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If you’re waiting for inspiration to show up, it might take a while. This presentation focuses on a set of proven creativity producing tools, tricks, and techniques for whenever you’re staring at a blank page AND a deadline that just won’t wait for your muse to show up for work.

Commodities are bought for the lowest price possible. But brands? They’re purchased at a premium. Is there such a thing as a premium commodity? Why yes, there is, and this example-filled talk proves it, and shares a ton of ideas on how branding your ‘completely true / completely you’ value and communicating it to the world can work for you.

You know you need both, but which comes first? The quick answer? Either. But as this entertaining, informational and actionable presentation lays out, the first step is tounderstand how these critical components of business intersect and interact. By the end of this fast, fun and fascinating talk, you’ll know the only right answer is: BOTH.

Everybody wants to know if their social media efforts are worth the time and budget they allot to it. To know if it is, just ask any high performing salesperson where they want to be with their customers before they’re in the market, when they’re in the market, and even after a successful sale. Their unanimous answer: top of mind. That’s what this presentation is all about: leveraging the power of social media to keep you front & center in your customers’—and potential customers’—minds.


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“If you are looking for someone to speak about marketing and branding
that is consistent with your culture and tells your company’s story,
DP is worth more money than he is charging.”

— Odgen Glaser Shaefer LLP

“DP’s talk on Brand and Culture greatly exceeded my expectations.
We have had great feedback from DP’s talk and would highly recommend
him to anyone who is looking for a talk that will challenge their audience!”

— Event Coordinator, Culture Community

“You are a fantastic speaker, and I really like your authenticity.
You really connected with everyone in the audience.”

— Founder, The Perk

“DP was our closing presenter because we knew
his topic and energy would keep the crowd until the very end.
We wanted our audience to walk away on a high note with actionable ideas that could use when they returned to work.
DP delivered in every way!”

— AMPED Association Management
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