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The healthcare system is ill, folks!  The Quadruple Aim of healthcare—enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs and increasing joy at work for those in the system—remains elusive.  Healthcare professionals are dealing with monumental changes and incredible stress.

Doctors are overburdened; physician burnout is an epidemic. Administrators are dealing with increased regulations and shrinking budgets. Nurses are understaffed and overworked; compassion fatigue is rampant. Everyone is so busy trying to do more with less that staff members feel disengaged and dissatisfied rather than valued and appreciated.

Quality and safety measures are paramount, with Joint Commission surprise surveys and patient satisfaction scores—whether through Press Ganey, HCAHPS or even Yelp!—determining accreditation, policy and reimbursement. Everyone’s worried about HIPAA and CMS and ROI and EMR and … OMG! Nobody is LOLing anymore!

Dr. Brad can’t cure the dysfunctional healthcare system all by himself, but he can get treatment started with just one house call as a healthcare keynote speaker. With his humor and insight, the comedian doctor can help healthcare professionals rediscover happiness at work, even among the myriad frustrations. And a little more satisfaction at work goes a long way toward:

  • reducing costs through reduced staff turnover, greater staff retention and less absenteeism
  • improving workforce productivity and performance
  • improving quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • increasing the bottom line!

Nurses need some love! The true heroes of healthcare, they’re the ones who bear the brunt of the healthcare system’s problems. They’re understaffed, overworked and stressed! They’re suffering from low morale, compassion fatigue and burnout. And they have to work with doctors! Many report feeling disengaged, undervalued and unrecognized for the amazing work they do every single day!

Dr. Brad can’t cure all nurses’ ailments by himself, but he can get treatment started with just one house call as a nursing conference speaker. With his humor and insights, the comedian doctor can help nurses rediscover happiness at work, even among the myriad frustrations. And a little more satisfaction at work goes a long way toward …

  • reducing costs through greater nurse retention, less nurse turnover and less absenteeism
  • improving nurses’ productivity and performance
  • improving quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • increasing the bottom line!

Call it what you will: burnout, compassion fatigue, abuse, moral injury … No matter how you label it, it has become all too common among healthcare professionals.

And it’s an epidemic among physicians. They’ve always been used to the “normal” stress of caring for others. But they have so many more stressors in this current era of healthcare. Most have lost their autonomy, with administrators of big healthcare bureaucracies determining policies, cutting costs and forcing everyone to do more with less. Docs are dealing with insurance company policy makers, too, dictating what tests can be ordered and what therapies can be prescribed. Let’s not forget the threat of malpractice lawsuits in today’s hostile, litigious legal environment.

And, of course, the government is involved, too, with regulations, mandates and a veritable alphabet soup from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program. And those acronyms bring to mind some others related to all the stressful tests doctors have to take throughout their lives: MCAT, USMLE, CME, ABMS MOC … And those are on top of the IV, EKG, MRI, CBC, KY and of course everyone’s favorite stress-inducing $%&#ing acronym: EMR!


No wonder doctors are not just stressed; they’re overstressed! They’re not just tired; they’re exhausted! They’re cynical, disengaged, negative. They’re complaining and misbehaving. They’ve lost the joy of practicing medicine. There’s no LOL.

You want to help them. First, it’s the morally responsible thing to do when so many are turning to drugs, alcohol and even suicide. Second, it’s also a money-saving smart business decision, as continued burnout among providers means more staff turnover, more medical errors and malpractice suits, lower quality of care, lower patient experience scores, an impaired institutional reputation and ultimately lower profits.

Yes, a return on your investment in your physicians’ wellness can result in better morale, higher physician retention rates, improved recruitment of doctors, better quality and safety scores, improved patient satisfaction and an improved bottom line! That’s quite an ROI!

It’s time to care for the caregivers, to heal the healers!

This damn new coronavirus has been a real @%^&*$%, causing illness and mortality around the world. And beyond those it has infected, millions more are suffering from anxiety, depression and loneliness. Chronic health conditions are going untreated due to fear. There has been an increase in domestic abuse. Economies have been devastated. Incomes reduced significantly. Jobs lost. Families going hungry. Kids out of school.

And, oh yeah, that conference you were planning has been canceled.

Maybe it was an annual event for your professional association. You intended to give your members a return on investment (ROI) in the form of education, networking and sharing of best practices. Or maybe it was an employee event for your company, meant to boost the bottom line by educating the team and boosting morale and camaraderie. You know your participants always look forward to these events. They enjoy the connection with their community of peers, networking, socializing, learning, laughing … But those events are going to have to wait a while. Damn COVID!

So, now the questions are: how to keep your group not only surviving but thriving in these strange, unprecedented times? How to keep your people healthy, happy, productive and engaged? How to motivate virtual employees? How to keep them resilient in the face of fear, stress and burnout? How to provide them with laughter and connection?

You do it by hosting a virtual conference and having Dr. Brad as a virtual keynote speaker. Call it what you will: a webinar, a fireside chat, a virtual Happy Hour. Regardless of the label, Dr. Brad will deliver your end goals with a customized, interactive program. You’ll get good, sound, reliable wellness advice … from an actual physician. And you’ll get good, clean humor guaranteed to elicit laughs. Yes, just as he is in person, Dr. Brad is entertaining, uplifting and informative as a virtual keynote speaker.


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” Brad presented his delightful Medical Humor to a very overworked, tired and stressed Annual Medical Staff Dinner Meeting as a keynote speaker. He has a great message, is easy to work with and a delightful presenter. My Medical Staff responded very positively and everyone had an extremely enjoyable evening. A totally successful experiment!”

— Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

“Brad Nieder’s presentation was absolute perfection and was perfectly tailored for our group. There was truly nothing more he could have added. He was personable, interacted with the audience, taught us important points for living, and shared his wisdom. The laughs just kept coming. Jerry Seinfield would be jealous!!!”

— Centennial Area Health Education

“For two years in a row SwedishAmerican Hospital asked Dr. Nieder to speak at our Cardiology Millennium program. In 2011 Dr. Nieder spoke to health care workers from the Northern Illinois region on humor and health and in 2012 Dr. Nieder returned for the evening portion of our program where he shared his talk with the Rockford community. On both occasions he was very well received… Dr. Nieder’s ability to make the audience laugh contributed greatly to the success of both programs and helped serve for a most memorable conference. We enjoyed Dr. Nieder!”

— SwedishAmerican Hospital

“Thank you for a great job! We received many compliments on Dr. Nieder’s presentation.”


“I have had more positive feedback about Brad than anyone else ever! We have this event every year and it is always a challenge to find entertainment that is appealing to physicians and spouses. I am so glad his schedule allowed him to be with us.”

— St. Ritas

“Brad was fantastic, a big hit with our attendees. We went for something different and choosing a non-clinical keynote speaker for our first symposium was a risk. Brad’s performance validated our decision and it was a great start to our event.”

— Great Valley Publishing Company, Inc.

“Get ready to laugh and learn! Brad brings a seriously funny keynote filled with joviality and interactive frivolity. But don’t let the lightheartedness fool you, Brad gives earnest life advice that each person can weave into their everyday routines.”

— Emily Griffith Technical College

“Dr. Nieder brought laughter and involved physicians. Encouraged laughter instead of burnout and recited a poem that gave everyone present some thing to think about.”

— Covenant Health Sytem

“Dr. Nieder was just what we were looking for. Someone uplifting and appropriately funny but with facts but with facts and interesting points to go with the humor. There wasn’t one person in the audience who wasn’t smiling or laughing out loud.”

— Summit Financial Group


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