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Creating Magical Experiences

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Enchanting Audiences to Believe in the Impossible
Making Meeting Magical

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When we can develop a crystal-clear memory, we are more creative, confident, productive, less stressed and have better relationships. It is important to say, anyone can improve their memory! In addition to performing mind blowing memory routines, Erica will teach how to remember names, faces, client details, where we put things and why we walked into a room. This is an entertaining and highly interactive presentation that teaches easy, fun and immediately applicable tools that anyone can use to improve their memory.

We all have an infinite well of magic inside us, and when we tap into this magic we are more creative, connected and productive. In this energizing and entertaining presentation full of non-stop wow factor, Erica demonstrates the everyday superpowers we all possess and how we can access and utilize them. Some of the powers explored during this keynote are our incredible imaginations, perceptions, empathy and memory. After this presentation you will walk away feeling energized and inspired, with a lasting belief in greater possibilities in all areas of life.

Let’s face it, success in all areas comes down to relationship, and the key to good relationships is communication. Magicians understand this and know how to communicate and connect with audiences in order to affect people’s perceptions and beliefs. In this interactive and entertaining presentation, you will learn how to strengthen empathy skills, create magical experiences for others, hear what those around you are needing and convey how much you care. When we build strong trusting relationships, we are able to work better as a team, increase customer loyalty and boost sales.


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