Fred  Schafer

Fred Schafer

The Fit Food Dude

In-Person Fee Range:
$3,001 - $5,000
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Fred Schafer – Motivational Speaker

Fred Schafer

The Fit Food Dude

In-Person Fee Range:
$3,001 - $5,000
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    Known across America for his dynamic, thought provoking, result getting and humorous speaking style, business consultant, researcher, scholar, author, entrepreneur, wellness coach and conference keynote speaker 54 year old Fred Schafer specializes in moving people to remarkable professional and career performance while also building stronger, more balanced and healthier leaders and associates.

    He is also the author of “How Anyone Can Become a Lean, Fat-Incinerating Anti-Aging Wellness Machine” and his business and career growth book, “Striking Back at Mediocrity” will be released in 2013.

    Fred has held high level management/executive/leadership positions and demonstrated the ability to achieve extraordinary results in a wide variety of professions. In his career he has set company sales and profitability records with multiple organizations and has received national recognition for best marketing and revenue improvement and recruiting and retention efforts and has received statewide (California) recognition for exceptional organizational and business leadership.

    His additional achievements as the author of two books, owner of several thriving businesses, magazine columnist, business consultant, medical fitness trainer and nationally acclaimed keynote speaker (Presented hundreds of conference keynotes in 48 states since 2002) are a demonstration of his ability to continually apply the latest findings in maximizing human potential.

    In 1995, with his expertise in building high achieving businesses, leadership development, and optimal wellness he founded “Fully Alive Training Systems (AKA F.A.T.S)”. Initially his company focused on coaching others one on one in business and income building strategies and fitness therapy (Medical fitness and injury prevention specialties). His first clients were many of the health care professionals he worked with in a hospital, including physicians, nurses and therapists.

    Due to the results his clients were getting and the information they were learning, Fred began to receive invitations to speak at local businesses and organizations, community health events, government agencies and school districts interested in increasing organizational and employee performance and improving attitudes while lowering health care costs and workers compensation claims.

    In 2002, Fred sensed a growing national need and began delivering his myth shattering, high energy, content filled and entertaining keynote and break out speeches to America’s organizations from Florida to Alaska. He is now in demand as his depth of high performance knowledge and experience is unique. His mix of leadership experience in corporate business, public organizations and entrepreneurship combined with his expertise as a wellness consultant and medical fitness trainer gives him a broad range of understanding of how to motivate and bring out the best in ourselves and others.

    He provides solid advice for improving professional and personal results with business and life challenges whether it be leading employees to excellence, maximizing revenues, improving the health and wellness of your leaders, recruiting and retention, service, or simply vision and passion for a more powerful, positive and productive future. Prepare to be inspired, refreshed and equipped to do better than ever!

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    "Thoroughbreds Don’t Eat Twinkies"

    High Performance Sport, Exercise, Professional and Personal Nutrition Lifestyles for the Fit and Influential

    Avoid being “put out to pasture”! In this revolutionary session, discover practically “secret” supportive performance nutrition methods that will help you harness improved health, appearance and energy. High performance nutrition and eating does not have to be a chore and a bore.

    Fred “The Fit Food Dude” Schafer, a Former Hospital Nutrition Director, Home Care Nutrition Coordinator, School Nutrition Director/Consultant and current High Performance Nutrition Specialist will outline why losing weight is a bad goal and why dieting is counterproductive. Learn how “Zig-Zagging” your meals, nutrient timing and eating more often can actually make you leaner, higher performing, more energetic, healthier and yes, more attractive too.

    You will discover nutritional “best-practices” utilized by top performers from sports, the military and by business leaders that are easily adaptable to your hectic schedule. As with all of Fred’s sessions, this one is fast paced, humorous and result producing!

    How to Become a Lean Safety, Health & Wellness Machine!

    One of the five “Pillars of High Performance” is your physiological health and strength. In this session with Injury and Disease Prevention SpecialistFred Schafer you will discover his unique and powerful system for training and “feeding” your body to be safer, healthier, leaner with more stamina In less than one hour per week!

    With his empathetic, yet direct, dynamic and humorous speaking style Fred will outline simple fitness, nutrition and energy management strategies that anyone can easily implement into their day. As a result, their bodies will be fortified against injuries, their professional image will improve and they can progressively become stronger, more energetic, positive, hopeful and better. Perhaps better than ever!

    Join Fred in this fast paced session packed and learn the valuable and life changing secrets from the fields of high performance fitness therapy and personal training.

    Striking Back at Mediocrity!

    It is Time to Boldly Get Better Results Than You Have Ever Experienced Before

    The Velvet Rope Workplace

    How to Create an Organization That Everyone Wants to Be a Part Of, No One Wants to Leave and Where Results and Meaning Experienced are Extraordinary!

    The Hardy Leader

    Plant the 12 Seeds of the Hardy Leader Because Leadership is Not for Wimps!

    Mighty Forces Marketing and Servant Selling

    The Mental Toughness Mindset of Those With Conviction of The Value They Bring to Others.

    Entering the High Performance Wellness/Safety Zone in a High Demand World!

    Perfect High Performance Organizational Leadership, Health Care, Safety, and Wellness/Health Promotion Sessions/Events

    Fred Schafer Review

    High energy. Well prepared. On time and stayed within the time slot for his presentation. Funny. Great choice for our group.

    — Florida Rural Water Association


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