Keynote Speaker Feature: Your Personal Coping Strategy in Times of Change and Stress by Sheila Murray Bethel, PhD

Posted by Alexis Washington

We are living in a time of extraordinary change and the stress that goes with it. Here are seven steps you can take, today, to stay sane, healthy and better enjoy your life and business.

1.  Let Go: Be willing to let go of the past. Handling change and getting control of your life comes about when we are wiling to let go of old ideas, concepts, resentments, and attitudes. Only then is there room for new successful ideas.

2.  Comfort Zone’s Pro’s and Con’s: We all need a place to be comfortable, however in order to keep up with the changes we face every day, we need to challenge these comfort zones for new ideas and better ways to live and work.

3.  It’s All About Attitude: Expecting to succeed in the midst of change is the hardest of all change lessons. Do everything you can to stay positive and avoid the naysayers, toxic people and situations.

4.  Get a Personal Support Person, a Cheerleader: This person is a friend, family member or co-worker. Trust is the key ingredient between you. They encourage you to talk about your feelings. They listen without passing judgments or criticism. These important people are your safety value, where you can vent and retain your balance!

5.  Design Your Own Life Plan: Define as clearly as you can the following:
What do I want to have, become, or achieve?
Where do I want to go?
How do I want to get there?
Who do I want to go there with?
What is the next stage in life, next position in business in my career?

6.   Physical Fitness: Dr. Sheila’s Rx to avoid stress:
Eat less, walk more, and increase intimacy.

7.  Unplug and Plan Your Life and Business: You need quiet time to think, plan and create your future. A simple formula: 5 minutes of planning in morning 15 minutes at end of workday, workweek, end of month, will keep you on track.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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