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Gary’s storytelling, audience participation and historical anecdotes convey to attendees step-by-step measures on how to approach and overcome anxiety-inducing transitions and pursue new possibilities.

By the end of this session, participants will have renewed faith in their personal potential, confidence in their career goals, methods for transforming apprehension into action, and a realization that their renewed purpose will lead them in positive new directions.

Using his natural passion for education and a sense of humor, honed as stand-up comedian, Gary delivers intriguing and inspiring content in a universal yet uniquely defined message of potential that can be targeted to individuals, team members, businesses, and associations.

During this interactive presentation, students approaching graduation will be introduced to easily applicable lessons that remind them, they possess the advantage of time, how they to transform their passion into a career, methods to handle setbacks and, most importantly, ways they can shift gears and change direction before traveling too far down a dead-end road.

With a blend of humor and real-life experiences that took him from stand-up comedy stages to writing the nation’s best-selling motorcycle guidebook to running for state senate, Gary’s message of pursuing possibilities and charting a course based on passions is one that resonates with graduates across America.


Throughout history, individuals and businesses have often found themselves paralyzed by a lack of capital, stuck in place by an absence of technical ability, or bemoaning defeats that prevented them from facing the future and trying again.

The key to unlocking and unleashing potential energy can be found in our American heritage.

Throughout our nation’s history, the single constant of human nature provides us with valuable and effective lessons in leadership, teamwork, and success for individuals, businesses, and entire associations.

By the end of this session participants will see how artificial courage can lead to genuine confidence, how setting impossible goals has harnessed incredible new levels of teamwork, how past disappointments can inspire future energy, and methods that exchange excuses for a shared sense of possibility.

More than half a century after their break-up, the Beatles’ multi-generational appeal consistently finds them at the top of contemporary music polls and, once again, at the top of the charts.

But how did four musically untrained teenagers evolve into the most popular rock n’ roll group of all time? The same way they learned how to tap into bedrock business principles utilized by successful organizations – sheer talent and years of hard work.

During this entertaining, educational, and music-filled 45 minutes, the audience will learn how, as the Beatles’ de-facto CEO, John Lennon recruited the best talent he could find; how the group diversified their delivery systems to influence the direction of music, fashion, literature, and film; how their seemingly casual appearance belied a work ethic sharpened long before the release of their first record; and why John, Paul, George, and Ringo were collectively committed to delivering a product that exceeded expectations.  

With these lessons, audience members will have a greater appreciation for the musical and business skills of the Beatles and leave, knowing ways they can apply the same levels of excellence into their personal lives and careers.

A student of their music and the only presenter who lectures on the Beatles aboard the ships of the Cunard Line, Gary’s presentation hits home with international audiences – and will hit home with organizations, associations, and team members as well. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


“Gary’s topics, depth of knowledge, sense of humor, and passion for connecting with his audience made him a natural choice for a series of talks across the country. Well-prepared and always popular, he has delivered time after time.”

— CEO, Worldview Creative

“It was a pleasure to work with Gary. He took time to learn all he could about our organization and his audience prior to the event… I remain grateful for his kindness and professionalism!”

— Communications Manager, Modern Woodmen of America

“Gary McKechnie is a wonderful presenter! He is a very talented speaker with great knowledge. He kept the participants’ attention and we look forward to inviting him back for more exciting and informative presentations!”

— Education Program Manager, Master the Possibilities
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