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Europe's Most Sought After Business Speaker

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Emmanuel Gobillot: Potential
Emmanuel Gobillot – Business Speaker

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Why do you employ hundreds and thousands of minds who then try to solve most problems alone? Why, at a time when customers are crying out for co-creation, do leaders feel that collaboration slows down business? Why does it feel so risky to let go of control and put our success in the hands of others? The answer is simple: collaboration is complex and subtle and organizations just aren’t built for that. In this fast-paced, dynamic and engaging presentation Emmanuel shows how, in today’s context, collaboration and co-creation inside and outside the organization is the only way to succeed. Only by developing the climate and capabilities that enable others to succeed can leaders claim the collaboration advantage.

Innovate or Renovate? Dream or Execute? Boom or Bust? Leaders regard innovation as a necessity for growth yet they cut innovation budgets when things are tough. We know we should innovate for tomorrow yet our need to survive today means that we never quite get around to it. Isn’t it time we saw innovation for what it really is: Idea generation, creation and execution. In this speech, Emmanuel shows how leaders can reconcile the needs for revenue now with the necessity of renewal. He explains how innovation exists in every organization ready for leaders to profit from it.

What if management thinking to date has been directed at the wrong problem? What if leaders’ focus on formal authority and organizational structures has been at the expense of the “Real Organization” – the powerful network of informal relationships that doesn’t appear on any organizational chart? What then? The result of 150 years of leadership thinking is simple: Leaders always eventually fail. This talk will show how, in today’s context, formal hierarchies are no longer effective. Only the real organization, with its cross-cutting networks, is agile enough to respond to the new context brought about by mass consumer and employee emancipation.


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