Dr. Marty Makary Explains How You Can Fight Skin Cancer with Caffeine

Posted by Alexis Washington

The weather is finally warming up! For most of us this means long hours outdoors absorbing the sun’s harmful UV rays. Despite the temptation to enjoy summer at its best and warmest, remembering to protect our skin is a must and new research shows that caffeine may actually prevent skin cancer!

Recent research has found that caffeine can effectively block the process in our bodies that causes normal skin cells to become cancerous. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins explains that these findings have been proven in lab samples, but should by no means be used to justify poor skin-protection practices.

So don’t just drink more soda or coffee, skin cancer survivor Donna Hartley explains more active ways to protect yourself. According to Donna, “a child born today has a one in seven chance of developing skin cancer in their lifetime and one person dies of melanoma [the most deadly type of skin cancer] every hour.” To protect your skin you need to be sure to wear the appropriate level of sunscreen (Donna recommends 50 UVA or UVB), avoid spending large amounts of time outside from the hours of 11am and 2pm (when UV rays are strongest), drink plenty of water and exercise, and be sure to seek a medical opinion on the development of any strange spots or malformations on the skin.

So whether or not you believe that caffeine can effectively prevent skin cancer, don’t use caffeine intake as a supplement to healthy skin care. You can try these recommended beauty supplements for your skin. As Dr. Makary notes, “The Sun is good, tanning salons and all these other ingredients are not. As long as you get a moderate dose of sunlight you are probably in good shape.” So enjoy the warmth and sunshine in the upcoming months; but do so with caution, remembering to care for your skin.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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