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Duncan MacPherson – Marketing Guru

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Become Their Personal CFO
With the commoditization of the financial services industry, and the volatility in the market place there has never been a better time to be more relevant to your clients. In uncertain times, clients have anxiety and apprehension, and you need to help them look to the future with anticipation. Duncan MacPherson’s process will unlock your full potential when it comes to consistent client acquisition and sustainable client retention, by dialing in a combination of proven strategies that elevate you above the competition.

  • Identify gaps and address any untapped opportunities, overlooked vulnerabilities and unmet needs in your business
  • Build the foundations for client-focused relationships that transcend money
  • Be positioned as a client’s personal CFO, so that you are perceived as a panoramic wealth and risk manager
  • Deploy a turnkey approach to a referable client experience
  • Thriving in a Post-DoL Environment
    The United States Department of Labor proposed changes – expanding the definition of the fiduciary standard that dates back to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 – has some in the financial industry apprehensive and questioning how they’ll position changes in their service model to their clients.

    Following a fiduciary mind-set keeps you in line with whatever the final version of the proposed changes to the fiduciary standard will be – communicating this as a part of your process, which you provide your top clients, will cement your relationships and refer-ability. It can be a win-win situation.

    Duncan MacPherson will give you tangible tools, and focus your approach to keep you compliant, and to remind both your affluent clients and your prospective clients that there are two types of advisors – salespeople with a quota and consultants with a process – and what the differences between the two are.

  • Align your process with the fiduciary standard
  • Align your ideal clients with your philosophy, planning strategy and process
  • De-commoditize your value so that you are not at the mercy of pricing, products and performance
  • De-personalize and professionalize the client experience
  • De-mystify how you are perceived and described
  • Stay compliant, transparent and operate with full disclosure
  • Gain full empowerment from clients
  • Take Your Business to the Next Level
    If you aspire to a predictable business without any plateaus while restoring liberation and order to your personal life, Duncan MacPherson has created an actionable process that you can translate into measurable results. This time-test approach has been deployed by thousands of knowledge-for-profit professionals to reduce friction and improve sustainable productivity.

  • Competitor-Proof Existing Client Relationships
  • Convert Occasional Customers into Fully Empowering Clients
  • Create a Referable Client Experience
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    “Duncan, I just wanted to thank you for coming to speak to us at the Greater Oakbrook Chapter of the FPA. Your talk was exceptional! My hand still hurts from taking so many notes that I’m convinced will raise my service to my clients. You were exactly right when you wrapped up your comments. You provided me with insight to new ideas as well as validated some of the things I’m already doing. Thanks again, it was great seeing what a Canadian looks like.”

    — Waddell & Reed

    “I have hired Duncan three separate times to speak to RIAs, independent financial advisors and CPAs. He has a uniquely engaging and memorable style that captivates advisors, helping them understand how they can be liberated from their businesses while doing the right thing for their clients. What Duncan teaches is not revolutionary, but adoption of the proven Pareto process dramatically changes advisors’ lives. In fact, each advisor that engaged with Pareto and Duncan after hearing him speak has thanked me for introducing him and ‘saving their practices and their sanity.’”

    — 1st Global

    “I have had two events at which Duncan spoke. The first was in Charlotte, NC for UBS and the second was in Atlanta which was open to all advisors. Both of these meetings were very well attended and the feedback from Advisors was amazing. It seems folks couldn’t get enough of Duncan’s ideas and were starving for more. I will be attending a Merrill Lynch Top Advisor meeting next week. We are sponsoring Duncan to speak there as well. I expect that the response will be the same from those Advisors too….”

    — First Trust Advisors
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