Ed Viesturs

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Author, World-Class Adventurer and Mountain Climber

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Ed Viesturs
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Viesturs lecture documents his primary goal of climbing the World’s 14 peaks over 8000 meters (26,000’ and above) without supplemental oxygen-a project he titled Endeavor 8000. This effort took him 18 years to complete and in doing so became the only American and one of five people to accomplish this feat. The themes interwoven within this story are team work, leadership, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, commitment, and risk management. His images showcase these efforts and complement the talk.

1. “Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.” Climbing a mountain has to be a round trip. You need to plan ahead and have resources to make sure you finish what you set out to do.

2. “Listen to your instincts.” Make decisions based on your experience and gut feelings. Don’t get caught up in group think.

3. “Temper your ambition in the face of overwhelming risk.” Be patient enough to wait for the right time to move forward, even if others are going ahead.

4. “Patience and persistence are keys to success but I believe that passion is the most critical ingredient.” If you are passionate with what you do, you’ll perform better, enjoy the process and be willing to take as long as it takes to succeed.

5. “Teamwork, regardless of the industry, is the same: It is an implicit trust in, and recognition that the person next to you is No. 1”.


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“Ed Viesturs is among the most powerful and inspirational speakers I have heard during my 35-year business career. His message of preparedness, dedication, commitment, risk assessment, overcoming obstacles, goal setting, and perseverance resonates with every audience member regardless of experience or position. I have engaged Ed five times to speak to associates in the companies I have managed because his message is relevant to every business regardless of where it is in its lifecycle. Ed is an inspiration to everyone that hears his presentation.”

— Former Managing Director at Wood Partners, Former President and CEO of AMLI Residential

“Ed Viesturs’ presentation of his lifelong journey (“No Shortcuts to the Top”) to become one of the
world’s most elite and accomplished mountaineers is a thrilling, passionate and inspiring story. And one not to be missed. You can’t help but be on the edge of your sea level seat as Ed guides you through some of the most amazing mountaineering climbs and world record setting accomplishments – all without out the aid of supplemental oxygen. And then more importantly Ed shares what it takes to have the courage and intelligence not take a summit when it lies only feet away and instead live to climb another day. Not only does Ed tell his story in a way that only he could, he backs it up with his own stunning photography of the world above 8,000 meters. Ed’s story is truly incredible and a must see live experience.”

— Chief Engagement Officer, BeClearly

“Ed hit it out of the park. I really enjoyed listening to him and his useful parallels to the working environment. The symbolic exercise of attaching our own carabiners to the rope was really powerful and pretty cool.”

— Team Member at Pivotal

“His captivating storytelling and awe-inspiring mountaineering achievements leave an indelible mark, making him an exceptional source of inspiration. Attending one of his talks is an experience that will forever transform and motivate.”

— Chief of Staff, Paystand

“Ed has been a welcome and powerful addition to multiple executive seminars and stakeholder summits that we’ve thrown over the years. His personal story of perseverance and balancing ambition with both commitment and prudent risk-taking always resonates. I highly recommend Ed to any organizations that are looking to inspire their team members, customers, or other constituents with a message predicated on what one can accomplish through the intersection of hard work and relentless focus.”

— Co-Founder and Managing Partner, PeakSpan Capital
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