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Dr. Michelle blends powerful stage presence and spot-on actionable knowledge to help teams, leaders and individuals embrace change with confidence.

Dr. Michelle’s talks combine engaging stories, audience interaction, gorgeous visuals and powerful techniques that push attendees to completely transform the way they motivate themselves and others toward and through change.

Your attendees will:

  • Master the art and tools of leading themselves and others through change
  • Unlock exceptional leadership capabilities
  • Fuel motivation of themselves and others through change
  • Boost performance of themselves and others in a rapidly changing world

Dr. Michelle’s powerful strategies for leading changes have transformed the lives, performance and success of leading brands in all industries. These science-based, easy to apply strategies have given leaders the actionable solutions and powerful confidence to lead their teams through change and challenge, all the way to off the charts results. This powerful experience will not only motivate your attendees to embrace change, but will also give them the actionable takeaways they need, today more than ever, in order to lead change with confidence, build their resilience and become motivated, intentional and successful as a team, as leaders and as individuals.


  • Understand change resistance. Get the tools to handle it.
  • Master the C.H.A.N.G.E. Model. Lead change with confidence
  • Master a powerful five step plan for supporting your team through change

Motivation is the master key for success. As the world gradually gets back to a new normal, your attendees will thrive using the science-based motivational tools and actionable takeaways that Dr. Michelle shares. Dr. Michelle takes the mystery out of motivation and leads your attendees through a powerful, actionable and engaging journey that transforms the way they will motivate themselves and others through adversity, burnout and challenge, all the way to off the charts results.


  • Understand how motivation works in the human mind
  • Master the 20% Rule for helping others safely stretch beyond their comfort zones
  • Master the Three Golden Rules for motivating yourself and others
  • Master the E.N.G.A.G.E. Model for creating instant motivation

Burnout is a challenge for both individuals and corporations and stands in the way of the focus and energy that we all need as we get back to the new normal. Dr. Michelle motivates and inspires attendees in a highly engaging experience. She provides them with the actionable takeaways and practical steps they need in order to get from burnout to best and leaves them not only motivated but also knowing what they can do right away to get themselves from burnout to their absolute best as leaders, as team members and as individuals.


  • Learn the three levels of burnout, and how to know where you or someone around you stand.
  • Master 5 Steps for growing your resilience in the new normal
  • Master the B.E.S.T. Model for 4 habits of highly resilient people
  • Master the Three Golden Rules for massive action to get yourself from burnout to best


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