Dr. Anthony   Orsini

Dr. Anthony Orsini


In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Virtual Fee Range:
$5,001 - $7,500
Traveling from:
New Jersey
How The Human Connection Improves Healthcare Tedx

Dr. Anthony Orsini


In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Virtual Fee Range:
$5,001 - $7,500
Traveling from:
New Jersey

Why Book

  • Dr. Anthony Orsini’s speaking engagements are characterized by his powerful message on the transformative power of communication.
  • Through engaging anecdotes and real-life examples, he demonstrates how mastering the art of difficult conversations can positively impact patient care, team dynamics, and overall success in any professional field.
  • Participants leave the speaking event equipped with practical communication techniques that they can immediately apply in their daily interactions, yielding immediate and lasting results.


Dr. Anthony Orsini is a practicing intensive care physician, and author of the book, It’s All in the Delivery –Improving Healthcare Starting with a Single Conversation. Widely considered an expert in communication, relationship building, and enhancing the patient experience, Dr. Orsini has been a frequent national event speaker in both the healthcare and business industries.

Profoundly impacted by an early career experience and the discovery that even the most successful and well-respected physicians often struggled with their communication skills, Dr. Orsini has spent the last 25 years developing proven communication techniques that teach others how to quickly form trusting relationships with patients, co-workers, and employees. His expertise in navigating difficult conversations has earned him a reputation as a leading authority on the topic, making him the go-to expert for enhancing communication skills and building strong relationships.

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Through his decades of research and experience as an ICU physician, Dr. Orsini has mastered the key elements required to navigate through difficult conversations in the most effective and compassionate manner.

Perfect for physicians, risk managers, HR executives, and business leaders, this presentation teaches the communication skills necessary to positively influence challenging situations encountered daily.


  • Learn how to use compassionate communication to build trusting relationships quickly
  • Understand emotions and how they impact interpersonal dynamics (emotional intelligence)
  • Master verbal and non-verbal techniques used to de-escalate difficult conversations and convey empathy in any situation
  • Become familiar with customer/employee / patientcentric communication
  • Learn key communication insights that lead to effective leadership, especially during times of uncertainty and crises

Communication is no longer a “soft skill”. In fact, it is the most critical leadership skill and competency required for empowering people and teams to reach their full potential. In this time of uncertainty, when you must fuel innovation, come together as a team, navigate hybrid work, and inspire and engage the next generation of the workforce, good communication is essential for success.

In this engaging lecture, leaders will learn the 4 insights that will help any practitioner, manager, or leader cultivate the interpersonal communications skills required to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.


  • Experience a paradigm shift and emerge with a completely new understanding of how to connect and communicate effectively, while learning to lead in the moments that matter the most
  • Foster the confidence and competence necessary to navigate any conversation with empathy and expertise turning conflict into a catalyst for meaningful connection, engagement, and growth
  • Emerge inspired and in command of the most essential skill set required to effectively navigate the future of work
  • Become familiar with customer/employee / patientcentric communication
  • Learn how to attract and retain talent by forming trusting relationships with team members and employees
REMEMBERING YOUR "WHY" Reducing Physician Burnout

Professional burnout and staff turnover have caused a major crisis in healthcare. Physicians have the highest suicide rate of any profession, affecting over 900,000 patients per year. Declining employee engagement and nursing turnover significantly affect the bottom line and result in poor clinical outcomes.

In this engaging lecture, Dr. Orsini discusses how healthcare executives can help staff improve job satisfaction by creating a culture that encourages strong relationships with patients and fellow team members. Described as inspirational, this presentation will inject new enthusiasm into your physicians and staff and remind them why they chose medicine in the first place.


  • Discover how to revitalize your staff’s enthusiasm for medicine and reduce burnout
  • Learn why strong communication and relationship building is good for both patients and staff
  • Recognize the signs of professional burnout and debunk the various myths regarding this important subject
  • Understand the relationship between patient experience and staff well-being Significantly improve net margins by improving patient experience and reducing employee turnover
IT'S ALL IN THE DELIVERY® Enhancing the Patient Experience Through Better Communication

Medicine is about the human connection. When patients and providers connect on a personal level, healthcare is at its very best. This results in better outcomes and a greater experience for patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

In this interactive presentation, Dr. Orsini discusses the relationship between key predictors of a positive patient experience and effective communication. Healthcare providers and hospital executives learn proven techniques that build trusting relationships with patients and team members, resulting in a better patient and staff experience.


  • Learn key predictors of patient experience and debunk various myths surrounding this topic
  • Master effective and compassionate communication techniques that quickly build trusting relationships and improve patient satisfaction
  • Understand customer/ employee /patientcentric communication
  • Learn how to create a team approach to resolve conflict
  • Learn how to enhance compassion and still maintain efficiency
  • Obtain the tools necessary to create sustainable culture change

Patients who have a relationship with their providers are less likely to file malpractice claims and have better outcomes. From the initial patient interaction to the filing of a malpractice claim, multiple opportunities exist to avert litigation and maintain a positive relationship with patients even when a medical error occurs.

This keynote teaches healthcare professionals and hospital executives key communication techniques that dramatically reduce malpractice claims and limit medical errors.


  • Understand the concept of “It’s Hard to Fire Your Best Friend”
  • Master verbal and non-verbal techniques that build trust and maintain good relationships even when things don’t go smoothly
  • Learn key critical opportunities to avoid medical errors and avert malpractice lawsuits
  • Learn effective communication techniques that will significantly decrease medical errors
  • Discover how to properly reveal medical errors when they do occur

Although most physicians are required to deliver tragic news during their careers, few have received any formal training in this important skill. Even the most senior physicians associate delivering tragic news with anxiety and uncertainty. Business managers and leaders are also frequently faced with the task of delivering bad news to employees and are frequently illequipped to navigate these conversations. This presentation will teach the necessary communication techniques that help deliver bad news to patients and employees in the most compassionate manner. Dr. Orsini shares his decades of experience as an award-winning neonatal intensive care physician to leave medical providers, HR and business executives with “life-changing advice” that they will use for the rest of their careers.


  • Learn the 3 goals of Breaking Bad News Master the principles of the BBN P.R.O.G.R.A.M.® roadmap
  • Obtain key verbal and non-verbal techniques that convey compassion, build confidence and establish trust

Dr. Anthony Orsini Reviews

“His thought-provoking, practical techniques make any leader a better communicator. The feedback was so superb we asked him to speak again this year. Yep, I’m a big fan of Dr. Tony Orsini.”

— Founder of The Studer Group

“As a guest speaker at the New York State Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference, our audience was inspired by Dr. Orsini’s delivery of the importance of compassionate communication. The key insights he gave about avoiding burnout were invaluable takeaways. We felt his presence was a real value to the conference.”

— Executive Director New York State Children’s Alliance

“Professionals across all industries can benefit from Dr. Orsini’s perspective and approach to communication.”

— Vice President, Risk Management PLICO

“Dr. Orsini is a high-impact speaker who connects with audiences in a meaningful way. The feedback is consistently superb.”

— Best Selling Author, Crisis Management and HR Expert

“His delivery and communication was exactly what we needed during this difficult time in healthcare.”

— CEO Synova Associates, LLC


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