Eagles Talent Goes Live with Artist & Keynote Speaker, Phil Hansen

October 16, 2017
Posted by Ari Frangias

Our managed speaker Phil Hansen recently visited the office to share his messages of embracing limitations and overcoming challenges.


Phil’s limitations first surfaced during his Art School days when his passion for pointillism–using millions of tiny dots to create an image–caused his hand to tremor. After taking a break from art, a consultation with a neurologist confirmed that years of pressure on his hand had caused permanent nerve damage. Thinking it was the end of his art career, Phil lost all hope until his doctor shared a bit of advice that would change his life: “Embrace the shake.”

“When I found my way back to art what I found is that working with that limitation is what allowed me to push my creativity. It was then that I started to see my limitations as a method of being more creative.”

As seen in his TED talk–which now has over 2 million views–Phil uses the notion of embracing limitations to inspire organizations during times of change. His motivational keynote speeches involve engaging elements that teach and encourage audiences to unlock their inner creativity.

For the full interview with keynote speaker and live artist Phil Hansen, click below.

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Posted by Ari Frangias

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