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World-Class Adventurer

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Eric Alexander – World-Class Adventurer

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 Eric knows that to succeed as a team each individual on that team must be a person who is trustworthy and must also demonstrate the ability to trust those around them.

  Dare to risk it all when the “experts” say the risk is too great. Eric speaks of moving forward in spite of our fears, stepping out in faith and courage to prove, as he says, “that we are the experts on ourselves.”

  Taking on a monumental task, like guiding a blind man to the summit of Mt. Everest, is not something that a person can do alone. Eric details how this extraordinary achievement was made possible by team-members putting aside their individual differences for the greater good of the team.

   In the high mountains it is critical that people do as they say they will do. Lives depend on following through on promises with action. To survive here, and be successful, a team must be comprised of individuals willing to stand by their word. This lesson carries over into many aspects of our personal and professional lives and is quite a recipe for growth and success.

  Eric shares his secrets for success: Prepare for the ascent; Ascend – dare to dream as dreams are still worth striving for; Triumph – miracles do happen so never give up, never listen to your critics, remember that champions adjust and that there are no limits to what we can achieve.

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