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Gerry O’Brion – What Big Brands Know
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Learn a framework of innovation and influence that will show you how to become the #1 choice in crowded industries. Create disruptive strategies and messaging to attract your ideal customers, and leverage change to create unique competitive advantages that make you the clear choice. Your customers may be interested in your why and engaged by your story, but they BUY YOUR BECAUSE.

Gerry’s Power of BECAUSE framework has been used by manufacturers, distributors, dealers and businesses of all kinds to clarify their message, drive referrals and close sales. The presentation is a fun, thought-provoking dialogue that reveals the four critical questions you should be asking to stand out in the sea of sameness. It is packed with strategies and case studies from multiple industries that can be implemented immediately. Gerry O’Brion has worked on several billion-dollar brands and distilled that experience into a framework that will challenge your thinking about why customers buy, and how they make referrals.

What You’ll Get:

  • The power of your BECAUSE.
  • Four steps to becoming the #1 choice.
  • Strategies for navigating disruptive change.
  • How to be different when you seem the same.

Driving more referrals. Who is this for? This is ideal for CEOs, business owners, franchisees and sales teams who want to generate more referrals, close more sales, and become the #1 choice in crowded, competitive, commoditized markets.

Simple strategies for filling your business with top talent In the past couple of years hiring has skyrocketed to the #1 challenge for business owners. The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 15 years, and the next generation of employees views the workplace differently than their parents did.

Success in hiring takes a different approach today than it did 10 or 15 years ago. Some businesses have no problem attracting talent, while others are chronically understaffed. There are a few strategies that make the difference. This presentation includes strategies to find talent, hire the best, train them and keep them engaged. You’ll learn 10 ideas you can implement now.

The presentation will show how to attract new employees, and strategies for motivating and retaining A-players. Great businesses are not built by chance – it’s a formula. Gerry O’Brion spent years learning why some businesses thrive, while others fail. Gerry was an executive for billion dollar brands at P&G, Coors Light, Quiznos and Red Robin.

What You’ll Get:

  • Simple strategies to find, hire, train and retain top talent.
  • 10 hiring and retention ideas you can implement now.
  • Strategies for motivating and engaging your best staff.

Who is this for? This keynote is perfect for businesses who want create a powerful brand by attracting and retaining more A-players.

Simple strategies for building a powerful franchise brand Great franchise brands are built on the front lines with every customer interaction. The lowest paid employees can have the biggest impact on your brand – and on your sales. They should be your best marketing tool. Are they? On The Front Lines will give your franchisees the knowledge and tools to grow their franchise business while building a powerful brand.

They’ll learn the formula used by the most successful franchise concepts to increase guest frequency and retention. They’ll gain insights about hiring and motivating Millennial employees – turning them into your best brand-builders. Inspire your franchisees to be the best they can be. Get them excited about their critical role in building a powerhouse brand. Whether you need increased compliance, improved execution, more engaged local marketing, or better customer service, this presentation will motivate your franchisees to take their game to the next level.

Gerry O’Brion is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and marketing expert who helps restaurants thrive. Having worked on several billion dollar brands, he translates that experience into strategies that build great restaurant brands.

What You’ll Get:

  • Six steps to sales growth
  • The critical elements of a powerhouse brand
  • Hiring and motivating Millennials
  • Creating a Spiral of Success

Maximizing the front lines Who is this for? This keynote is perfect for franchisors and franchisees looking to maximize their sales growth and build a powerful brand.

Simple steps to accomplish more and accelerate your success What do you want for your business? For your life? The most successful people don’t leave accomplishment to chance. Learn simple steps to achieve more in your business and your life. Gerry O’Brion is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and marketing expert who helps companies thrive in good times and bad.

This fun, engaging, interactive session has you immediately implementing the ideas you learn. You’ll be up out of your chairs in a fully participative experience. No more just sitting and listening. This session gets you fully immersed in your goals and moves you down the path of accomplishment and generating action and commitment right here, right now.

Conference organizers love this session because the participants don’t talk about what the speaker said, they talk about what they did during the session. Each participant goes home with a goal t-shirt that they create, showing what they will accomplish before next year’s conference and reminding them of the value they got from attending this year.

What You’ll Get:

  • An easy, free technique that 96% of us don’t use
  • Simple and effective practices to achieve more today and every day
  • How to accelerate your success by 77%
  • A fully interactive, participatory experience

Leave the session with clear goals and a new commitment to accomplishing them Who is this for? Anyone who is interested in increasing their momentum, accelerating their progress, and advancing their success.

Simple strategies for building a powerful restaurant brand Great restaurant brands are not built by chance – it’s a formula. Gerry O’Brion spent years learning why some restaurants thrive, while others fail. The Restaurant Formula ™ reveals the secrets of the most successful restaurant brands.

Learn the four pillars of a powerful concept, and the six Critical Execution Factors that unlock revenue growth. He shows how to create raving fans that become your best marketing – for free. Gerry was an executive for billion dollar restaurant brands like Quiznos and Red Robin. He will have you look at your restaurant with a fresh perspective.

You will reexamine every element of your restaurant. The fun, thought-provoking dialogue will generate real ideas you can use immediately. The presentation is packed with information, strategies and case studies about restaurants that are doing it right.

What You’ll Get:

  • Four pillars of a great restaurant concept.
  • Six Critical Execution Factors
  • Ideas to immediately increase guest frequency and check average.
  • Techniques to create raving fans that share your restaurant with friends and on social media.
  • A simple framework for building a great restaurant brand.

Who is this for? This keynote is perfect for restaurant owners who want to attract more of their ideal customers, ignite their word of-mouth referrals, and get their guests back more often.


“Gerry did an amazing job tailoring his message to fit our needs perfectly. As our customers are changing, we need to change and adapt. It was a great, great hour and a half.”

— RVP, Rockwell Automation Sales

“He just came in and knocked it out of the park for us. It was a great education for us. The value was immeasurable.”

— President & CEO, Taco John’s

“I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable it was for me and my company – thank you for the motivating and USEFUL information!”

— North Star American

“Incredible! Gerry really connected the dots for us. I know that we’re going to get a phenomenal ROI on our investment.”

— SVP Sales, Maines Foodservice

“He gave our team the passion, the enthusiasm and the knowledge that they get away from in their day to day…”

— EVP of Sales, Performance Atlanta

“Your message was spot on and I continue to hear from those in the audience how much they enjoyed it.”

— Rockwell Automation

“His presentation was probably the most important that we’ve seen at the Pizza Executive Summit.”

— President, Rosati’s Pizza

“Quite honestly it was one of the best classes I’ve ever been to.”

— Right Choice Rental
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