category leader 3-to-1.  Based on this same process you will be able to reinvent your own offerings.

Doug will share how this innovation team blew up the business model by crafting a premium spirit in 40 minutes. A feat that takes the competition 18 years to do! How they used 234 quantitative research tests to go from concept to in-market in less than 6 months and many other discoveries along the way.

This is an inspiring fact-filled talk that will open minds to possibilities.  The key takeaways are:

  • A mind-blowing mindset shift on market research that allows you to run 200% MORE research at 7% of the cost.
  • How disruptive innovation can happen in the MOST regulated industries.
  • How you can become a market leader overnight with ZERO experience.

How to win more, lose less, and make more money with sales, marketing and business development ideas.  During this high energy keynote learn a proven system for helping teams think smarter, faster, and more innovatively while also, learning how to sell more, to more people, for more money.

This powerful keynote outlines a sales and marketing approach that multiplies the impact of every dollar invested and every dollar you spend by teaching you how to make meaningful connections with customers instead of using mindless marketing tricks.

This 2-hour experience will educate and engage minds. The group will be educated in the latest science on thinking smarter and more innovatively and engaged in applying the learning to thought provoking If/Then Thinking.

Live from the Eureka! Ranch Doug will lead the session with his unique energy and enthusiasm for enabling innovation by everyone.  The workshop program is a turnkey event produced by Eureka Ranch and run on their platform.

The Group Will Learn:

  • Two data validated principles for creating exponential growth in their ability to think and problem solve.
  • The #1 data-validated method for eliminating the leading barrier to innovative thinking.
  • An idea creation system validated as being 500% more effective than classic brainstorming.
  • A system for reducing innovation failure by up to 800%
  • A system for increasing innovation speed from
  • Idea to reality by up to 500%.

A sample 2-hour agenda is customized for the group:

  • LEARN:   Systems for Creating
  • APPLY: SPARK DECK to Ignite Ideas (Idea Generation)
  • LEARN: Systems for Accelerating Ideas
  • APPLY: Begin Action Plans
  • LEARN: Share Learnings & Insights
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