Egypt Sherrod

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TV & Radio Host, Lifestyle Humorist, Home Space Expert, Real Estate Broker, Author & Motivational Speaker

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Egypt Sherrod – TV & Radio Personality
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During this keynote, Egypt talks about why your highest potential requires one to keep your thoughts, your mind and your feelings vibrating at their highest level. It often requires one to adopt a new mindset, a new approach to the way we look at things. To reach our extreme, one has to THINK EVEN BIGGER.

Hear from HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod on how you can find the strength, develop the knowledge, and summon up the power in you to make every day count! Let live, not die. Believe in the ability to find and align with your higher purpose. Find courage to color outside of the lines and to live outside of the box. Give more than you take, to live in service of others, and to live with GPS… GIVING, PURPOSE, and SERVICE!!!

Why are top real estate agents successful, and other real estate agents unsuccessful? Are there certain things that successful Realtors do on a daily basis that unsuccessful Realtors do not? What time do they wake up? How much time do they spend prospecting each day? Regardless what business we’re in, the small daily disciplines and habits that we do consistently over time will determine whether or not we experience the SHIFT and become successful.

Learn the simplest, easiest, and quickest ways to find, fix, and flip real estate for maximum profits WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.

Egypt offers her own guide to navigating the complicated process of buying a home: everything from saving for a down payment to triumphing at the closing table. She translates her reassuring personality with this “no stress” guide to buying a home by simplifying all of the many steps of
the process.


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